15 Common Garage Sale Items You Could Flip for Extra Cash

Even items that look like junk can net you a profit.
Updated July 31, 2023
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Garage sales are great places to buy items for cheap before flipping them to boost your bank account.

Some of the stuff collecting dust or languishing in a drawer somewhere — possibly even in your own home — might be worth more than you think.

Here are some items that might make you a little extra money. You can find these items both at garage sales and in your own home and sell them anywhere from eBay to Facebook Marketplace.


JackF/Adobe mature man choosing vintage goods

Antiques never go out of style. From vintage jewelry to old-fashioned décor, antique enthusiasts are always looking for unique finds.

Items such as vintage clocks, old-fashioned cameras, and retro signage can bring in good money.

In some cases, you might want to get an antique appraised by a professional if you are unsure of its value. You wouldn't want to sell something for cheap only to find out later it was worth much more.

Baby Items

Mariia Korneeva/Adobe baby accessories on the bed

Baby items, like strollers, high chairs, and baby carriers, are quickly outgrown. But parents on tight budgets might happily pay for them at secondhand prices.

Garage sales are another common source of baby items. But you also might find some of these items in your own home.

If you sell your kids’ old items, you might not get as much as you paid for them initially. But what you recoup can be substantial. Throw your gently used maternity clothes on the pile, too.


Jacob Lund/Adobe sports shop owner selling bicycle

Bicycles are a hot commodity, especially with the growing interest in eco-friendly transportation and fitness. 

You can sell high-quality, well-maintained bikes at a higher price, especially during the warmer months when people are more inclined to ride.

Even if you find a bike that isn't in the best shape at a garage sale, a little TLC — such as fixing the chain and giving it a wash — can help you get a little more for it.

Children’s toys

pressmaster/Adobe selling old toys at garage sale

Just as you can sell secondhand baby items for a decent amount of money, you can also profit from selling children’s toys.

In some cases, you can make good money on these finds. For example, Legos and vintage items in good condition sell well.

College textbooks

New Africa/Adobe woman choosing book

College textbooks are notoriously expensive, leading many buyers to seek more affordable options. 

You will likely find students willing to buy gently used textbooks at lower prices than they would find at campus bookstores, making it a win-win for both of you.

Note that your success at sourcing textbooks can depend on your location: You might have better luck if you have access to a big city or college town.

Designer clothing and brand-name shoes

Ekaterina/Adobe multi colored clothes

High-end designer clothing can be quite valuable in the resale market. Look for items at garage sales and thrift stores from top designers such as Prada, Versace, and Tom Ford, to name just a few.

Secondhand designer shoes in good condition also sell well. Popular brands, such as Nike, can command excellent prices, especially if they are limited editions or in rare colors and sizes.

Exercise gear

Coka/Adobe woman rolling yoga mat

Growing awareness about the importance of self-care means exercise gear, like dumbbells, yoga mats, and resistance bands, are in high demand. Garage sales can be a great place to find these items.

You can also earn good money from selling old fitness equipment from your basement, such as treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes. The better the condition, the more you can make.

Gardening tools

StockPhotoPro/Adobe gardening tools

Gardening tools are perennially popular items for resale, and you can often find them for cheap at garage sales and estate sales.

High-quality tools in good condition — such as shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, and watering cans — can be easily resold to gardening enthusiasts.

Even if that lawnmower collecting dust in your garage isn't fully functional, handy folks may be willing to take it off your hands for a bit of cash.

Kitchen Appliances

Marcio/Adobe frying food in airfryer

Kitchen appliances, such as electric pressure cookers, blenders, fancy coffee makers, and air fryers, are always in demand.

Pro-tip: Make sure you clean your appliances thoroughly so they’re appealing to buyers.

Luxury handbags

STUDIO GRAND WEB/Adobe second hand leather women purse

Luxury handbags from well-known brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Coach can retain their value and sometimes even increase in worth over time.

Authentic pieces in good condition can be highly sought after by fashionistas.

Power tools

Олег Копьёв/Adobe man shows a screwdriver

Power tools are essential for DIY enthusiasts and professionals who work with their hands. You can resell quality tools from reputable brands, such as Milwaukee, at competitive prices.

This is another item that you can buy cheap and flip if you're handy enough to make any needed repairs. The better the condition, the more you profit.

Quality furniture

frenta/Adobe vintage objects at the flea market

Well-crafted furniture can last for generations, and vintage pieces often retain a good part of their value. 

Mid-century modern furniture, antique dressers, and solid wood items are examples of items that can be lucrative for you.

DIYers are also big fans of buying used furniture and giving it a face-lift. So you don't have to be very fussy when looking for items at sales — or even getting rid of your own furniture — as long as the piece has good bones.

Vintage cookware and glassware

lcrms/Adobe antique cafe pot

Collectors and retro fans seek out vintage cookware and glassware, which you can often find at garage sales. Items such as Pyrex cups and bowls, casserole dishes, and retro barware stand to help you make a good profit.

Part of this phenomenon has to do with nostalgia, but part of it is because these pieces were made well and stand the test of time. You get bonus points if they come in cute patterns and colors.

Vintage video games

Eric/Adobe flea market vintage video games

Just as Pyrex is having a second heyday, nostalgia enthusiasts are always on the hunt for classic video games and consoles.

There’s been a resurgence in retro gaming in recent years, making this market a lucrative niche for resellers who find these games at garage sales.

Vinyl records

Ivan Neru/Adobe vinyl records sale

Despite the rise of streaming and smartphones, vinyl records have not lost their luster.

So if you find a stack of old vinyl at a garage sale — or have a lot of records sitting around at home — you stand to make some decent money, especially if they’re in good condition.

Bottom line

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS/Adobe elderly couple counting money

With the rise of online marketplaces and the growing interest in vintage items, reselling has become a lucrative side hustle for many. 

By keeping an eye out for the above items, you can capitalize on the growing demand for vintage, unique, and quality goods.

Even if you don’t think something is worth selling, it might be exactly what someone else is looking for.

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