11 Costco Items I Never Regret Buying

Factoring for quality, price, and more, these products are popular with legions of shoppers.
Last updated April 3, 2023 | By Cat Lafuente Edited By Rachel Siegel
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Costco has a dedicated customer base thanks to its ample selection, competitive prices, shopping hacks, and overall pleasant customer experience. It also has extremely high standards for its suppliers, such that products have to set a high bar to be carried there.

To that end, there are some groceries that can be a surefire purchase for Costco shoppers. It’s both why these items are so popular with members and continue to be carried by the bulk big box king.

The famous rotisserie chicken

show999/Adobe rotisserie chicken

In recent years it feels like literally everything has gotten more expensive, but not the famous Costco rotisserie chicken. At $4.99, it can feel like the last affordable option out there for a quick, healthy, and arguably tasty dinner: throw down some sides and supper is ready.

The quality of the bird is also good – otherwise the retailer wouldn’t sell 64 million of them every year. They are at least as nutritious and typically larger than competitors’ birds. But be careful, while Costco loses money on the chickens, shoppers usually plunk down enough cash elsewhere to make the losses worth it.

Kerrygold butter

Courtesy of Costco Kerrygold butter

One thing that has definitely gotten more expensive thanks to inflation and supply chain issues is butter. Fortunately, Costco sells four 8-ounce sticks (two pounds) of Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter (salted) for $17.99. That’s a cheaper unit price than you’ll find at a regular grocery store.

The quality of the butter is also noteworthy, as some reviewers have praised it for its smooth consistency, pleasing color, and versatility in cooking and baking. There’s also an unsalted option for just a bit cheaper.

Costco frozen organic blueberries

Courtesy of Costco Frozen blueberries

If you make a lot of smoothies or eat your yogurt with fruit, chances are you throw the 3-lb bag of Kirkland frozen blueberries into your cart every time. For under $10 that’s a good deal, and since they’re frozen they’ll last a long time.

Registered dietitians praise this product because of its nutritional profile – high in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber – as well as the pleasant flavor. They even eat them on their own as a snack, which is quite the endorsement.

Costco creamy almond butter

Courtesy of Costco Kirkland’s creamy almond butter

Nut butters are known for their healthy advantages: They are high in fiber and protein, contain good fats that help your cholesterol levels, and increase your satiety. But some brands of nut butters, and often almond butters, can contain added ingredients like sugar or oils.

Enter Kirkland’s creamy almond butter, which you can snag for $7.99 for a 12-ounce jar. This affordable option is made of just one ingredient: roasted almonds. No wonder it's won the praise of frequent Costco shoppers.

Oikos yogurt

Courtesy of Costco Oikos yogurt pack from Costco

Continuing on the healthy food train, Costco sells an 18-pack of Oikos Greek nonfat yogurt for $15.99, meaning you’re paying under a dollar for each individual cup. Compared to grocery store prices, that’s a bargain.

As for nutrition, this is a winner with 15 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber per serving. Reviewers consistently cite the pleasing consistency and reasonably good flavor (factoring the macronutrient profile into the equation). They also like that there’s no added sugar.

Frigo string cheese sticks

Courtesy of Costco Frigo string cheese sticks

Cheese sticks are nearly universally loved by children and adults alike. Kids like that you can play with your food, and grown-ups appreciate a healthy snack that both tastes good and has a decent amount of nutritional benefits.

Like butter, cheese has gotten more expensive. Fortunately, you can pick up a 60-pack of Frigo cheese sticks for $15.99 at Costco. Customers point out the serious value of the product, with one calling them delicious as well.

Impossible burgers

Courtesy of Costco Impossible burger patties

Let’s face it, everyone loves a good, juicy burger. However, with the price of beef through the roof and arguably healthier options out there, the 10-pack of frozen 4-ounce Impossible Patties is a great go-to alternative for healthier weeknight dinners.

While they don’t replace beef, they got 4.5 out of 5 stars from high-profile food reviewers in the New York City food scene, beating out all of the plant-based competition. That’s a good reason to toss a pack into your Costco cart every time.

Kirkland frozen meatballs

Courtesy of Costco Kirkland frozen meatballs

Okay beef lovers, we haven’t forgotten you – we just wanted to spare your wallet. That’s why we suggest picking up the 6-pound back of Kirkland frozen Italian meatballs next time you visit the big box juggernaut. The whole package is only $24.99, which is an exceedingly good price in this economy.

These meatballs are not only easy to prepare, but also can amp up pasta night or be great filling for a meatball sub. They taste pretty darn good too, and are seasoned well.

Kirkland bacon

Courtesy of Costco Bacon strips costco

A second option at Costco for meat aficionados is Kirkland Signature Bacon, which you’ll find in the refrigerator section. For just $19.99 you get four 1-pound packages, which is much cheaper than anything at the grocery store these days.

While the price is super nice, reviewers say this bacon also blows the competition out of the water, as it crisps up nicely and tastes great, alone, with eggs, or as part of a tasty club sandwich. Great flavor, great texture, and great price – what more do you need?

Kirkland extra virgin olive oil

Courtesy of Costco Kirkland olive oil from Costco

Before the purists get mad about this selection, let it be known that none other than Chef Samin Nosrat put her stamp of approval on it. That’s right, the Kirkland Signature extra virgin Italian olive oil is an excellent budget-friendly option for your kitchen.

Not only is the flavor good, but a 2-liter bottle will only set you back $17.99. Compared to how much money some olive oils sell for, this is no doubt a Costco staple.

Kirkland Signature vodka

Courtesy of Costco Bottle of Kirkland Vodka from Costco

The last item on our list is for those Costco shoppers who imbibe, or are planning a cocktail party in the near future. There’s a good reason that members are fans of Kirkland Signature vodka. For $19.95, you can bring home a 1.75 liter bottle – not bad.

What makes this product stand out is that there are rumors swirling that it’s manufactured by Grey Goose – it’s even beat it in taste tests! While the company has dismissed the claim, it says a lot that people make the comparison. So try it for yourself and see what you think.

Bottom line

dennizn/Adobe man holding costco wholesale membership card with receipt in store

Costco is no doubt a popular shopping destination, which is why members also spring for Costco credit cards in addition to membership. There are also a host of Costco products that people never regret buying.

Still, don’t be afraid to try new things when you see them at the iconic bulk store, especially if you can sample it right then and there. Who knows what new products might become staples?

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