You Won't Believe What People are Paying for These 15 Items on eBay

You won't believe how much these items are worth on eBay!
Updated May 25, 2023
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Many people store items they assume are valuable to sell at a later date on eBay, like trading cards, dolls, or collector’s items.

However, some items are incredibly valuable on the resale site that might surprise you — and could help you make some extra money if you’re lucky enough to own them.

Vintage and collectible Barbies

Courtesy of eBay ebay vintage and collectible barbie

One of the more commonly known items that sell for a high price on eBay are Barbies. Specifically, collectible dolls.

One example is the 1997 Happy Holidays Barbie, which sells on eBay anywhere from around $200 to $350.

Vintage Barbie dolls are also a high-ticket item. A vintage 1970 Malibu Barbie Doll in the box can sell for upwards of $285. Even the doll by itself, out of the box and without accessories, can cost $150.

Rare Lego sets

Courtesy of eBay Ebay-Rare Lego sets

Another popular toy that can sell for a lot of money on eBay are Legos. Not every Lego set is that valuable, but the ones that are can sell for pretty high prices.

As with Barbies, vintage and collectible sets, particularly unopened and sealed ones, sell for more.

A 1966 vintage Lego set can be priced for as much as $450 on the resale site, for example. And the Lego Creator bookshop set sells for an average of $250.

Vintage toys

Courtesy of eBay Ebay-Vintage toys

Aside from Barbies or Legos specifically, vintage and rare toys are incredibly valuable items to sell on eBay in general.

A vintage cabinet of toys from the brand Shackerman’s NY can be found listed for $250 on the low end.

Another example is a 1930s rubber band Bulls Eye Pistol, which has a starting bid already of $100, but a listing price of $250. The older and rarer the toy, the higher you can find it listed for.

Collectible board games

Courtesy of eBay Ebay-Collectible board games

Tangentially related to toys are board games. While they aren’t as valuable or expensive, they can still fetch a relatively high price if they're old or rare enough.

On the low end, a 1976 “Wizard of Oz” board game from MGM can be found listed for $45 on eBay.

On the pricier end, though, a truly vintage, Victorian board game from 1890 can cost as much as $165.


Courtesy of eBay Ebay-Pyrex

Many people have at least one piece (if not a whole cabinet full) of vintage Pyrex baking dishes they’ve either inherited or purchased at a thrift store. On eBay, though, these dishes are much more valuable.

One single piece of Pyrex corning ware from the 1970s La Marjolaine line can list from $500 to $3,000.

Even less rare or collectible items are still quite valuable — a set of two vintage lidded dishes can be listed for $50.

Discontinued perfumes

Courtesy of eBay Ebay-Discontinued perfumes

Perfumes — particularly rare, limited edition, or discontinued varieties — can also sell for a high price on eBay. And they don’t even have to be full or packaged.

A less-than-half-full bottle of vintage Diorella from Christian Dior can list as high as $100.

Limited edition perfumes are also valuable. Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck fragrance in a sealed box can cost as much as $145.

Empty name-brand boxes and bottles

Courtesy of eBay Ebay-Empty name-brand boxes and bottles

Designer and name-brand items are certainly valuable on their own, but just the box, bag, or bottle they come in can fetch a high price on eBay. An empty Louis Vuitton box can go for as much as $50.

High-end, empty alcohol bottles are just as valuable. An empty Hennesey decanter with the original box can sell for $30 all by itself.

Vintage magazines

Courtesy of eBay ebay vintage magazines

Rare and vintage magazines aren’t one of the most valuable items on eBay. In particular, hard-to-find editions can be quite a lot — especially those in mint condition or that document historic occasions.

A National Geographic magazine documenting the Apollo 11 moon landing, for example, can be found for as much as $300. Rare editions of The New York Times usually are listed in the $100 to $200 range.

Vinyl records

Courtesy of eBay ebay vinyl records

Any vinyl collector knows that rare edition albums can get incredibly high in price. On eBay, though, you can search for specific, limited-edition albums, which can get even costlier.

The heart-shaped version of Taylor Swift’s “Lover” album lists for up to $400 on the resale site, for example. Certain rare, original, and mint condition editions of the Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band” cost as much as $325.

Jadeite dishes

Courtesy of eBay Ebay-Jadeite dishes

Vintage jadeite dishes are collector’s items for many, and they can be quite valuable to sell on eBay. A set of three jadeite Anchor Hocking refrigerator dishes lists for around $100 on the site.

There are plenty of dish sets, refrigerator containers, and more that sell for around the same price, but some rarer pieces cost a bit more.

For instance, a Fire-King, jadeite and glass butter dish can be found priced at $135.

Uranium glass

Courtesy of eBay Ebay-Uranium glass

Surprisingly, uranium glass is incredibly popular with many vintage collectors. While it’s generally safe to use and handle, most people just use uranium glass dishes as decorative pieces.

A salt and pepper shaker set, for example, lists for around $36 on the resale site. On the pricier end, a frosted uranium carafe can cost as much as $100.

Pine cones

Courtesy of eBay Ebay - pine cones

Surprisingly, pine cones sell for a pretty valuable amount on eBay as well. While you may have more than you know what to do with in your yard, some crafters can never have enough.

A set of 25, regular-sized pine cones can sell for as much as $17. Larger pine cones can be found in sets of three for $25.

Vintage Disney merchandise

Courtesy of eBay Ebay-Vintage Disney merchandise

Antique, rare, and collectible items are already high-ticket items on their own on eBay, but even more so when you add a popular brand into the mix. Disney collectibles can be incredibly valuable.

One vintage Mickey Mouse watch lists for as much as $400 on the site. The older the item is, the better — a set of two wooden Mickey and Minnie Mouse figurines can sell for $560.

Rare and original movie posters

Courtesy of eBay A Kill Bill poster

For hardcore movie buffs, a simple poster reprint may not be enough. There are numerous listings on eBay for original promotional posters and banners, and they can get quite expensive.

A promotional “Kill Bill” poster can be found listed for $120 on the website, and an original “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” sign can be as much as $125.

Limited edition books

Courtesy of eBay Ebay-Limited edition books

Bookworms can find similarly rare and collectible editions of an array of their favorite novels on eBay, or list them for a steep price. One antique and leather-bound set of “Beaux and Belles of England” lists for $1,725.

Older and limited edition publications of popular stories can be quite valuable as well — an illustrated version of “Dante’s Inferno” can cost $250.

Bottom line

burdun/Adobe Ebay app logo on iPhone display

eBay is a great website to find deals on a number of items, but it’s also a wonderful resource to sell a variety of random things around your home for a great price.

Some stuff may be more obviously valuable, but even the simplest things, like empty bottles, old posters, or even pine cones scattered in your yard can help you pick up a little extra cash.

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