20 Most Useless Job Titles That Sound Completely Fake

These fake-sounding job titles are real, but you probably know them by other names

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Updated May 28, 2024
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With more jobs to fill than there are workers, some companies might reinvent job titles for the same jobs that have been around for decades.

Other workers just want to make their jobs seem less monotonous or try to make more money by using a more creative title. 

These jobs might sound fancy or just ridiculous, but the actual roles are fairly common.

Happiness hero

Art_Photo/Adobe happy asian woman wearing headset working at call center

Customer service representative just sounds blah, but happiness hero has a nice ring to it.

If you have this job title, you probably spend your time talking to customers and solving their problems. It’s not a quirky job, but it comes with a quirky name.

Brand evangelist

master1305/Adobe Woman in pink sweater talking on megaphone with neon orange background in back

You might recall someone actively advocating for a brand that isn’t theirs because they’re passionate about its products or service. That person is a brand evangelist.

While it might sound like a silly title, brand evangelists can bring big results as part of a strategic marketing strategy.

Social media ninja

ronstik/Adobe colleagues at a workplace discussing social media strategies on whiteboard

Ninja seems a bit of a stretch, but people with this job title work to solve problems for companies’ social media profiles before they become problems. So in a way, they are sneaky ninjas.

Digital prophet

Friends Stock/Adobe african american man at workplace talking on cellphone

Calling yourself a prophet is a bold move. Those are big shoes to fill.

If this is your job title, your responsibilities won’t include spreading the word of God, but you’ll still play an important role. A digital prophet looks for new marketing and business opportunities.

Chief inspiration officer

Gorodenkoff/Adobe young professional man at office using desktop

Chief inspiration officer is just an inflated name for a chief information officer. It’s not a new job. It’s just a new title.

This means they identify needs in the IT department and are often responsible for planning and budgeting to meet those needs. 

Chief purpose officer

Wesley JvR/peopleimages.com/Adobe colleagues standing at workplace looking at tablet while holding coffee

Any job title with chief included sounds prestigious. People in this role remind employees about the purpose of the company.

In short, they help staff understand the values of the company and help employees reach the goals the business envisions.

Sales ninja

NDABCREATIVITY/Adobe salesman at store explaining things to beautiful lady

Sales ninja is the role you could land if you move beyond performing well as a salesperson.

There are trainings your company can direct you to if you want to become a sales ninja. But in reality, this job title means you’re a really good salesperson.

Direct marketing demigod

Anela Ramba/peopleimages.com/Adobe man wearing glasses while using laptop on table

If you’re good at marketing and have experience managing email blasts and mailers, you’re a direct marketing demigod.

This is the perfect job title for anyone wanting to feel important. Now you just need to find a company willing to call you that.

Dean of Pizza

Vasyl/Adobe delivery man shows pizza to customer at the door

If you want to call yourself a Dean of Pizza, you’ll need to work for Pizza Hut. Rather than overseeing a college campus, you’ll oversee the academy where they train employees.

This is a good job if you're passionate about all things pizza but want a more distinguished title.

Brand warrior

Cecilie Skjold Wackerhausen/peopleimages.com/Adobe colleagues discussing over sticky notes on glass

Working as a brand warrior means you work in marketing. The title essentially just represents an assertive and hyped-up promoter.

Instead of promoting a brand, brand warriors fight super hard to help it take over the market.

If you have pacifist tendencies, there’s no need to worry. Companies won't expect you to fight in any real wars.

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Mischief champion

pressmaster/Adobe woman working in office talking on smartphone

Mischief champions work in PR. It’s the mischief champion’s job to stir up mischief that is newsworthy.

With this job title, you’ll organize PR stunts, which are organized events meant to raise awareness about causes or brands.

Chief chatter

ty/Adobe beautiful woman at workplace talking to customer on headset

Yet another job title that includes chief. It makes sense that a company would use this title instead of call center manager since there are very few people who aspire to work in a call center.

Software ninjaneer

puhhha/Adobe young programmers at office working on project together

Some companies use this job title in place of a full-stack developer. It sounds much more fun than the original title, and working as a ninjaneer of any kind is appealing to some people.

Marketing rock star

Gorodenkoff/Adobe  woman giving presentation at office

The job title of marketing rock star sounds glamorous, but it's just a glorified name for a marketing expert.

Other expert marketers might go by marketing gurus or marketing ninjas, though they all sound ridiculous.

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Conversation architect

Kateryna/Adobe young woman having bun sitting on table working on laptop

Conversation architect is another job title in marketing that represents the same roles and responsibilities of a digital marketing manager.

In this role, conversation architects manage digital campaigns and social media accounts. They might also track a company’s digital performance.


Gorodenkoff/Adobe woman at workplace working on codes using two monitors

While hacker-in-residence might sound like an illegal job, it is perfectly normal, and there are plenty of people carrying out the responsibilities of this role every day.

The job involves coding, but hacks have become a popular term for the work. Other companies might simply refer to this job as a technical marketer.

Digital overlord

Seventyfour/Adobe software developer coding in office

This job title sounds great for anyone needing a confidence boost. But in reality, you’ll perform the same responsibilities as a website manager, which means doing things like monitoring website performance and updating web content.

Word wizard

simona/Adobe woman with laptop on lap thinking about something

If you’re a writer, you’re also a word wizard. It sounds a little ridiculous, but if you make magic with your words, maybe it makes sense.

It mainly applies to writers making copy a part of a marketing strategy.

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Beverage dissemination officer

click_and_photo/Adobe smiling waiter holding a cocktail

Bartender might not appeal as glamorous to job seekers, but beverage dissemination officer has a nice ring to it.

It almost sounds like you’d need a Master’s degree to land a role like this, but a bartending certificate should work just fine. In fact, many bars don’t require any certification at all.

Pneumatic device and machine optimizer

dusanpetkovic1/Adobe worker in yellow hat checking boiler at factory

This job title is a mouthful. It’s much easier to call people in this position what they are: factory workers.

Factory workers tend to make less than many other types of workers, and the job title isn’t appealing to many. But pneumatic device and machine optimizer sounds much more prestigious.

Bottom line

Rawpixel.com/Adobe woman using laptop with job application dialogue

If you come across any job advertisements with these titles, make sure you read the job descriptions.

What appears a scam could turn out as a completely real job with a fake-sounding title. You might find that you’re perfectly qualified without any degree, even if it sounds like you need one.

Polishing your resume and researching the company will help you land a job that can help you boost your bank account, whether it comes with a ridiculous title or not.

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