Turn Your Heartache Into Cash: We’re Hiring Someone To Listen to Breakup Songs This Valentine’s Day

FinanceBuzz is looking for a newly-single music lover to work through their heartache with 24 hours of breakup songs.

hands holding broken heart pieces in the sun
Updated May 13, 2024
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A graphic of Scrabble-like tiles over the image of a crossed out heart. The tiles spell out DJ of Heartache. The subtitle reads "Get paid to listen to breakup songs."

At FinanceBuzz, we love a good side hustle, and this one is here to heal your achy-breaky heart.

We’re looking for someone who has recently gotten out of a relationship to listen to 24 hours’ worth of breakup songs. Whether it’s by Taylor, Olivia, Conan, or Lewis, we know a good breakup song can help heal the heart. Plus, we want to help heal someone’s wallet at the same time.

We’ll pay the hired DJ of Heartache $1,100 to listen to some of the most famous heartbreak hits, catalog their reactions, and help us compile an elite breakup playlist.

In this listing

Why we want to pay someone to listen to 24 hours of heartbreak hits

Love can be seasonal. We know about engagement season, wedding season, and even cuffing season. But what about breakup season?

Research shows breakups become more common as the new year rolls around, with breakup season peaking in March. Between now and April, thousands of couples will break up, causing untold heartache and financial pain. We're looking to ease both the emotional and monetary pain for one heartbroken soul.

The costs of a breakup often include getting a new place and possibly hiring movers, buying new furniture, taking sole responsibility for once-shared bills, and more. If it’s a marriage that’s ending, the financial impacts are even worse and include risks like divorce debt.

Since it’s clear relationship endings come at a cost, FinanceBuzz is hiring a DJ of Heartache to help us create a breakup playlist, and help our DJ cover the costs of their split.

The assignment

Every breakup song has a purpose, whether it’s to give yourself time to be sad, remind you of the ick-ier parts of your ex, or inspire you to shake it off. Having been through plenty of heartache ourselves, we know some songs just hit different depending on where you are in the cycle.

Our hired DJ of Heartache will listen to 24 hours’ worth of breakup songs, ranging from old-school classics to Eras-era hits. The DJ will help us categorize and rate them based on how effective they are for moving on.

What you’ll get

We estimate it takes someone at least $1,100 to get back on their feet after a break up. Whether it’s the cost of a streaming subscription you no longer share ($20 per month), the premium dating profile so you can find your rebound ($20 per month), a few therapy sessions ($500 — therapy is expensive!) or some snacks to get your appetite back ($20), we want you to heal in whatever way is impactful for you.

FinanceBuzz will provide the hired DJ of Heartache with $1,100 to use to get over their breakup in whatever way they choose.

How to apply

If you’re working on mending a broken heart or walking away from a relationship, fill out the form below to show us why you’re the best hire for this side hustle.

Applications are due by February 14, 2024 at midnight ET. The chosen candidate will be selected within 2 weeks and contacted via email, and will have two weeks to complete the assignment.

Applicants must be based in the United States and at least 18 years of age. We will also update this page to announce our newest team member, and share each of the playlists.

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