12 Countries Where It's Easy to Get a Job as an American

American employees may want to consider working abroad in a country with an easy visa program.

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Updated May 28, 2024
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Do you have the travel itch but feel you’re bound to work in the U.S.?

Remote work has become more popular and you can do it from anywhere. Many countries make it easy for you to work abroad and this may offer you ways to travel more.

Check out these countries to see if you can relocate and still earn money and travel. You may be surprised at how easy it can be to get a work visa.

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TTstudio/Adobe beautiful skyline of portugal with sao jorge castle in lisbon

Portugal has seen an increase in Americans moving there and for good reason. The country has traditional charms along with a modern lifestyle that make it appealing to many expatriates.

It also has a good visa policy for workers. This allows you to stay in the country for up to nine months while working. You can also work for more than one employer as long as it’s seasonal work.

It may be an interesting change, especially if you plan to work in hospitality as there are plenty of seasonal jobs for you to choose from.


Taras Vyshnya/Adobe sunlight at the beach

Go down under and get a work visa while you live in Australia.

A working holiday visa for Australia allows someone between 18 and 30 years old to stay for up to 12 months. To qualify, you will need a ticket to go back home or proof that within the 12 months you can afford to buy a ticket to leave.

Like other countries on this list, jobs in the hospitality or tourism industries may be good options if you want to work abroad for a specific time.


Grigory Bruev/Adobe tourists walking around viru gate estonia

The eastern European country of Estonia may not be as well known as other countries, but this could work to your advantage as there will be less competition for work visas.

The country will approve you for a year-long work visa as long as you have a valid work contract, proof of accommodation, and several other documents. You can stay past the 12 months if you wish, but you’ll have to apply for a temporary resident permit if you want to stay longer.

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adammachowiak/Adobe fortress ross castle ruin

It can be easy to get a visa to work in Ireland, but there is one caveat: You’ll need to have a job already lined up in the country before you can get your visa.

You can get a visa for a skilled position if you have a specific skill that is considered critical to growing Ireland’s economy. You can also apply for a general employment visa that covers positions in hospitality, education, and the service industry.

With a work visa, you may be able to apply for permanent residency in Ireland if you’ve decided to live there for a longer amount of time.


Marc Jedamus/Adobe reykjavik at wintertime Iceland

The island nation of Iceland has several different types of work visas for which you may be eligible.

You can get a visa based on whether your work requires expert knowledge or there’s a shortage of workers in your field. There is also a work visa specifically for au pairs.

Iceland introduced a Digital Nomad visa in 2020 specifically for remote workers. This could be a good option if you work for a U.S. company that allows remote workers to work from another country.


tawatchai1990/Adobe ancient stone faces at sunset of Bayon temple

Another country that could be a good option for remote workers is Cambodia.

The country has become more popular with nomad workers who want a business visa that’s easy to renew, although you do have to apply for a work permit if you plan to work in the country.

Cambodia’s visa laws have made it a haven for freelancers or nomad workers who enjoy the country’s culture and food while working abroad.


JFL Photography/Adobe berlin skyline with tv tower and spree river during day time in germany

Germany has specific criteria that you need to meet to get an employment visa, but it is possible.

First off, citizens of the U.S. do not need a visa to enter Germany. But you will need to apply for the residence permit if you are planning to work for 90 days or longer. If you already have a job lined up, you will need to have a visa which includes the work permit.

Check with the German Missions in the United States to see what can qualify you for a work visa such as your age or education level.


Richie Chan/Adobe silhouette of Merlion Statue the landmark of Singapore

Singapore’s work visas can last up to six months and are easier to obtain if you’re a recent graduate or a student. You can get a visa that will allow you to be sponsored by a company so you can stay longer.

The country is used to workers applying for visas. Nearly a third of Singapore residents are expats, and English is spoken throughout the country. Jobs in information technology, education, and hospitality are in demand here.


Mapics/Adobe night time view of basilica st peter in front of water with buildings having golden lights

Remote workers may want to check out Italy’s digital nomad visa, which specifically caters to workers with skill sets that allow them to work remotely.

There are some specific requirements, such as being a highly skilled worker and your employer being registered outside of Italy.

Besides the digital nomad visa, Italy offers work visas for people who are self-employed, want to start a business in Italy, or want to start an investment company.

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Czech Republic

TTstudio/Adobe charles bridge at sunset in prague

The Czech Republic has long been a hot spot for expat workers. Americans will need a work visa, called the Employee Card, in order to work for any length of time up to two years.

You may be able to enter the country on a travel visa and then apply for a work visa after you get a job there, but your easiest option is to have a position lined up already when you apply for a work-related visa.

The Czech Republic also offers a digital nomad visa for freelancers, called the Czech Republic Zivno Visa.


rudi1976/Adobe cityscape image of bratislava

Slovakia may be a good place to get a work visa if you don’t want to work for an extended period of time and want to do seasonal work.

The country issues visas for 180 days at a time for seasonal work, which can be an easy option. You can also get a single permit for temporary residence and won’t need to put in a separate application for a work permit.


Scanrail/Adobe nyhavn copenhagen denmark

Denmark is looking for skilled workers so you may need more than basic job skills to get a working visa in the country.

But the country will give you a work permit for up to four years if your job falls within the country’s list of wanted professionals. 

This list includes health professionals, IT and communication technicians, scientists and engineers, and other professionals.

Bottom line

Irina/Adobe woman working with laptop on beach

Working abroad can be an exciting opportunity, but there are steps you must take before you leave to ensure you are allowed to work in another country. You’ll also want to know how long your visa lasts and what steps you may need to take to extend it.

Before you pick up and move, you should also get a good idea of the cost of living there. You’ll need to know how much money you need to earn to afford an apartment, food, and travel.

And since travel may be a top priority, you want to be sure you have the best travel credit cards to earn extra points and perks as you work and travel abroad.

And if you fall in love with the country where you’re working, you may find you need to research the opportunity to become a permanent resident and even retire there.

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