15 Things You Should Always Buy at Costco, According to Reddit

Discover the ultimate Costco must-haves recommended by Reddit's savvy shoppers.
Updated May 8, 2024
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From tempting free samples to exotic finds, Costco is a one-stop shop for families and adventurous shoppers alike.

But with deals galore, is the $60 membership worth it? While not every item screams "bargain," some categories consistently shine bright.

Ready to unlock the true value of your membership? Dive into our top picks for Costco deals that are worth every penny.

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Allergy medicine

wong yu liang/Adobe asian man taking pills at home

Costco’s prices on over-the-counter allergy medications are simply unmatched: under $12 for a year’s supply of cetirizine (generic for Zyrtec) and less than $9 for a year’s supply of loratadine (generic for Claritin). 

The prices per tablet of these medications are much higher in pharmacies and grocery stores.

Redditor zkfoster notes that “allergy meds…alone would justify the cost of my membership.”

Cage-free eggs

eggeeggjiew/Adobe father and son baking cookies

OK, so you have to buy 24 eggs at Costco rather than your usual dozen, but eggs last three to five weeks in the fridge. Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand comes in at about $0.23 per egg, whereas other grocers come in closer to $0.41-$0.53 per egg.

Redditor NookinFutz has observed that Costco has improved the packaging for their eggs: “I was thrilled to see that the 5-dozen eggs in my Costco are now in cardboard boxes with cardboard inserts, taped shut and sealed. Two separate purchases and not one egg is broken. ROCK ON, Costco!”

Maple syrup

Anna/Adobe stack of pancakes with maple syrup

Redditor BBQshoe explains, "I have a small bacon-making operation going on, so for me, it's probably maple syrup and black pepper."

Good-quality maple syrup can be hard to find, and when you do, it's expensive. Some grocers even sell "table syrup," which is brown rice syrup masquerading as the good stuff. Luckily, you can get a liter of organic maple syrup at Costco for $15.20. 

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Hot dog meal

Asier/Adobe  man holding a hotdog

You’re lucky if you can get a gas station candy bar for under $1.50, let alone a 1/4 lb. hot dog and a drink with free refills. Redditor FriendsAndFood says, “There isn’t any other place I would buy hot dogs when Costco sells theirs for $1.50.”

Costco’s staunch stance that the price of the hot dog meal should stay the same as it was in the 1980s has kept our wallets and our bellies full and grateful. If you’re not taking advantage of this part of your Costco membership, you’re missing out.

Plastic wrap

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS/Adobe Movers packing sofa with transparent roll

A 3,000-ft box of Kirkland’s stretch-tite plastic food wrap will last you years. 

Redditor neener691 says, “My uncle, who's now passed always wrote the date on everything. We are currently using his box of Kirkland Signature plastic wrap, purchased on 7/23/2007. RIP Uncle.” (For context, they posted this at the beginning of 2024.)

This plastic wrap costs less than $0.01 per square foot, so it’s about as cheap as you can get it.

Chocolate chips

zigzagmtart/Adobe Nutella banana bread pudding

If you have room in your pantry for four pounds of chocolate chips, you can get them significantly less by getting the Kirkland Signature brand rather than a national or grocery store generic brand.

Redditor ApatheticFinsFan agrees that “chocolate chips and vanilla extract are just insanely cheap compared to normal grocery stores.”


Tada Images/Adobe costco gas station

Depending on how often you fill up, the savings in gasoline alone could make a Costco membership worth paying for.

Redditor sgwagers states that Costco “always has the cheapest price.” Gas at this warehouse giant is usually between $0.05 to $0.20 cheaper than you’ll find elsewhere, making it worth the trip to Costco to save on gas.


adrian_ilie825/Adobe stack of diapers

Kirkland diapers aren’t cheaper than regular generic brands, but this isn’t a fair comparison when it comes to quality. Costco diapers are made by Kimberly-Clark — the same manufacturer that makes Huggies.

Redditor TortugaAmigo explains, “Kirkland diapers are Huggies just with different graphics, and they barely try to hide it.” When you compare Kirkland to Huggies on price, Costco consistently comes out on top.


bit24/Adobe  types of dairy products

Dairy products represent a big possibility for saving money at Costco. Redditor yupitsanalt was surprised by this, but explained that “when I tracked cost, it was much cheaper to buy cheese at Costco.”

Block cheddar cheese is just over $3 per pound — much cheaper than you usually find it in the grocery store. If you’re concerned about using a two-pound block before it goes back, you can cube or shred it and freeze it. Your savings account will thank you.

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Vera/Adobe woman tries dressing room wardrobe

This depends on the brand and the season, but Costco offers some real steals on clothing. For example, Kirkland brand men’s jeans are under $10!

Redditor HoboMinion takes advantage of these. They explain, “I work construction so I’m hard on my clothes. The most I’ve paid for a pair is $20 and the least is $12. I watch them online because they usually are cheaper and have specials like buy five qualifying clothing items and get $25 off.”

A three-pack of ladies’ sports bras is $19.99 and jackets are only $16.99. Swimsuits and Halloween costumes are usually a good deal if you can pick them up before they sell out.


peopleimages.com/Adobe man and shoe lace tie getting ready for running exercise

It’s pretty tough to find quality, inexpensive sneakers, but Costco has several major brands at bargain prices. It carries Puma, Adidas, and Skechers athletic shoes for men and women — all at under $40.

Redditor Tromperie9 has realized first-hand how popular Costco shoes are: “I have run into at least three people wearing the same Puma shoes we bought at Costco.”

Costco also has several snow boot styles under $40.

Rotisserie chicken

Syda Productions/Adobe people eating chicken for dinner

In a rush to make dinner? Redditor nursingninjaLB recommends Costco’s “roasted chickens. Those things are amazing, and the next comparable item is easily almost twice as much at the grocery store.”

If your family is small, you can get two or three meals off of a $4.99 bird. This loss leader is a big reason for many families to shop at Costco.


Gudellaphoto/Adobe batteries

You’re not sacrificing quality when you buy Kirkland batteries at Costco because they’re manufactured by Duracell.

Redditor Nardelan notes that “they have a longer shelf life than the older batteries (12 years versus 10 years),” so you don’t have to worry about that 48-pack of AAs losing their zip anytime soon.


shurkin_son/Adobe holding bottle of dietary supplements

Costco can help you save on your daily vitamins. Its multivitamins for kids and adults are cheaper than their grocery store counterparts, and they have a wide selection of individual vitamins for specific conditions.

Redditor ModularFolds attests to their quality too: “We've used them for years in my family and whenever I get blood labs done, things always look quite spiffing … I'm a ‘two thumbs up’ for Kirkland vitamins.”

English muffins

catinsyrup/Adobe fried sunnyside up

If you’re a fan of making breakfast sandwiches, pick up your English muffins at Costco. They’re priced at around $0.44 each compared to $0.58-$0.66 at other grocers.

Redditor cxrlxs agrees: “I just realized how cheap the Thomas English Muffins are compared to places like Ralph’s — almost half off.”

Bread products freeze well, so you can pop any packages you can’t use right away in the freezer and keep more money in your pocket.

Bottom line

Farknot Architect/Adobe Smiling woman holding three credit cards

While bulk doesn't always guarantee savings at Costco, certain categories consistently offer excellent value. 

Focus on these gems to maximize your shopping trip, leaving more time to sample those delicious treats and compare prices on other items. 

And don't forget to bring your best Costco credit card to save even more on your next Costco run.

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