15 Tiny “Homes” You Can Buy at Home Depot (Starting at $699?)

Discover the world of compact living with these 15 surprising 'homes' nestled at Home Depot.
Updated Dec. 5, 2023
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The price of new homes in many cities and towns has skyrocketed in recent years, putting real estate out of reach for many would-be homebuyers. 

However, there is still reason to hope you can buy a home and keep more money in your bank account.

The U.S. Sun recently ran a story about a $699 "tiny home" from Home Depot that stretches the definition of tiny. It looks like little more than a shed, but if you're looking for something truly tiny and have strong DIY skills, it could be just what you're looking for.

Here are some other unique backyard tiny home options available now from Home Depot ready for your backyard. 

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Courtesy of Home Depot yurt home depot

Yurts are traditional tent-like structures historically used by nomadic peoples in Central Asia. Now, you can buy one for $42,000 at Home Depot.

This one-room dwelling is available in various sizes and can be assembled in less than a week. It’s fully insulated and includes a fan mount to keep your place well-ventilated.

Mini Getaway

Courtesy of Home Depot mini getaway home depot

This modern tiny house features one bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms, a kitchenette area, a rooftop deck, and a spiral staircase leading up to the deck.

The 325-square-foot unit is designed to be built on a concrete slab foundation. This home’s materials are resistant to fire, bugs, termites, and mold, so you can rest assured your structure will last. The price is $49,999.

Wave Comfort

Courtesy of Home Depot wave comfort home depot

This cozy cabin, at 379 square feet, would make a perfect home for two or an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). It features one bedroom and one bathroom.

Each kit is manufactured to meet your area's building codes and zoning requirements. The cost is $49,999.

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Bungalow Standard

Courtesy of Home Depot bungalow standard home depot

This tiny house resembles more of a single-family home than some of the more cramped quarters on this list.

It has two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, and the home looks less boxy. It features just over 837 square feet of living space for $49,999.

Bungalow Plus Extra

Courtesy of Home Depot bungalow plus extra home depot

For those who need even more room, there’s a three-bedroom version of the Bungalow. At 1,022 square feet, this home isn’t all that tiny.

Two of the bedrooms share a Jack-and-Jill bathroom, and the other bathroom is attached to the master bedroom. The price is $49,999.

Sea Breeze

Courtesy of Home Depot A tiny home

If you’ve ever seen a shipping container home, this model looks similar. However, the front of the roof on this 346-square-foot unit is extended to provide shade.

This minimalist design has one bedroom and one bathroom. The cost is $49,999.

Huntington Plus

Courtesy of Home Depot huntington plus home depot

This model is tiny, even by tiny home standards. With just 96 square feet of living space, you’ll have to design the layout of your home carefully to fit all the amenities you need.

A house of this size would probably only fit one person. The cost is $23,500.


Courtesy of Home Depot seattle home depot

This minimalist design features one bedroom and one bathroom. The pitched roof should keep snow and rain from accumulating or damaging the structure.

The house is just 200 square feet, so you’ll have an easy time finding a spot for it on your land or even in a backyard. The price is $38,600.

Chill Out

Courtesy of Home Depot chill out home depot

The Chill Out tiny house has a two-sided covered porch area — perfect for enjoying summer evenings outdoors.

And when you want to come inside, just over 281 square feet of open-concept living space awaits you. The cost of this one-bedroom, one-bathroom home is $49,250.

The Balboa

Courtesy of Home Depot the balboa home depot

The Balboa is on the smaller end of tiny houses, offering just 96 square feet of living space.

However, with planning and ingenuity, this model could make a cozy home for one. It features a gable roof and a few windows, but the inside is essentially a blank slate for your imagination. The price is $21,997.

The Dallas

Courtesy of Home Depot the dallas home depot

The Dallas features the same minimalist footprint as the Balboa, and it also comes in at 96 square feet.

However, its shed roof and larger windows give it a more modern, comfortable vibe. It would be perfect for an ADU or tiny home for one person in the woods. The cost is $19,997.


Courtesy of Home Depot calhome home depot

While technically a storage shed, the Calhome features a lockable door and two windows and could easily be converted into a 160-square-foot tiny home.

It’s built with energy-efficient materials that provide excellent temperature regulation. The galvanized steel construction also repels weather and pests.

When you set it up, it basically unfolds into place. The price is $3,999.99.

Calhome Expandable

Courtesy of Home Depot calhome expandable home depot

If you like the Calhome but need something a little larger, the Calhome Expandable model features more than double the space.

This 380-square-foot model features two wings off a central area that you can configure as you like. It’s built with the same galvanized steel construction as the Calhome and costs $17,048.19.

Wood Garage Kit

Courtesy of Home Depot wood garage kit home depot

If you’re after the barndominium look, this is the home for you. It measures 32 feet by 18 feet by 18 feet.

While it doesn’t come with flooring, it features an entry door and overhead door, windows, and everything else you need to complete the exterior of a home. The cost is $27,775.

The Newport

Courtesy of Home Depot newport home depot

The tiniest of tiny homes, this model is designed as a shed. However, by upgrading it to a tiny house, you could own your own home for just $699!

The shed’s galvanized steel and enamel paint are built to withstand corrosion and rust, but you’ll probably want to add a window and some insulation if you’re planning to live in the Newport.

Bottom line

Alena Ozerova/Adobe woman holding cup of coffee while relaxing inside log cabin

With today's soaring real estate prices, tiny homes are looking less like a hipster fad and more like a legitimate housing option.

Whether you're looking to downsize, embrace a minimalist lifestyle, or simply keep more money in your wallet, a tiny home can be a good choice for many individuals and families.

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