15 Highest-Paying Entry-Level Remote Jobs Available Now

If you want to switch jobs, or just work from home, there are plenty of high-paying options.
Updated April 12, 2024
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Man on computer for a remote team meeting

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Remote jobs became popular — and necessary — during the worst days of the pandemic, and they’re still in high demand.

Naturally, these jobs tend to be more flexible, and the lucrative ones can keep your bank account healthy and move you beyond living paycheck to paycheck.

So whether you’re looking to switch your career or simply want to work from home, here are the 15 best and highest-paying entry-level remote jobs in 2024. 

Note: All employment data is from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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Accounting and finance

Andrey Popov/Adobe businesswoman sitting at table with documents desktop and laptop using calculator to calculate bills and finance

Typical education: Bachelor's degree
Median annual salary: $78,000
Projected growth: 4%

People who understand how to work with numbers and money are always in demand. 

There are plenty of remote finance and accounting jobs, plus there is potential to make extra money by establishing a home office or operating in a freelance capacity with your own client list.


Friends Stock/Adobe african american woman using computer at work to solve statistics problems

Typical education: Bachelor's degree
Median annual salary: $113,990
Projected growth: 23%

Someone with a good head for math, statistics, and finance can bring home an excellent paycheck as an actuary. 

Actuaries are tasked with analyzing the economics of risk and uncertainty. Many work for insurance companies, and you can do it online.

Computer programmer

deagreez/Adobe young man sitting at wooden table coding on two monitors

Typical education: Bachelor's degree
Median annual salary: $97,800
Projected growth: -11%

Programmers are adept at writing, modifying, and testing the code that makes computer software and applications work. 

Before you pursue a remote programming job, it’s a good idea to be fluent in a few programming languages like C++ and Java.

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Computer support specialist

Rene L/peopleimages.com/Adobe businesswoman sitting at table wearing headset smiling

Typical education: Associate’s degree, some college, or high school diploma plus certification
Median annual salary: $59,660
Projected growth: 5%

If you’re the person your family members turn to when something isn’t working on their computer, you can at least get paid for that as a support specialist. 

In this role, you’ll maintain computer networks and provide technical assistance to computer users.

Data scientist

Arsenii/Adobe young male data scientist coding late late at night

Typical education: Bachelor's degree
Median annual salary: $103,500
Projected growth: 35%

Data scientists see the chaos of raw numbers and figure out how to extract useful information from them. You can use that information for anything from algorithms to research or web browsing. 

There are lots of remote data scientist jobs, and they pay extremely well.


AntonioDiaz/Adobe beautiful woman working on translating documents

Typical education: Bachelor's degree, proofreading experience
Median annual salary: $73,080
Projected growth: -4%

Editors ensure the things people read are reviewed, revised, and as perfect as possible. 

Deadlines can make it stressful, and you have to know all the ins and outs of written language. But, as with writing careers, it’s a very remote-friendly job.

Graphic designer

REDPIXEL/Adobe female graphic designer using creative pad to draw logo on monitor at work

Typical education: Bachelor’s degree
Median annual salary: $57,990
Projected job growth: 3%

Graphic designers are at the intersection of objective-driven art and technology. Your goal is to creatively convey ideas and messages in an aesthetically pleasing way. 

Graphic design work can be anything from creating art for a local store’s website to ad campaigns for corporations.

Human resources specialist

mavoimages/Adobe female entrepreneur working from home using laptop while talking on phone

Typical education: Bachelor's degree
Median annual salary: $64,240
Projected growth: 6%

If you are a “people person,” human resources could be a great way to exercise those skills remotely.

As an HR specialist, you handle everything from recruiting and interviewing job applicants to administering pay and benefits. You may also conduct exit interviews when employees leave a company. 

Information security analyst

Andrey Popov/Adobe african american male analyst working on graphs and data on desktop computer

Typical education: Bachelor’s degree
Median annual salary: $112,000
Projected growth: 32%

Information security analysts keep the bad guys at bay when it comes to computer networks. Their job is to plan and execute security measures. 

It’s a good idea to get certified for this booming, remote-friendly field.

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InsideCreativeHouse/Adobe senior aged man sitting at his work desk using laptop while wearing a headset

Typical education: Bachelor's degree
Median annual salary: $53,640
Projected growth: 4%

You don’t need to have the gift of gab, but if you know more than one language, be aware that interpreters and translators are highly sought after. As everything goes global, the field is growing fast.

Social media specialist

Alliance/Adobe woman using laptop and smartphone to check her social media profile

Typical education: Bachelor's degree
Median annual salary: $67,440
Projected growth: 6%

Remote options abound for people who want a career managing social media accounts. 

Social media specialists, a niche within the world of public relations, are in charge of a brand’s online presence. 

The key word there is “online.” Though you’ll be interacting with the public, it’s through the written word.

Software developer

BalanceFormCreative/Adobe programmers and software developers working on a new project

Typical education: Bachelor's degree
Median annual salary: $124,200
Projected growth: 25%

Software developers design computer programs and applications. While the career is naturally collaborative, there are plenty of remote options. 

A master's degree may be required in some cases, but many positions only require a bachelor’s degree in computer and information technology.

Technical writer

Kay Abrahams/peopleimages.com/Adobe happy woman working remotely from a cafe

Typical education: Bachelor's degree
Median annual salary: $79,960
Projected growth: 7%

Every time you consult an instructional manual, it’s probably the work of a technical writer. Technical writers package complex information so that anyone can understand it. 

Many technical writing jobs are remote. They require a degree and usually knowledge of a field like science or engineering.

Web developer/digital designer

Prostock-studio/Adobe happy male freelancer working on laptop

Typical education: Bachelor's degree, but varies
Median annual salary: $80,730
Projected growth: 16%

Everything you see online is designed, maintained, and tested by web developers and digital designers. Some specialize in the more technical aspects, while others create the look and feel of a digital destination.


Drazen/Adobe man working from home lost in thoughts

Typical education: Bachelor's degree, but varies
Median annual salary: $73,150
Projected growth: 4%

Writers and copywriters are creative content engines and masters of, well, the written word. They can work anywhere there’s a computer and an internet connection. 

Many writers and authors are, or can be, self-employed. Remote writing can be a great side hustle that you can eventually turn into a business.

Bottom line

insta_photos/Adobe employees sitting in boardroom having video meeting

According to the Pew Research Center, 35% of workers with jobs that can be done remotely are working from home all of the time.

The rise of remote work has changed the employment landscape. More and more companies offer remote jobs, and people are getting the chance to lower financial stress while having more choices in their careers. 

Consider the remote-work lifestyle when making your next career move, and don't be afraid to try something new that might fit you better than you think.

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