Home Sweet Mini Home: 10 Tiny Homes You Can Buy Online

Live the minimalist dream with these tiny homes.
Updated June 2, 2023
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Tiny homes have become a popular real estate trend for those looking to live minimally and within an affordable budget.

Many people get really creative when building their miniature residences, but not everyone is so handy.

If you want the convenience of downsized living but without the effort it takes to construct one from scratch, you’re in luck. There are plenty of prefabricated tiny homes available for purchase.

These premade homes are made offsite and built on your property or assembled through a kit. They cost less than most new homes allowing you to eliminate some money stress.

Home Depot house kits

Courtesy of Home Depot A tiny home kit from Home Depot

Look no further than Home Depot for your dream tiny home.

For those who don’t want to go through the planning and design aspects, the store sells building kits, which provide the steel structures for a tiny home.

All you need for these is a level concrete surface and the ability to assemble the frame and finish the tiny home.

The retailer has plenty of options, too. Its 540-square-foot Getaway Pad, for example, has one bedroom and a roof deck and costs roughly $43,800.

Windemere shed from Handy Home Products

Courtesy of Amazon A tiny home

Amazon also sells a variety of prefab tiny homes, like Handy Home Products’ Windemere shed.

This shed is certainly emblematic of tiny living. It’s the size of a small work shed and won’t fit much inside. However, it only costs around $3,300.

It not only has prefabricated walls and roof, but windows, doors, and even floor decking. All that’s left for you to do is paint and furnish.

Tumbleweed Elm RV

Courtesy of Tumbleweed A tiny home

RV and camper brand Tumbleweed boasts the first tiny home RV ever: the Elm model, which starts at just under $99,000. Models range between 204 and 259 square feet, with additional loft space.

Even the smallest model of the rustic home includes a living room, kitchen, bathroom, storage loft, queen-sized bed sleeping loft, and twin-sized bed flex room.

Liberation Tiny Homes Carriage House

Courtesy of Liberation Tiny Homes A tiny home

The company Liberation Tiny Homes offers several models of prefab small houses, either customized to order, shells, or entirely finished.

One of their models is the Carriage House, which costs $93,900. This miniature residence is 283 square feet in area and comes in 24 or 26 feet in length.

The two-story trailer includes room for a kitchen, bathroom, living/dining area, and lofted bedroom, and has plenty of hidden storage.

Minimaliste Charme

Courtesy of Minimaliste A tiny home

For a roomier tiny home, the company Minimaliste offers various models for whatever you may need.

One of its larger designs is the Charme, which is just nearly 400 square feet inside and costs $150,500. It’s also on wheels.

This model has a total of three bedrooms — one ground-floor bedroom and two lofts — as well as a separate kitchen and living room, plus a full bathroom with a washer/dryer hookup.

Wheelhaus Wedge Park Model RV

Courtesy of Wheelhaus A tiny home

The small-scale living company Wheelhaus offers a few models of “luxury rolling cabins,” each roughly around 400 square feet, including the Wedge, which costs $175,000.

This RV tiny home is not only spacious but also sustainable; the siding is made of reclaimed wood.

It has a typical shotgun design with not-so-typical rustic modern windows and includes room for a kitchen, general area, bedroom, and bathroom.

Tiny Heirloom Legacy model

Courtesy of Tiny Heirloom A tiny home

The prefab tiny home manufacturer Tiny Heirloom also has plenty of options for miniature homes at a variety of price points. One of their more affordable models is the Legacy, starting at $78,900.

The model is available in a farmhouse, modern, or craftsman design, which affects the design of the interior and exterior.

The trailer is 24 feet long and includes a queen-sized bedroom, living area with a couch bed, kitchen, and bathroom.

BZB Cabins and Outdoors Lakeview Cabin Kit

Courtesy of BZB Cabins and Outdoors A tiny home

Another semi-prefab tiny home kit is from BZB Cabins and Outdoors. 

The company’s Lakeview Cabin Kit costs $9,990 for a 209-square-foot unit, which includes the walls, doors and windows, rafters and ceiling boards, and flooring beams and floorboards.

The wood frame is made of Nordic Spruce, which can be left as is for a rustic feel or painted to your liking. Plumbing and electricity will need to be added separately as well.

Wolf Industries Model B

Courtesy of Wolf Industries A tiny home

If you want something simple but completely ready to go, consider the Model B unit from Wolf Industries. This 300-square-foot tiny home starts at $64,500.

It has space for a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and small living area, and comes complete with an HVAC system and water heater.

There are also upgrade options for loft storage space and ADA accessibility.

New Frontier Design Luna

Courtesy of New Frontier Design A tiny home

The brand New Frontier Design has a handful of high-end tiny homes on wheels, their most affordable and compact being the Luna model, which starts at $119,000.

It has all the standard base features of most tiny homes, including a living/dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and lofted bed with under-stair storage.

What makes this design stand out is not only its modern design but the large, sleek window at one end.

Escape Traveler XL

Courtesy of Escape A tiny home

Another tiny living trailer company is Escape. Its 344-square-foot Traveler XL model starts at just over $89,000, and there are a few unique appeals to this model compared to others.

For example, whereas most other tiny homes only squeeze in a standing shower, the Traveler XL has a shower/tub combo.

It also has lots of windows and plenty of space — for a miniature residence, of course.

Modern Tiny Living Mohican

Courtesy of Modern Tiny Living A tiny home

The company Modern Tiny Living uses every square inch to its full potential in its tiny homes — specifically its Mohican model. This unit is a total of 230 square feet and starts at $79,000. 

The basic layout is similar to other tiny homes, with a downstairs kitchen and general room and lofted bedroom.

The unique aspect is its shelving. There are tons of built-in shelves all around the tiny home, including a retractable/foldable coffee table in the corner of the living room.

Wind River Rutledge

Courtesy of Wind River Tiny Homes A tiny home

A more luxurious and spacious tiny home can be found in Wind River Tiny Homes’ Rutledge model. It’s a total of 495 square feet with the main floor and loft combined and starts at $139,200.

Some luxuries include a full shower/tub combo, a main floor bedroom large enough for a queen-sized mattress, a separate living and kitchen area, a mudroom entryway, and a loft large enough to fit a king-sized bed.

Nestron Legend One

Courtesy of Nestron A tiny home

Nestron has a slightly different approach to laying out its tiny homes. Its basic Legend One model, which starts at $52,000, is small but unique, with a hyper-modern cabin design.

Most box-shaped tiny homes use an open floor plan approach, but the Legend One has a slightly more cordoned-off design, which can help separate the spaces both physically and mentally.

For example, the kitchen is tucked away in a corner largely out of sight of the living area, and a small half wall separates the sleeping away from the living room.

Jamaica Cottage Shop tiny houses

Courtesy of Jamaica Cottage Shop A tiny home

If you want an adorable prefab tiny home cottage and don’t mind finishing the inside yourself, Jamaica Cottage Shop has plenty of options for you.

For example, some homes are entirely assembled and will be delivered that way, while others are pre-cut and require you to assemble yourself.

There are price differences per model, too, depending on size, color, etc. The Dollhouse design, for example, ranges in price from $2,800 to $25,600.

Bottom line

Alena Ozerova/Adobe woman holding cup of coffee while relaxing inside log cabin

Downgrading your living space and opting for a tiny home is a great way to keep more money in your bank account, reduce your carbon footprint, and live a simpler life. And don’t need to be an architect to do it.

Whether pre-cut kit homes, RVs and trailers, or fully assembled prefab tiny homes, there are plenty of options for every budget, design preference, and lifestyle.

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