The 10 Fastest Growing Jobs in America's 10 Largest Cities

Whether you need a new career or just want to earn more money, see what jobs are on the rise in your city.
Updated March 12, 2024
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Job trends are changing, as many Americans move back to the office in some of the country’s largest cities. LinkedIn recently released its Jobs on the Rise list, a data-backed list ranking the fastest-growing jobs.

The list was compiled by looking at unique LinkedIn data for professionals in each metropolitan area, calculating a growth rate to show the fastest-growing jobs in each city over the past 5 years. 

So whether you're looking to make extra money or find a new career path, here are the 10 trending jobs in America's largest cities. 

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Boston, Massachusetts

SeanPavonePhoto/Adobe boston massachusetts

Boston has long been a hub for education and health care in the northeast. However, those aren't the only types of jobs trending in 2024. The trending jobs in Boston are: 

  1. Vice President of Growth
  2. Mental Health Therapist
  3. System Test Engineer
  4. Formulation Scientist
  5. IT Technician
  6. Data Research Analyst
  7. Chief Revenue Officer
  8. Fund Accountant
  9. Director of Procurement
  10. Vice President of Accounting

Chicago, Illinois

Iuliia Sokolovska/Adobe lake Michigan and city of Chicago downtown

Chicago has been a STEM hub in the midwest, with a variety of roles always prevailing as popular. Here is what is trending in 2024 and beyond: 

    1. Dispensary Technician

    2. Datacenter Technician

    3. Private Equity Analyst

    4. Neonatal ICU Nurse

    5. Vice President of Growth

    6. Community Health Worker

    7. Head of Sales

    8. Mental Health Therapist

    9. Wealth Management Advisor

    10. Benefits Advisor

Dallas, Texas

SeanPavonePhoto/Adobe dallas cityscape with modern skyscrapers

Dallas is home to a diverse economy with strong employment in transportation, defense, financial services, telecommunications, and more. Here are the trending jobs for 2024: 

    1. Sales Recruiter

    2. Chief Growth Officer

    3. Neonatal ICU Nurse

    4. Mortgage Broker

    5. Clinical Research Assistant

    6. Healthcare Recruiter

    7. Architect

    8. Behavior Analyst

    9. Mental Health Therapist

    10. Business Development Representative

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Denver, Colorado

f11photo/Adobe denver skyline at twilight

Denver has had a strong healthcare economy and in recent years has been booming with a variety of tech companies. Here are the trending jobs right now: 

    1. Mental Health Therapist

    2. Integration Engineer

    3. Chief Revenue Officer

    4. Healthcare Recruiter

    5. Director of Growth

    6. Sales Development Representative

    7. Behavior Analyst

    8. Head of Product

    9. Energy Analyst

    10. Director of Partnerships

Houston, Texas

SeanPavonePhoto/Adobe houston texas skyline during day

Houston has long been a strong epicenter for the energy industry. The area has also been strong in healthcare, aerospace, and a variety of research-based fields. The current trending careers are: 

    1. Sales Development Representative

    2. Budget Analyst

    3. Mental Health Therapist

    4. Medical Social Worker

    5. Behavior Analyst

    6. Director of Partnerships

    7. Chief Revenue Officer

    8. Truck Driver

    9. Well Engineer

    10. Insurance Broker

Miami, Florida

Earth Pixel LLC./Adobe aerial view from a helicopter of Miami downtown

Miami is a coastal metropolis that has had strong employment opportunities in trade and transportation. It's also had strong years in business services and leisure-related jobs. Here are the current trending jobs in 2024:

    1. Cargo Specialist

    2. Private Equity Associate

    3. Sales Development Representative

    4. Growth Specialist

    5. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

    6. Chief Revenue Officer

    7. Partnerships Specialist

    8. Business Development Associate

    9. Enterprise Account Executive

    10. Head of Human Resources

New York City, New York

TTstudio/Adobe tall skyscrapers in new york city with cloudy sky during day time

New York City appears to be a hub for pretty much everything. The city is the headquarters for the financial sector across the entire country, but the jobs trending in 2024 are a mix of a variety of industries. 

    1. Dispensary Technician

    2. Healthcare Recruiter

    3. AI Engineer

    4. Chief Growth Officer

    5. Field Marketing Specialist

    6. Sustainability Analyst

    7. Litigation Counsel

    8. Energy Engineer

    9. Truck Driver

    10. Clinical Sales Specialist

San Francisco, California

Frédéric Prochasson/Adobe beautiful houses on a street in san francisco

San Francisco has been the birth place of many startups over the past 15 years, mostly featured around the tech industry in a variety of ways. The trending jobs today show a better mix within the economy. 

    1. Healthcare Recruiter

    2. Modeling Engineer

    3. Wealth Manager

    4. Private Equity Analyst

    5. Head of AI

    6. System Integration Engineer

    7. Director of Revenue Operations

    8. Vice President of Financial Services

    9. Mortgage Loan Originator

    10. AI Engineer

Seattle, Washington seattle cityscape with amazing view of the sky along with mount rainier

Seattle has often been linked with technology, trade, and aerospace, but their economy is much more diverse than people think. Here are the growing careers this year: 

    1. Director of Growth

    2. Geotechnical Engineer

    3. Business Development Representative

    4. Behavior Analyst

    5. Fiscal Specialist

    6. Product Manager

    7. Director of Partnerships

    8. Machine Learning Engineer

    9. Community Director

    10. Chief Product Officer

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Washington D.C.

f11photo/Adobe downtown Washington DC

Washington D.C., as the capital of the country, has a strong political influence. There are plenty of defense contractors and other available roles, though. Here is what's expected to trend this year: 

    1. Healthcare Recruiter

    2. Security Guard

    3. Chief People Officer

    4. Legal Administrative Specialist

    5. Clinical Associate

    6. AI Engineer

    7. Chief Growth Officer

    8. Physical Scientist

    9. Environment, Health, and Safety Manager

    10. Government Affairs Manager

Bottom line businesspeople meeting in a working office

The fastest-growing jobs in the largest cities across the country show there is a lot of potential in positions that recruit for healthcare, focus on company growth, and use engineering overall. 

One of the most interesting statistics LinkedIn released during their study included that 68% of the overall positions did not even exist two decades ago, highlighting how quickly the demand for job skills changes. 

Looking ahead, workers will need to stay agile and keep re-educating themselves in new skills to stay ahead of the curve. Finding the right career can help you make the right money moves to be successful for the long haul.

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