14 Most Surprising and Inexpensive Gag Gifts You can Buy on Amazon

Find something crazy and fun the next time you buy a gift at Amazon.

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Updated May 28, 2024
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Sometimes, you want a special gift for a noteworthy occasion. But in other situations, you simply want to put a smile on someone’s face.

If you find yourself in the latter situation, check out some of the following “useless” gift options from Amazon. Buying a gag gift can be a great way to put your tax refund to use when you simply want to brighten someone’s day.

Useless box

Courtesy of Amazon Amazon useless box

If you’re looking for something “useless,” why not go with an item that uses that very moniker?

Flip the switch and the Useless Box Leave Me Alone Machine will flip it right back before closing shut again. And again. And again.

The box is available in two different wood finishes.

Pizza pouch

Courtesy of Amazon Amazon pizza pouch

We’ve all been there: You are carrying around slices of pizza and just wish you could store them somewhere to free up your hands.

Enter your gift, the Portable Pizza Pouch. It allows the recipient to hang pizza slides around their neck the next time they need to free their hands.

Reward candle

Courtesy of Amazon Amazon reward candle

Do you know a co-worker who earns your sympathy for heroically dealing with various idiots throughout the day? It might be time to reward them.

Check out this candle with the slogan “Reward for Dealing with Idiots All Day.” It features soy wax and can give your co-worker a nice zen moment before they have to deal with idiots again.

Screaming goat

Courtesy of Amazon Amazon screaming goat

Looking for the perfect useless gift that will annoy your friends and family all day? Bring on The Screaming Goat.

The goat is a 3-inch toy that will bleat whenever you give it a gentle press. It comes with its own book with useless facts about this type of goat.

Yodeling pickle

Courtesy of Amazon Amazon yodeling pickle

Those who love pickles might enjoy the lovely sounds of their very own yodeling pickle.

Just press the button on the Yodeling Pickle for hours of useless enjoyment. Each time your recipient picks up their Yodeling Pickle, they will think of you.

Cat AirPod holders

Courtesy of Amazon Amazon cat airpod holders

It can be easy to lose those small earbuds. So, grab a Magnetic Dance Cat AirPod Holder to spare your giftee this fate.

Purchase a five-pack litter of magnetic AirPod-holding cats and gift them to friends and family.

Slingshot rubber chickens

Courtesy of Amazon Amazon slingshot rubber chickens

Sometimes, you just need to have some fun flinging chickens with your friends.

These Finger Flying Rubber Chickens come in a pack of 20, making them the perfect gift to get some extra giggles when you spend time with friends and family.

You may even want to grab a few for a flying rubber chicken contest at your barbecues this summer.

Mom tumbler

Courtesy of Amazon Amazon mom tumbler

Brighten your mom’s day with this funny 20-ounce travel mug that features the following slogan: “Mom, no matter how hard life gets, at least you don’t have ugly children.”

Your mom will smile every time she sees your lovely gift.

Pro tip: A genius Amazon hack is to sign up for Prime so you can get free shipping on most items. Prime isn’t for everyone, but it’s worth checking out to see if it is the right option for you.

Tortilla throw blanket

Courtesy of Amazon Amazon tortilla throw blanket

Keep your favorite people warm with a gift blanket that’s sure to feel like a tasty treat.

The Burrito Tortilla Throw Blanket comes in various sizes, including a behemoth 80-inch version. It’s sure to keep your giftees warm all year round.

TriceraTaco holder

Courtesy of Amazon Amazon tricerataco holder

Two things kids like are tacos and dinosaurs. So, when those tacos get messy and hard for little hands to hold, turn to the TriceraTaco Holder.

This gift is shaped like a triceratops and has a space to hold a taco in place. Don’t fret if your giftee isn’t a taco fan, as the spot is also perfect for toast, waffles, sandwiches, and more.

Cheeseburger phone

Courtesy of Amazon Amazon cheeseburger phone

If you have friends or family who still have a landline, give them a “cheesy” gift to talk on the next time you call.

The Cheeseburger Phone looks like a ground-beef patty, slice of cheese, and bun. The phone plugs directly into your landline outlet.

Bacon strips bandages

Courtesy of Amazon Amazon bacon strips bandages

There is always that one person in your life who loves bacon, so give them what they want — sort of.

Bacon Strips Bandages come in a pack of 25 and can help your favorite bacon fan heal when they get an ouchie.

Baguette slippers

Courtesy of Amazon Amazon baguette slippers

After a long day at work, your friends or family may want to slip on a pair of cozy slippers to give their feet a rest.

Check out these slippers that come in a tasty French baguette version, making your giftee’s cozy toes look like they’ve been stuffed blissfully into loaves of bread.

Handi squirrel

Courtesy of Amazon Amazon handi squirrel

Even a squirrel can be handy, especially when it's a Handi Squirrel.

The Handi Squirrel comes with a molded head along with hands and feet that easily slip on your giftee’s fingers for plenty of amusement.

Bottom line

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If you’re splurging on a fun, “useless” gift, Amazon has some great options.

Using one of the top rewards credit cards for your purchase can earn you cash back or other perks. That way, you can have a little fun later with your perks after enjoying making someone’s day with your “useless” gift.

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