10 Grocery Items That Are Finally Getting Cheaper

Inflation has hit grocery shoppers hard, but these food items are finally becoming more affordable.
Updated July 31, 2023
Father and daughter shopping at a grocery store

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Whether you shop just for yourself or to feed a large family, almost every household has felt the sting of higher grocery bills recently.

However, if you have been dreaming of ways to reduce your grocery costs, there is some good news: A handful of food items finally are coming down in price.

Look for lower sticker prices on the following foods the next time you shop for groceries. All price data comes from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here are 10 grocery items finally seeing their prices on the decline.

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Brent Hofacker/Adobe raw organic brown eggs

No matter where you buy eggs, the price likely has increased dramatically over the past 12 months. By April, the price of eggs had risen 29.8% in one year. No matter how frugal you are, this can make it more difficult to add more money to your savings

However, prices dropped 5.1% between March and April of this year. So, things are looking better for those who love this food staple.


wideonet/Adobe black coffee in white cup with smoke and coffee beans

Coffee is another staple breakfast item that has seen a surge in price. Costs were up by 9.2% year over year in April.

However, java lovers can rejoice in the news that the cost is coming back down, with prices falling 2.3% between March and April of this year.

Pork chops

klaikungwon/Adobe grilled pork chop with rosemary on wooden board

Meat in general has gotten very expensive recently. The price of some cuts continues to rise.

However, the cost of bone-in pork chops is coming back down to earth. Prices fell 1.8% year over year in April, and dropped another 2.4% between March and April of this year.

Interestingly, boneless pork chops are rising in price, up 3.9% between March and April.

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Mara Zemgaliete/Adobe fresh red tomatoes

Fresh produce is healthy and delicious, but it’s getting expensive. Luckily, some produce items are finally seeing prices fall.

For example, the cost of tomatoes is finally decreasing, and just in time for summer. Year over year, prices were up in April by 4.5%. But costs declined by 3% between March and April of this year.

Pro tip: If you're considering buying your groceries at a warehouse retailer, consider these top Costco hacks to save even more money.

All-purpose flour

Timmary/Adobe flour spilled out of the bag

The cost of white, all-purpose flour surged 19.1% starting year over year in April. This is a staple pantry item for many people, so a rise in prices adds up.

Fortunately, the price is coming down again. Between March and April of this year, prices decreased by 0.7% — not much, but enough to make it a bit more affordable.


Elena Medoks/Adobe milk poured into a glass cup from a bottle

Milk is another staple grocery item that’s been getting steadily pricier over the past year. The price of whole milk was up by 0.7% year over year in April.

That price is coming back down, though. Between March and April of this year, the cost fell 1.4%.

Ground beef

myviewpoint/Adobe ground beef stewed with tomato sauce

Ground beef has been slowly decreasing in price for quite some time. Specifically, the price decline has been in non-lean, 100% ground beef.

Year over year, the price of this type of ground beef declined by 2.6% in April. It fell an additional 0.5% between March and April of this year.

However, the news is not all good: The price of lean and extra-lean ground beef actually rose 3.5% between March and April.

Pro tip: Many experts are forecasting that the economy will go into recession this year. Buying foods that are getting cheaper helps you save money, which is an important way to prepare yourself financially for an economic slowdown.

Romaine lettuce

nblxer/Adobe ripe organic green salad Romano

The price of romaine lettuce is going down pretty significantly, and has been for quite some time. It fell sharply in April year over year, down by 12.7%.

The lettuce variety fell by another 0.9% between March and April of this year. Enjoy your next salad or lettuce wrap knowing that your purchase was both healthy and a little cheaper.


New Africa/Adobe delicious ham on the gray table

Ham has been pretty dramatically impacted by inflation over the past year.

The price of boneless ham jumped 11.6% year over year in April. However, prices of boneless ham fell 2% between March and April of this year.

The price of all ham — not including canned and luncheon slices — was up by 7.3% year over year in April, but declined 3% between this March and April.

American processed cheese

Shawn Hempel/Adobe edam cheese

American processed cheese soared in price by 14.6% year over year in April

Since then, however, it has been getting just a bit cheaper, with costs dropping an average of 0.3% between March and April of this year.

Compared to natural cheddar cheese — which rose 0.3% between March and April — the falling cost of American processed cheese looks pretty good.

Bottom line

monticellllo/Adobe shopping cart with grocery products in a supermarket

It’s no secret that inflation has hit the pocketbook of just about anyone who shops for groceries. However, prices are finally coming down on some items.

So, look for foods with falling prices the next time you shop at the grocery store. Purchasing these items might help you save money and eliminate some money stress from your life.

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