Dunn Brothers Is Opening 250 Stores (Is Your City on the List?)

The coffee shop has ambitious plans to expand beyond its Midwestern roots.

dunn brothers coffee shop exterior
Updated June 6, 2024
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Dunn Brothers recently announced that it plans to expand by adding 250 new locations.

The company, which currently operates 50 coffee shops across seven states, hopes to grow rapidly in the next five years.

So, will you soon have the chance to whip out one of the top rewards credit cards and pay for coffee at a Dunn Brothers near you? Here are some things you need to know about the chain’s expansion plans.

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Dunn Brothers expansion plans

chayathon2000/Adobe coffee latte in coffee shop

The Minnesota-based coffee shop Dunn Brothers has big ambitions when it comes to expanding beyond its current 50 locations.

The company says many places in the country still lack access to “quality coffee,” and that it plans to move into those markets.

Dunn Brothers emphasizes independent local growers as well as women coffee producers to brew amazing coffee cup after cup.

Where expansion will begin

Fxquadro/Adobe man selling coffee

Minnesotans who are already familiar with Dunn Brothers will see more locations as part of the company’s expansion plans.

The coffee retailer is starting off its expansion with a focus on the Interstate 35 corridor in Minnesota, which starts in Duluth and travels through Minneapolis-St. Paul until it reaches the Iowa border and continues on to Texas.

South Dakota will also see new stores this year as the company ramps up its expansion.

Current Dunn Brothers locations

Jacob Lund/Adobe friends having coffee together

You may have a Dunn Brothers near you if you live in the Midwest: Six of the seven states that have a Dunn Brothers location today are in that region of the country.

Minnesota has the most locations by far, with 28 stores. It is followed by Iowa with five and North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin with four shops each.

Missouri and Texas each have one location.

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Franchising will drive the expansion

YURII MASLAK/Adobe barista making coffee at coffee shop

Dunn Brothers says franchising will be at the heart of its expansion plans. The company’s franchise history dates all the way back to 1994.

Dunn Brothers president Scott Harvey has said the latest expansion plans will represent “the most ambitious franchising to date.”

Other ways Dunn Brothers is expanding

Tania Zbrodko/Adobe cup of cappuccino at cafe

Dunn Brothers plans to expand in ways that go beyond simply opening new stores.

The company also has plans to sell Dunn Brothers-branded coffee and K-cups at local Minneapolis grocery stores.

What’s on the Dunn Brothers drink menu?

tong2530/Adobe coffee shop bar counter

Dunn Brothers offers the typical coffee drinks you would expect at a full-service coffee shop, as well as frappes, teas, and smoothies.

One of its most unusual offerings is its 64-ounce growler. It’s similar to a glass growler bottle you would expect to find at your local microbrew, only it’s full of delicious coffee instead.

What’s on the Dunn Brothers food menu?

vichie81/Adobe barista serving coffee cup

Dunn Brothers offers plenty of options if you’re looking for a specialty sandwich for lunch, or a croissant sandwich for breakfast. You can also order a build-your-own breakfast sandwich.

Lunch also includes naan pizzas, which are pizzas built on traditional Indian naan bread instead of a typical pizza crust.

Dunn Brothers history

Parilov/Adobe baristas coffee drink

Dunn Brothers started as a coffee shop in 1987. Roastery experience in Portland, Oregon, inspired Ed and Dan Dunn to build a new shop for coffee.

The company roasts small batches of coffee to get its special flavor. Its community commitments help it stand out from other coffee shops.

More coffee chains that are expanding

Syda Productions/Adobe serving customer at coffee shop

Dunn Brothers isn’t the only coffee shop expanding its reach in the U.S.

Starbucks continues to expand, with hopes of opening 17,000 new locations by 2030. Dutch Bros is hoping to add another 150 to 165 new locations by the end of the year.

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Bottom line

Jacob Lund/Adobe friends having great time

Dunn Brothers is one of many coffee shops expanding its reach in hopes of attracting more coffee customers.

So, if a new location comes to your town, grab one of the best cash back credit cards and give the new coffee shop a try.

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