12 Simple Changes You can Make to Your Home if You Need a Change

Small changes can make a big difference when you’re bored with your current living space.

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Updated May 28, 2024
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Are you bored with your current home? Moving to a new place can be a big change — and a potentially costly one too.

Before you start shopping for a new home, try switching things up in your current place instead. You might just fall in love with the new look and avoid wasting money on purchasing a new home you don’t really need.

Think about the following options before calling a real estate agent to put your home up for sale.

Change your doorknobs

AntonioDiaz/Adobe man fixing a door lock

Perhaps your home looks dated because of the hardware on your doors. If so, change them up. New doorknobs can be a subtle but effective way to make the space look more modern.

Repaint a single wall

Kittiphan/Adobe couple painting interior wall

Instead of completely overhauling the color of your walls, choose one wall that you want to take on as a project.

Painting that wall in something bold and bright or a darker tone can offset it from the rest of your space and pull your eye in.

Change the focal point of your main living area

FollowTheFlow/Adobe Scandinavian living room

Do you have a wall with a lot of pictures or an entertainment center with a television that draws everyone in? If the look has become stale, move things around.

This can create a fresh living space in your current house and keep you from spending cash on a new one.

Move your furniture

Prostock-studio/Adobe couple placing sofa at new home

Move furniture around in multiple rooms if you’re bored with the same old setup. For example, you can move your bed to another wall or switch your desk to a different side of your office.

Get new accent pieces

lisunovalena/Adobe bright cozy room with dark red and brown walls

An accent piece as small as a coffee table or bookshelf can have a big effect on a room. Find options that complement the furniture and art you already have in the room.

Remember, you can either buy new pieces or dig around local estate sales or online marketplaces for some eclectic used pieces.

Donate items

Halfpoint/Adobe volunteers working with food and clothes

Sometimes, instead of adding items to a space, subtracting them can change the way a room looks.

Local charities can pick up large items like furniture — or smaller household items like dishes and pillows — that you donate to help someone else.

If you're looking for a way to make some extra cash, consider selling some items on eBay or other online marketplaces.

Do a deep clean

makasana photo/Adobe professional cleaner deep cleaning window blinds

A deep clean can make a huge difference in a space. Mop floors, deep-clean carpets, wipe down baseboards, and clean off handprints from walls. 

And don't forget to get rid of small piles of clutter that are big eyesores.

Buy some plants

Art_Photo/Adobe elderly man looking at young plant watering

Greenery can make a space look more inviting. Consider getting a big plant for a corner of your room or picking up some smaller houseplants to line up on a bookshelf or fireplace.

Choose pots or planters that go well with the rest of your room’s new style.

Change your lighting

rh2010/Adobe woman controlling home light with a digital tablet

Does your space feel darker than it should? Replace outdated lights, install overhead lighting, or look for light fixtures that are ready for a revamp.

Brighter new light fixtures can make a world of difference. Updating your lighting can also save you money if you use energy-efficient bulbs.

Fix up your kitchen

kerkezz/Adobe couple looking at color swatch during kitchen renovation

A kitchen remodel can be an expensive change, but you don’t have to gut your space to make a difference.

Simple changes that give your kitchen an update include new countertops or adding a backsplash. Think about painting your cabinets a different color and adding new hardware too.

Revisit your window treatments

F8 \ Suport Ukraine/Adobe woman opening curtains in bedroom in the morning

Changing the curtains and blinds in your home will give your spaces a fresh look, especially if you choose newer and more in-style designs.

Consider adding curtains to a room as a way to change the overall look of the space.

Declutter your spaces

ronstik/Adobe man hoarder with stuff piles sitting in the room

Papers and extra boxes can junk up your place. It’s time to get rid of those things now. Get a trash bag and toss those random scraps of paper and other little pieces of clutter. 

Set aside a box for donations of things that still have life in them but don’t belong in your home anymore.

Bottom line

MeganBetteridge/Adobe woman reading at home

Moving can be costly, especially when you consider issues like closing costs and fees, or the expense of hiring movers to pack up your stuff.

Staying in your home instead can be a good way to save money, crush your debts, or put the cash you save to other uses.

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