Quiktrip Is Expanding: Here Are 17 States Where You’ll Never Go Taquito-Less

Get ready for taquito heaven as the convenience store chain expands its reach.

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Updated May 28, 2024
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Fans of QuikTrip know the convenience store chain isn’t just a place to stop for gas or a quick snack on your way somewhere.

You can also find plenty of tasty on-the-go food options, like pizza, sandwiches, subs, soft pretzels, and its famous taquitos.

But you can’t just go anywhere to find a QuikTrip, so check out these 17 states that will be adding more QuikTrip stops so you can stop wasting money at other convenience stores.


Kevin Ruck/Adobe skyline of the city of mobile with mighty buildings and residential area at albama,USA

It may be hard to find a QuikTrip in Alabama as the state only has three of the gas station/convenience store combos within its borders.

But all three stores are open 24 hours a day as well as their kitchens so that you can stop by anytime for food and to fill up.


John/Adobe Aerial view of high way of Phoenix with tall buildings and mighty mountains in the background.

Arizona has the third-most locations for QuikTrip, with 138 scattered throughout the state.

That number may be surprising when you consider that QuikTrip didn’t expand into Arizona until 2000 with the opening of a store in Phoenix, but it has grown since then to cover the state.


Felix Mizioznikov/Adobe aerial view of city of

Arkansas only has two locations, so it may be hard to find a QuikTrip when you need one, but they are there.

Both stations are near the capital of Arkansas, with locations in Little Rock and North Little Rock for commuters to grab a bite and get some gas.


f11photo/Adobe beautiful paranoma view of Denver with tall buildings, curvy roads and sky just before sunset

Colorado is expanding its QuikTrip locations, with five currently on the map in the colorful state.

The retailer first showed up in the state in June 2022 with a location in Firestone outside of Denver and had its five new locations open across the state by the end of the year.


Luciano Mortula-LGM/Adobe A view of beautiful lake in Atlanta, with reflection of background buildings and trees at Georgia, USA

It will be easy to find a QuikTrip in Georgia, with the state boasting 160 locations and making it the second-largest state for the convenience store.

And you don’t have to have a car to get to a QuikTrip. In fact, there is a convenience-only version of the store in downtown Atlanta.


Iuliia Sokolovska/Adobe aerial view of  beautiful lake Michigan with blue water and city of Chicago downtown with mighty buildings

Illinois has started to build up its QuikTrip locations, but the state currently has only seven in QuikTrip’s portfolio of stores.

One of the more recent grand openings was in the Chicago suburb of Bellwood, so keep an eye out for one near you if you live in the Chicago area.


Dan Garneau/Adobe Aerial of beautiful and glamarous buildings at Downtown Des Moines at Sunrise

Keep an eye out for a QuikTrip if you live in Iowa or are driving through. You may be able to spot one of the 19 locations in the state.

QuikTrip opened its first Iowa location in 1974 and seems to have some real success in Des Moines, which is home to 15 of the 19 QuikTrips in the state.


view of residential area with a water canal at  Wichita, Kansas

Kansas is home to 74 QuikTrips, with a whopping 34 in Wichita alone.

One reason for all those Wichita stores may be the retailer’s merger with Shopeze in 1971. The merger boosted QuikTrip’s stores from 69 to 97.


Kovcs/Adobe beautiful view of New Orleans, Louisiana,Skyline at sunset

Louisiana has started to pick up QuikTrips along its roads, but for now, the state only has three locations for shoppers and drivers.

All three locations are open 24 hours a day for shopping and getting anything from their kitchens.


SeanPavonePhoto/Adobe jackson mississippi skyline at sunset

In March, Mississippi became QuikTrip’s 17th state for the convenience store chain when it opened in Clinton, Mississippi.

You can also find stores in Flowood and Jackson, and all three locations are open 24 hours a day, including their kitchens.


rudi1976/Adobe view of beautiful and classical style buildings at Kansas City at dawn

Missouri has 135 locations across the state, with Kansas City, St. Louis, and Independence bringing in more than 10 stores to each of the three cities (Kansas City has 23).

One reason for the extra stores may be Missouri’s history with the convenience store chain, which opened its first store in the Show Me State in 1986 with a location in St. Louis.


High Note Media/Adobe Missouri river and Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge with the Omaha Nebraska skyline in the background

Head to Nebraska to get some time at a QuikTrip with 15 locations across the state.

But one spot seems to be much more popular than others. Omaha makes up 12 of the state’s 15 total locations.

North Carolina

David/Adobe beautiful day time view of city of Charlotte with skyscrapers and large number of trees

Charlotte is a popular spot for QuikTrips in the state, offering 18 locations for shoppers to stop by for gas and food.

The state has become a mid-size success for QuikTrip, with 37 locations across the state.


SeanPavonePhoto/Adobe beautiful view of lake with a row of trees and majestic buildings in the background at Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Oklahoma is the home to QuikTrip, with the first location opening in Tulsa in 1958, and the company’s corporate office is there as well.

The state has a total of 84 locations, with 52 of them in the Tulsa area.

South Carolina

Kevin Ruck/Adobe paranoma view of water falls park and Liberty bridge surrounded by grove of trees and  buildings in the bckground in Greenville, South Carolina, USA

QuikTrip expanded to South Carolina in 2011 with a store in Boiling Springs.

The retailer has since expanded to 70 stores in the state, including 14 locations in Greenville.


Kevin Ruck/Adobe breathtaking view of lake winnie chattanooga tennessee with bridges and grove of small trees

Finding a QuikTrip in Tennessee may be difficult, with only five locations spread across the state.

The good news is if you find one, it will be open. All five locations are open 24 hours a day with 24-hour kitchens as well.


Jin/Adobe aerial view of district pearl with middle sized buildings,roads and neat roads in San Antonio Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, including QuikTrips. The Lone Star State far outpaces other states in the QuikTrip portfolio with a whopping 244 locations across the state.

Fort Worth and Dallas each have 21 stores to boost the retailer’s presence. But the city with the most QuikTrips in Texas is San Antonio, with 28.

It also seems fitting that nearby Converse, Texas got QuikTrip’s 1,000th store, which opened in April.

Bottom line

ViDi Studio/Adobe Smiling young man in casual blue shirt hloding his debit card standing isolated on yellow orange wall background

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When you fill up, you should also check to see if you get any gas discounts with your credit card.

And remember to check your next travel budget. The best way to stay within your budget could be driving and stopping at affordable rest areas that have stores like QuikTrip.

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