Best Night Side Hustles: Make Extra Money In The Evenings

There are many side hustles you can do at night, including driving for a rideshare service, renting out your car, completing online surveys, and more.
Updated May 6, 2024
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Some of the best side hustles you can do after your day job include driving for a food delivery service, such as Uber Eats1 or Instacart, teaching English online, or renting out your car when you don’t use it.

Let’s dive into the best night side hustles that give you both the flexibility and income you may need in the evening hours.

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Key takeaways

  • The best nighttime side hustles are ones that are flexible and enable you to set your own schedule.
  • Night side hustles, such as completing online surveys or renting out your car, can provide extra income with minimal effort.
  • Other ways to make money overnight include driving for a rideshare service or a food delivery company.
  • Many night side hustles can be done from home, such as teaching English or completing surveys online.

The 11 best night side hustles to make extra money

  1. Win games to earn real money
  2. Drive with a rideshare or food delivery service
  3. Complete paid online surveys
  4. Teach English online in your spare time
  5. Invest in stocks and ETFs
  6. Rent out your car when you don’t use it
  7. Get into retail arbitrage on Amazon
  8. Provide services as a Pinterest virtual assistant
  9. Create and sell printables
  10. Bake and sell dog treats
  11. Transcribe audio and video

Best night side hustles comparison

What to do Who it is for Where to get started
Win games to earn real money People who enjoy playing games on their phones and want to make money while doing it
Drive with a ridesharing or food delivery People who have a car and want to use it to make extra money
Complete paid online surveys Someone who wants to earn a bit of money through a simple activity
Teach English in your spare time People with a good level of experience in English and a teaching background
Invest in stocks and ETFs People willing to take some level of risk with their money with the aim of growing their wealth
  • Robinhood2
  • SoFi Invest
  • Stash
Rent out your car when you don’t use it Someone who has a car they don’t always use
Get into retail arbitrage on Amazon People with a business mindset who are interested in offering products on Amazon
Provide services as a Pinterest virtual assistant People who enjoy social media and Pinterest in particular
Create and sell printables People who are creative and customer-service oriented
Bake and sell dog treats Animal lovers who enjoy baking
Transcribe audio and video People who can type quickly and sustain focus

Win games to earn real money

Pros Cons
  • Most games are free to download
  • Rewards are typically paid in gift cards or via PayPal
  • You can earn money on your own time doing something you enjoy doing
  • Some games aren’t available in all states
  • Some games require you to deposit money to compete for cash

Do you like playing games on your phone? If so, forget Wordle and Candy Crush. There are game apps that either pay you for the time you use them or enable you to compete in cash games against other players for a chance to win money.

Playing games could be a legitimate nighttime side hustle. However, you may lose money playing games where you compete against other players, as there are factors of chance and skill involved.

Additionally, some games aren’t available in all states. Before you download a game, make sure that playing for cash prizes isn’t off-limits in the state where you live.

Where to get started

  • Solitaire Cash: Solitaire Cash is a free gaming app that is based on the classic solitaire game. It enables you to win cash when competing against other players, but you need to deposit and use money to join these games. You get matched with players that have similar skill levels, and you all play on the same deck. The top three finishers win cash prizes.

Visit Solitaire Cash

… Or learn more in our Solitaire Cash review.

  • Bingo Clash: This game app allows you to play bingo with one or more players to win real cash. You also get placed in matches with players at the same skill level. Although Bingo Clash is free to download, you need to pay an entry fee in cash to have a chance at winning money.

Visit Bingo Clash

… Or learn more in our Bingo Clash review.

  • Cash Giraffe: Cash Giraffe offers several games you can play to earn gems, which can be exchanged for gift cards to Amazon, Best Buy, and other retailers. You can also receive your earnings via PayPal. It is currently available only for Android mobile phones via the Play Store.

Visit Cash Giraffe

… Or learn more in our Cash Giraffe review.

Drive with a rideshare or food delivery service

Pros Cons
  • You can decide your own hours
  • Several platforms allow you to keep 100% of your tips
  • Night hours may offer a good level of demand
  • Constant driving adds wear and tear to your car
  • Some platforms require a motor vehicle and background check

If you have your own car and want to make some extra cash, driving with a rideshare company, such as Uber, or a food delivery service, such as Instacart and DoorDash, are among the best side hustles. As a rideshare or food delivery driver, you can set your own hours, so it’s a job you can do in the evenings after you finish the day at your normal job.

Your driving record will have to be in good standing because most rideshare and food delivery companies require you to submit a motor vehicle and criminal background check.

Rideshare and food delivery drivers earn about $22 per hour, which makes it feasible to earn $100 per day even if you only work nights. Many companies also let you keep 100% of your tips.

Keep in mind
When you drive with a rideshare or food delivery service, you’re essentially an independent contractor. You’re responsible for your own gas and other costs, but you can deduct these costs from your side hustle taxes.

Where to get started

  • Uber: Uber offers two ways to make money. You can drive with its rideshare service or its Uber Eats food delivery service. You’ll need a four-door vehicle to be a rideshare driver, so if your car has only two doors, you’ll be able to work only with Uber Eats.

Visit Uber or Uber Eats

… Or learn more in our Uber Eats review.

  • Instacart: Instacart is a grocery delivery service that assigns delivery tasks to people who can shop for the items needed and then deliver them to the people who ordered them. You can set your own hours by selecting specific shifts when you are available. Shifts are available on a weekly, first-come, first-serve basis.

Visit Instacart

… Or learn more in our Instacart review.

  • DoorDash: As a Dasher with DoorDash, you pick up and deliver orders from local restaurants. DoorDash gives you a base pay for each delivery that depends on the order's estimated time, distance, and desirability. The base pay amount is displayed when you receive the delivery opportunity, and you can accept or reject it. On top of the base pay, you may also receive tips that you get to keep.

Visit DoorDash

… Or learn more in our DoorDash review.

Complete paid online surveys

Pros Cons
  • Most online survey sites are free to join
  • Answering surveys typically requires minimal effort
  • You can do it from home or anywhere you can use your phone
  • It can be challenging to earn a good amount of money
  • You may be uncomfortable disclosing personal information necessary to get started

Brands look for consumer insights to help them improve their products, customer service, and more.

You can get paid for participating in market research surveys through platforms, such as Survey Junkie, Inbox Dollars, and KashKick. These platforms usually give you rewards you can redeem for gift cards or cash payments.

Answering surveys is a side hustle you can do at any point in your day, including at night while watching a show or relaxing. This can help add a few dollars to your wallet. However, you aren’t likely to make a lot of money from this side hustle.

Where to get started

  • Survey Junkie: You can make up to $100 per month by completing three or more surveys a day on Survey Junkie. When you complete a survey, you earn virtual points. You can accumulate these points until you can redeem them for gift cards or cash through PayPal.

Visit Survey Junkie

… Or learn more in our Survey Junkie review.

  • KashKick: You can make free money online by taking surveys, playing games, trying new services or apps, or simply sharing your feedback. You can even make extra cash by referring new consumers to the platform. Offers range from 25 cents to $40, so make sure to optimize your time spent well.

Visit KashKick

… Or learn more in our KashKick review.

  • InboxDollars: You can get paid on InboxDollars for various activities, such as taking surveys, trying new apps, playing games, or exploring new products and services. InboxDollars rewards you with cash. Most surveys pay between $0.50 to $5 and take 3 to 25 minutes to complete.

Visit InboxDollars

… Or learn more in our InboxDollars review.

  • Branded Surveys: With Branded Surveys, you can complete online surveys and earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards or for cash via PayPal. You can make between $0.50 and $5 per survey, depending on the length of each survey.

Visit Branded Surveys

… Or learn more in our Branded Surveys review.

Teach English online in your spare time

Pros Cons
  • You can work from home and set your own hours
  • Some teaching platforms prepare the curriculum for you
  • English teaching certifications aren’t always required
  • You may need a bachelor’s degree and/or teaching or tutoring experience
  • Depending on the location of your students, you may work very early in the morning on weekdays

Teaching English to students in other countries thought online tutoring may be a great remote job for those with a bachelor’s degree or teaching experience.

You can teach English and make money online right from your living room as long as you have an up-to-date computer or laptop and a fast, stable internet connection. With most English teaching programs, you don’t need to speak the student’s mother tongue. For example, if you are teaching Chinese students, you don’t have to know how to speak Chinese.

As a work-from-home job, teaching English online gives you the flexibility to set your own hours. However, you should be aware that you may teach students from all over the world, which may introduce significant time zone differences.

Where to get started

  • VIPKid: Teachers with VIPKid earn a base pay rate between $7 to $9 for 25-minute classes. VIPKid also offers incentives to help you earn between $14 to $22 an hour. Teachers must commit to a 6-month contract, but there are no requirements on how many classes to teach.

Learn more in our VIPKid review.

Invest in stocks and ETFs

Pros Cons
  • Many investing platforms charge zero commission fees
  • Your money has the potential to see compounding growth over time
  • You can be a part of companies that you believe in

If you have money saved up that you’d like to put to work, you can use your free time to invest. Investing in things such as stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) gives you access to the stock market, often without carrying high fees.

Various mobile apps available today make investing easily accessible, such as Robinhood, SoFi Invest, and Stash3. These apps also enable you to invest in fractional shares, which are a part, or fraction, of a full share. This can be beneficial if you want to invest in an expensive share without buying a whole one.

However, investing comes with its own risks. You may lose the money you invest or not see meaningful returns for a long time. This is true even if the market has been performing well, as past performances don’t guarantee future returns.

Having a long-term strategy for investing your money in stocks and ETFs is often seen as a better approach than trying to time the market.

Where to get started

  • Robinhood: Using the popular Robinhood investing app, you can start building your portfolio from as little as $1. Trades are always commission free, and the platform even gives you a free stock after you get your account approved and linked to your bank account. The gift stock is a fractional share with a cash value between $5 and $200.

Visit Robinhood

… Or learn more in our Robinhood review.

  • SoFi Invest: With SoFi Invest, you can start investing in stocks and ETFs for as little as $5 or in cryptocurrencies for a $10 minimum. You can either pick the stock and ETFs you want to trade or set your account for automated investing, and SoFi will create a portfolio based on your risk tolerance and goal without charging you a commission fee.

Learn more in our SoFi Invest review.

  • Stash: You can use this platform to build an investment portfolio based on your financial goals and risk tolerance4. Stash charges a monthly subscription fee of $3 for Stash Growth or $9 for Stash+5. Both plans are good options for beginner investors. However, the Stash+ plan can be better for families since it enables you to open portfolios for two children and offers advice for family finances.

Visit Stash

… Or learn more in our Stash review.

Rent out your car when you don’t use it

Pros Cons
  • Access to passive income from a vehicle you already own
  • You get to set your rates and availability
  • Car-sharing companies typically provide additional insurance coverage for a cost
  • You need to have an available vehicle
  • Renting adds wear and tear to your car

Do you have a car that you don’t drive often? You can rent it out and earn passive income instead of having it sit in your garage.

Several platforms allow you to rent out your car. Platforms, such as Turo and Getaround connect you with people needing to rent a vehicle. Many car rental platforms also provide insurance coverage for your car when it’s rented. You can set your car’s rental price and get to keep about 60% of the rental cost.

Where to get started

  • Turo: This platform offers several plans where you can earn anywhere from 60% to 90% of each trip price when someone rents your car. The difference in how much you make depends on the insurance coverage you opt for. The higher the coverage, the less you make. You can expect to get paid within 3 business days after the first completed rental. Payments for subsequent rentals are made 3 hours after the renting period ends.

Learn more in our Turo review.

  • Hyrecar: With Hyrecar, you can rent your car out to rideshare and food delivery drivers who don’t own a car. The platform states that you can earn an average of $720 a month by renting your vehicle. The amount of money you make and the cut Hyrecar takes, depends on the Protection Plan you select.

Learn more in our Hyrecar review.

  • Getaround: Getaround allows you to rent your car without having to meet the renter to give them your keys. The platform’s proprietary Getaround Connect program enables renters to unlock the car with their phone using a device the company installs in your car. Getaround charges car owners $99 to get set up on the platform and takes a 40% commission on all trips booked. Additionally, there’s a $20 monthly subscription fee for the Connect device installed in your first car.

Learn more in our Getaround review.

Get into retail arbitrage on Amazon

Pros Cons
  • Access to the millions of Amazon customers
  • You can start with a small inventory
  • You can set your own hours
  • Better done with items purchased in bulk
  • You may end up with items that don’t sell

Amazon is by far the largest online marketplace, with about $514 billion in net sales revenue in 2022. You can get a share of these sales by learning how to sell items on Amazon.

One common method sellers use is known as retail arbitrage. People using this method simply buy items on clearance and resell them at a higher price on platforms, such as Amazon. This makes retail arbitrage a good side hustle at night since you can shop the clearance shelves of local stores and list the items you buy online.

Keep in mind
Success in retail arbitrage depends on knowing what products are in demand, among other factors. Otherwise, you may end up with items that don’t sell.

When pricing your items, you should ensure that they are competitive with other similar products while also allowing you to make a profit after figuring out your costs and fees. Learn more in our retail arbitrage guide before you get started.

Where to get started

  • Jungle Scout: If you want to get into retail arbitrage on Amazon but don’t know where to start, Jungle Scout can help. The platform has everything from educational materials that can help you learn how to sell on Amazon to tools that track your sales and expenses. Jungle Scout can also help you find products that may be profitable on Amazon.

Visit Jungle Scout

… Or learn more in our Jungle Scout review.

Provide services as a Pinterest virtual assistant

Pros Cons
  • You can work from home and set your own hours
  • Can apply Pinterest skills you already have
  • High competition for jobs
  • Learning curve to master Pinterest

Pinterest virtual assistants help business owners improve their presence on Pinterest. Some business owners underestimate the importance of a strong social media presence, and Pinterest is unique enough to benefit from someone with expertise.

To find jobs as a Pinterest virtual assistant, you’ll need to demonstrate being skilled in creating pins. You’ll also need to write descriptions that help the pins rank. You could create pins on your personal page to show your skills, or build your experience by volunteering to help a non-profit organization with its Pinterest presence.

Where to get started

  • Upwork: Upwork is a platform where freelancers connect with businesses. You’ll need to create a profile that shows your expertise, then bid on contract positions.

Visit Upwork

  • Fiverr: Fiver is another platform that promotes freelancers. Like Upwork, you’ll need to create a portfolio to show what you can do.

Visit Fiverr

… Or learn more in our Fiverr review.

Create and sell printables

Pros Cons
  • You can use your creativity
  • Relatively easy to learn
  • Not entirely passive - you’re responsible for customer service
  • Very competitive

Printables are downloadable digital products, including budgets, forms, wall art, coloring pages, greeting cards, journal pages, planner pages, and more. You can create products that your customers can edit and personalize.

To create printables, you should be comfortable using a design program like Canva, which is user-friendly. Next, you’ll need to choose a platform. Etsy is a popular choice. You’ll also need to do some research to find a niche that works for you, and that has relatively low competition.

Once you create your printables, you’ll need to write a compelling listing with keywords that will bring customers to your store and provide stellar customer service.

Where to get started

  • Etsy: This is a popular platform for handmade products, including digital ones. It does take a cut of each sale you make.

Visit Etsy

… Or learn more in our guide to Etsy.

Bake and sell dog treats

Pros Cons
  • You can bring joy and nutrition to puppies
  • Low start-up costs
  • Must carefully follow food safety practices
  • May need a license or permit

Many pet parents are always on the lookout for new treats for their furry family members. In particular, treats that are high in nutritional value are in high demand. If you enjoy baking, creating gourmet dog treats could be a great side hustle.

To get started, consider where you would market your bakery (vet offices? online?) and research what license or permits you might need. Next, you’ll need to start testing your recipes, which might be the best part of the process for your pups.

Once you’ve landed on a winning formula for dog treats, start promoting your business.

Where to get started

  • ASPCA: Creating tasty treats is critical to the success of your business, and the ASPCA has recipes from National Biscuit Day to help you get started.

Visit the ASPCA

Transcribe audio and video

Pros Cons
  • Flexible hours
  • More pay for specialized niches like medical and legal transcription
  • Pay from transcription platforms can be relatively low
  • Takes time to learn to transcribe quickly
  • Competition from AI

Transcriptionists create written documents that have the dialogue from an audio or video recording, known as a transcript. While it might sound simple, it takes a lot of effort to type fast enough to transcribe quickly. You may also need to research words or terms that you’re not familiar with. Some transcriptionists invest in a foot pedal to speed up the process.

As a transcriptionist, you may want to work with a transcription platform like Rev, which connects you with clients. Or you could go freelance and find clients yourself through platforms like Upwork.

Where to get started

  • Rev: This platform provides you with audio and video content to transcribe that businesses and individuals have uploaded. You will need to apply and submit a sample transcription.

Visit Rev

  • Upwork: This platform offers a wide variety of projects to freelancers, including transcription.

Visit Upwork

How to choose the best night side hustles

Not every nighttime side hustle is for everyone. When it comes to finding the best night side hustle for you, there are several factors you need to consider, including:

  • Flexibility: Make sure that your night side hustle works as a part-time gig and fits into the free hours that you have during the evening, and doesn’t take away time or energy from your day job.
  • Start-up costs: Consider whether a side hustle is worth it by determining how much money it will cost to get started.
  • Income potential: Get an idea about the amount of money you may earn with your nighttime hustle. This can help you determine whether it’s worth the effort and the possible costs.
  • Personal interest: Find a night side hustle that you enjoy doing, and it may not feel like work.

FAQ about night side hustles

How can I make more money at night?

You can consider having a flexible side hustle that offers earning opportunities at night. For example, babysitting, affiliate marketing, or freelance writing are side hustles that can boost your income even during nighttime hours. You can also start a small business on Etsy, offer graphic design or social media management services on Fiverr, or look for proofreading or transcription jobs.

Is retail arbitrage legal?

Yes, retail arbitrage is a form of ecommerce that’s legal, as long as you purchase the items legally and resell them with accurate descriptions about the items’ condition. For example, new items must actually be new. This is similar to buying wholesale and reselling at a profit.

What’s a good side hustle when you work full-time?

A good side hustle while working a full-time job is one that allows you to define your own working hours and generates sufficient income to justify the effort. Although it may not provide as much as a full-time income, a successful side hustle should still generate enough money to make it worthwhile. This can include things such as delivering food, data entry, proofreading, becoming a virtual assistant, and more.

What is the easiest work from home job?

The easiest work-from-home jobs include:

  • Online tutoring
  • Transcription
  • Proofreading
  • Creating and selling printables
  • Selling dog treats
  • Renting out a room 
  • Renting out your car
  • Search engine evaluator
  • Data entry

Best night side hustles: bottom line

Learning how to make money in your spare time isn’t hard. There are various evening and late-night side hustles you can do after work or your kids have settled for the night, including delivering food, driving for a rideshare service, taking online surveys, renting out your car, or even playing games that offer cash prizes. And many of these are online jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home. 

When deciding which side hustle is best for you, you should consider the time commitment it requires and the amount of money you stand to make. You should also consider your existing skill set and potential assets that you can use. This should help you find a profitable and flexible side gig that you can do at night.

Explore our list of legit side hustle ideas and find the best side hustle podcasts you can follow to learn about different sources of income and side jobs you can do.


To determine the best night side hustles, we researched and analyzed various gigs based on their flexibility, potential earning, and ease of performing at night time. We also considered their accessibility for people who may have day jobs, children, or other obligations and responsibilities.

Next, we compiled a list of night side hustles with various earning opportunities that may fit different people and distinct needs. Keep in mind that our list is not ranked in a certain order and is not exhaustive. There are additional night side hustles that we did not consider and/or include.

Keep in mind that the best side hustle is subjective and may vary from one person to another. Our recommendations aim to provide an educational resource for readers to begin their research into the night side hustle that fits their needs.

FinanceBuzz is not an investment advisor. This content is for informational purposes only, you should not construe any such information as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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