Dosh Review [2024]: Get Up to 10% Cash Back Effortlessly

You can get cash back from Dosh without worrying about coupons or points. It works automatically when you link a credit or debit card.
Updated April 11, 2024
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Imagine if you had a money fairy who would deposit cash into your account every time you shopped, dined out, or booked a hotel. You wouldn’t even have to look under your pillow for the rewards; instead, you could simply transfer the money to your bank account or donate it.

That’s sort of how Dosh works. It seems like magic, but it’s just a really useful app that rewards you for your everyday spending. Unlike some other cashback apps, you won’t need to select offers or click on the app before you start shopping. Simply link a debit or credit card to the Dosh app, shop as usual, and Dosh will automatically keep track of your earnings for you. If you're searching for how to make extra cash, Dosh is a great option that helps you fund your everyday purchases and practice how to manage your money.

Read our full Dosh review to find out how to save money with Dosh and whether it’s the right app for you.

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What is Dosh?

Dosh is a free cashback app that was launched in April of 2016 in Austin, Texas. The company has a simple mission: Help users financially by putting money back in their pockets. With a team that comes from companies like Amazon and Google and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, you can rest assured that Dosh provides its millions of users with top-quality customer service.

What’s more, the app has bank-level security, including 256-bit encryption, multi-factor authentication, and other data safeguards. Your data will never be sold to a third party.

How does Dosh work?

Once you create a Dosh account, you’ll be able to link any credit or debit cards you use for shopping, dining, and traveling to your account. From there, just shop as you would normally, using your linked cards to pay. If you’re using a linked debit card, be sure to swipe rather than typing in your PIN; otherwise, you won’t get your cash back from Dosh. The app will automatically notify you of the cash back you receive.

Dosh works with thousands of stores and restaurants, and its partners change routinely. Each retailer has a different cashback rate, but you’ll be able to earn up to 10% back at some stores. Dosh also has a platform for booking hotels, which can earn you up to 40% back on your stay.

After you make a purchase, your cash back will be pending, and it can take up to 90 days for the cash to be available to you. But once your account balance reaches $25, you’ll be able to withdraw your money. Just add a transfer account (either a bank account, Venmo, or PayPal) to withdraw up to your available balance. You can also choose to donate the money.

Who can sign up for Dosh?

To sign up for Dosh, you’ll need access to the internet from your mobile phone. VOIP numbers are not currently allowed on the platform. You also must be 18 years or older and reside in the U.S.

Although almost anyone can sign up for Dosh, it makes the most sense for people who shop regularly with Dosh partners. It’s perfect for people who want to earn on autopilot, without having to think before they shop.

How much cash back can you earn with Dosh?

The amount of cash back you can earn with Dosh depends on how much you spend. Most stores offer 2 to 5% cash back, but some offer up to 10% back. You can also get up to 40% back when you book hotels through Dosh. If you frequently make purchases with Dosh partner stores, the money can add up quickly.

Once you’ve earned at least $25, you’ll be able to cash out via PayPal, Venmo, bank account transfer, or donation.

Maximizing your earnings with Dosh

You can make even more money with Dosh in a few ways:

  • Shop with high-reward partners. Check the app to see which stores Dosh currently partners with and which ones offer the most rewards. Don’t spend more than you normally would just to earn cash back, but buy the things you need from the stores offering the best rewards. Just make sure you compare prices at other stores beforehand to ensure items are priced reasonably.
  • Refer your friends. For every friend you refer, you’ll receive an additional $5 in your account. Your friend will first need to link a card with their Dosh account and make a purchase before you can receive the funds.
  • Book hotels through Dosh. It’s tough to beat up to 40% cash back from hotel bookings. And since you’ll typically drop quite a bit of cash on a hotel stay, those rewards can be significant.
  • Link a rewards credit card. If you shop with a rewards credit card, you’ll earn credit card points in addition to cash back from Dosh. This can be a great way to double up on your rewards.

Common questions about Dosh

Is the Dosh app legit?

Yes. Dosh has been around since 2016 and has quickly grown to compete with other cashback apps. Dosh now has more than 3 million users and has distributed more than $50 million in cash back to customers. What’s more, Dosh partners with more than 150,000 retailers to provide cash back for purchases. The app has thousands of excellent reviews on the Google Play Store and App Store, along with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Which stores does Dash partner with?

Dosh partners with hundreds of retailers at over 100,000 store locations in the U.S., including Sephora, GNC, Finish Line, Dunkin', and more. Keep in mind that Dosh partners may change and can vary by location.

How does Dosh make money?

Dosh makes money by taking a percentage of each transaction. Most cashback apps work similarly; the company gets commission for referring customers to partner retailers, and a portion of that commission is passed on to the consumer. Because Dosh makes money by sending its users to partner retailers, you’ll never pay a cent to use the service. Instead, you’ll earn free money.

Does Dosh work with Amazon?

Dosh does not currently partner with Amazon so you can’t use it to save money on Amazon purchases. However, you can get cash back when shopping at thousands of other retailers and restaurants. And Dosh’s partners are always changing, so it’s possible Dosh will work with Amazon in the future. In the meantime, you can use several other cashback apps to earn rewards for your Amazon purchases.

Does Dosh work with Walmart?

Walmart is not a current Dosh partner, but participating stores can change. Dosh has partnered with Walmart in the past, and users could save 6% when using a linked credit for Walmart purchases. If you regularly shop at Walmart, keep an eye out for future offers from Dosh, and use another cashback app in the meantime to earn cash back at Walmart.

Can I delete my Dosh account?

Yes, but you’ll need the help of customer support. Using the termination request form, submit a ticket to the support team. They’ll be able to delete your account for you. Just know that any funds left in your account will be forfeited. If you plan to delete your account, it’s a good idea to cash out beforehand.

How to get started with Dosh

Getting started with Dosh is simple, and the process takes mere minutes. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the Dosh app from the App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Enter your mobile phone number to register
  3. Enter the SMS verification code sent to your phone
  4. Finish creating your account
  5. Add your credit/debit card information
  6. Add your transfer account information
  7. Start shopping!

Other cashback apps to consider

Dosh might not appeal to you if the stores you typically shop at aren’t Dosh partners. Or it might be a good solution for certain stores and hotel bookings, but you might be looking for ways to get cash back on your other shopping. Check out our picks for the best money apps of 2020, including some great budgeting apps, to see more options.

If you do most of your shopping at local grocery stores, consider using Fetch. It gives you points for buying certain products from popular brands at any grocery store you visit. All you have to do is scan your grocery receipts after you shop, and you’ll earn points that can be exchanged for gift cards.

Or if you do a combination of in-store grocery shopping and online retail shopping, Ibotta could cover all the bases for you. You can earn cash back from Ibotta in a few ways: Upload a photo of your receipt after pre-selecting offers, link a loyalty card for automatic cash back, or shop online directly through the app. You can even get a $20 welcome bonus for signing up. You can see how the Dosh vs. Ibotta apps compare head-to-head, as well as work together, and see which option best fits your needs.

It’s OK to choose more than one cashback app for your shopping, but don’t try to double up on cash back from a single purchase; you’ll be able to reap the rewards from only one app at a time. You can, however, earn points on your purchases with the right credit card so be sure to use one when you shop. And don’t forget to treat yourself every now and then with those earnings.

Dosh Benefits

  • Create your free account to start earning cash back
  • Earn shopping at Walmart, Disney+, Instacart and more
  • Over 100,000 places to get cash back
  • Transfer your earnings to your bank, PayPal or Venmo accounts

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