February Is the Worst Month To Buy These 14 Things

Beat the February blues by steering clear of these costly buys this month.

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Updated July 18, 2024
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Cupid's arrow may hit your heart in February, but avoid letting him pierce your wallet, too.

Before you get swept away by the romance, try to keep an eye on your bank account. Some tempting February deals might leave you feeling bitter instead of loved.

Prepare to toss out the sour deals and embrace these sweet steals.

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Gym memberships

Ryan De Hamer/Unsplash treadmills on gym

Gyms often offer deals and discounts in January as customers start their New Year’s resolutions to get in better shape.

Those deals usually only last until the end of January, and you’re likely to be too late if you’re trying to get a bargain in February.

Spring clothes

Priscilla Du Preez/Unsplash assorted clothes in wooden hangers

Spring is only a few months away. It’s exciting to head to the store and find new options for your closet once the weather gets warmer.

Clothing retailers will start stocking their shelves with spring clothes in February, but you won’t be able to find deals on spring threads until it gets closer to summer.

If you want to save money on clothes, February could be a better time to pick up some winter options as retailers move out winter inventory to make way for spring.


Peter Wendt/Unsplash carrots and leeks

February isn’t just cold for you. It’s also cold when it comes to growing produce, so you may see higher prices for things like oranges and apples.

You’ll also want to keep an eye on strawberries. Chocolate-covered strawberries could be a sweet treat for Valentine’s Day, but they’ll hurt your wallet with a Valentine’s Day markup, especially since the fruit is also out of season.

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Outdoor furniture

Tile Merchant Ireland/Unsplash patio with a table and chairs

You may think now is a good time to buy outdoor furniture before the spring and summer roll around and prices increase.

But you may have a slim amount of choices as furniture sellers aren’t stocking outdoor furniture yet.

Instead, see if you can wait until August when sellers are trying to move out their leftover summer inventory and could mark down options to sell them quickly.


Nebojsa/Adobe male customer and female car dealer shaking hands at showroom

It’s a good idea to shop for a car and car insurance if you need a car now, but you may be better off waiting if you can hold off for a few months.

New car models come out in the fall, which is why the final months of the year are a better option to buy a new vehicle.

You can also wait until May, before a busy summer-buying season, to see if you can get a good deal on a car.


freestocks/Unsplash person using black laptop computer

If you’ve been considering a new computer, you may want to wait a little longer before purchasing one.

New computer models generally show up in the spring. You could find more options with the latest upgrades on these newer models or get a discount on older models that shops are trying to move out to make way for new inventory.

Winter sports equipment

Kipras Štreimikis/Unsplash ski blades on blue cable car

Winter can be a great time to go outside and enjoy nature. Sports equipment makers also know this, which is why you might find marked-up options on things like skis, skates, or snowshoes.

Instead, consider waiting until March when the weather starts to warm up and retailers put their winter gear on sale to sell extra stock.


Cam Morin/Unsplash man facing flower truck

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so you may be scrambling to get flowers for someone you love on the big day.

Florists know this, and they’ll likely bump the price up before the holiday. If you’re not careful, you could end up paying more than you have in your budget.


Victoria Chudinova/Adobe young woman buying candy

Another Valentine’s Day staple is candy, which is why retailers are bumping up candy prices ahead of February 14.

Instead, consider waiting until the end of the month when things like heart-shaped candy are on sale, and you can get them at a discounted rate.

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Golf clubs

auremar/Adobe man inspecting the golf clubs

Golf equipment manufacturers usually bring out their newest clubs and accessories around February and March to get golfers excited about the new season.

It’s tempting to spend money on the newest clubs when they become available, but you may want to skip the pro shop if you’re trying to save money on equipment and wait until the end of the year for better deals.


wittayayut/Adobe large suitcases

You may have traveled in November or December to see family or take a much-needed vacation. That’s also when you might have found good deals on luggage.

But a travel slowdown can mean the deals may not be there for things like luggage. Perhaps it’s a good idea to stay home during the winter and find better deals for your next trip later in the year.

Fitness gear

busra/Adobe sport fitness equipment

Fitness gear like leggings and workout shirts get discounts in January as people try to start the new year on a healthy note.

Those sales tend to work out for retailers in January, but don’t expect the same discounts a month later as prices are likely to go back up.


Sharkshock/Adobe preassembled grills and smokers

You may be longing for warmer weather and grilling burgers and hot dogs. But how old is your grill?

You may think February is a good time to buy a new grill before the grilling season starts, but deals could be better at the end of the summer when retailers are moving out the extra models for autumn needs.


didiksaputra/Adobe DSLR camera and lens store

Cameras are a good option if you decide to take up photography as a hobby or side hustle but want something more powerful than your phone’s camera.

Research what kind of camera you want, but hold off buying it until May or June, when retailers may have better discounts.

Bottom line

kkolosov/Adobe woman using card for online shopping

Knowing when to delay a purchase can help you get a better deal and stick to your budget.

If you decide to wait until you make these purchases, it may be a good idea to keep your cash in a high-yield savings account to help you earn interest toward your new items.

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