15 High-Paying Jobs That Don’t Require Prior Experience

These high-paying careers are open to all, regardless of your previous work history.
Updated Oct. 26, 2023
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It can be hard sometimes to find a job you like that also lets you stop living paycheck to paycheck, especially if you don't have much prior experience.

However, some positions require no prior experience to get started. For others, you can get an apprenticeship and learn on the job to gain experience.

Check out these positions that will pay you well without any prior experience in the field and see if one might be right for you.

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Flight attendant

Lubo Ivanko/Adobe woman working as flight attendant

Flight attendants provide service on airlines and are prepared to respond to emergencies. You can become a flight attendant after completing training from an airline training program, and you have to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Becoming a flight attendant can earn you a median annual salary of $63,760, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and step up your travel game.

Postal service worker

Matt Gush/Adobe postal worker delivers mail

Postal workers sort and deliver mail and packages. You need to pass a written exam to qualify and generally need a high school diploma, but it's not required. Training on how to sort and deliver mail is on the job.

Postal service workers can earn a median annual income of $53,680.

Aircraft equipment mechanic

Andrii/Adobe flashing a smile while working

Aircraft equipment mechanics are responsible for maintaining and repairing aircraft. You may be responsible for emergency repairs or caring for scheduled maintenance to keep planes flying safely.

Expect to earn a median annual income of $70,740 as an aircraft equipment mechanic.

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Telecommunications technician

Joaquin Corbalan/Adobe checking a telecommunication tower connections

Telecommunications technicians can install, maintain, and repair equipment used for radio, internet, and other forms of communication. You usually need at least a high school diploma or an associate's degree to get hired as a technician.

Telecommunications technicians can make a median annual income of $60,190, according to the BLS.

Wind turbine technician

1st footage/Adobe providing clean energy sources

Green jobs are becoming more popular and you may be able to find one without prior experience in the field. One option is a wind turbine technician who repairs and maintains wind turbines that generate electricity. These positions usually receive on-the-job- training.

If you become a wind turbine technician, you can expect to make $57,320 in median annual income.


Kurhan/Adobe plumber fixing sink in kitchen

Plumbers are responsible for taking care of pipe fixtures and systems. You can install and maintain pipes or be called to repair plumbing issues that arise for customers. Plumbers can learn how to do the job with apprenticeship programs and on-the-job training.

Expect to earn $60,090 in median annual income as a plumber.


Sergey/Adobe happy fireman with gas mask

Firefighters are trained to respond to emergencies in a community, like fires, accidents, and other emergencies that threaten the public's safety. Most firefighter academy before working in a firehouse.

Firefighters can earn a median annual wage of $51,680, according to the BLS.

Graphic designer

Rawpixel.com/Adobe creativity editor ideas designer concept

A graphic designer creates visual art to communicate ideas for clients who are trying to reach customers with a particular message. You usually need a bachelor's degree, but you can become a freelance designer with no previous graphic design experience.

A graphic designer can make a median annual income of $57,990.

Sales representative

Dusko/Adobe buying car at car showroom

Sales representatives are responsible for selling goods and services to businesses, government agencies, and other organizations. 

You will generally need at least a high school diploma for the position, but you can learn about the different features of a product and how to properly sell it with on-the-job training.

Sales representatives can earn a median annual wage of $67,750, but that salary can be affected by commissions, which may be part of your compensation package.

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Computer support specialist

New Africa/Adobe technical support operator with headset

Computer support specialists can help customers troubleshoot and fix issues with their computers and related equipment. It's good to have at least an associate degree, but not necessary to get a job as a specialist.

Computer support specialists can earn a median annual income of $59,660, according to the BLS.


puhimec/Adobe electrician works in a switchboard

Electricians are responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems needed to provide electricity throughout businesses, homes, and other locations. You may have to attend a technical school to become an electrician or get on-the-job training.

Expect a median annual income of $60,240 as an electrician.


Виталий Сова/Adobe weld metal with a machine

Ironworkers work on the structural and reinforcing iron needed for buildings, bridges, and roads. You may be required to work up high or on physically demanding projects.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that ironworkers get paid a median annual income of $58,330.


Art_Photo/Adobe reading blog online on computer

Writers can create a variety of projects based on written words such as articles, blog posts, social media, and other media to get a message across to clients. Writers may be able to get a job, particularly on a freelance basis, without needing previous experience.

You can expect to earn a median annual income of $73,150 as a writer.

Real estate broker

crizzystudio/Adobe agreement contract Insurance home concept

Real estate brokers can help clients buy, sell, or rent property. You can go into residential real estate, working with homebuyers and home sellers. Or you can work in commercial real estate dealing with businesses.

Real estate brokers can make a median annual income of $52,030, but that income can be affected by commissions.

Claims adjuster

Monkey Business/Adobe car wreck inspection

A claims adjuster is responsible for reviewing insurance claims and appraising the insured property based on damages or other issues the insurance company needs to address. 

You usually need a high school diploma, and it helps to have some automotive experience if you’re an auto insurance claims adjuster.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, claims adjusters earn a median annual wage of $72,040.

Bottom line

Quality Stock Arts/Adobe bonus money from hard working

High-paying job options indeed exist, even if it’s in a field you haven’t tried before. If you’re willing to do something new, you could earn more money than you expected, avoid costly education expenses, and build a career in a field that interests you.

It’s important to do additional research before you make a job switch to see if there are things you need to do to make yourself stand out, such as earning a certification or finding a way to get into a trade or apprenticeship program.

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