11 Worst College Majors if You Want to Make a Lot of Money

You might not earn enough with these college majors to justify how much you spent getting a degree.
Updated April 3, 2023
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Choosing a major in college is not easy. One of the biggest challenges is weighing how much it will cost to get your degree compared to what you can expect to earn in salary after graduation.

Make the wrong choice, and you could spend many years trying to crush your debts and struggling to get by.

So, think twice about pursuing the following majors if making a lot of money is a priority. All salary figures in this story come from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Athletic training

auremar/Adobe football coach talking to football player

Athletic training is a good major if you like helping athletes reach their potential. But don’t expect to get rich.

Athletic trainers typically must have a master’s degree but only make a median annual salary of $48,420.


Sergey Nivens/Adobe man holding a torch flame while deciphering ancient signs

Anthropologists — and those in the related profession of archeology — study the origins of humans and their behaviors. They most often work in an academic or research setting. Jobs in the field usually require a master’s degree as well as additional fieldwork.

However, it may be difficult to pay down those student loans after school, as the median salary is $61,910 per year.


proimagecontent/Adobe artist wears black hat posing near picture indoor the studio

Getting an art degree and becoming an artist can help you find a vision and learn new techniques to express yourself creatively. 

But this degree does not make it easy to pay the bills. A typical artist can expect to make $49,960 per year in salary.

Pro tip: Of course, money is not the only thing in life. If you love a low-paying career path, you can still pursue it if you are willing to live more modestly. A frugal lifestyle helps eliminate a lot of money stress and allows you to follow your dreams.


LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS/Adobe announcer in glasses and headphones pointing at blurred colleague

Journalists are an important part of society, reporting on events within local communities as well as covering national and international issues.

Journalism positions typically require a bachelor’s degree, but the pay is not great, with those in the profession making a median annual salary of $48,370.


kite_rin/Adobe photographer takes photographs with dslr camera in a city

You don’t necessarily need a degree in photography to make a living as a photographer. However, a degree can help if you want to be a photojournalist or an industrial and scientific photographer, according to the BLS.

Photographers make a median salary of $38,950 per year.

Social work

Valerii Honcharuk/Adobe woman social worker talking to a girl

Social work can be a meaningful job where you help others overcome problems in their everyday lives. Most social workers need a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, and in many states, you must earn a license.

In exchange for all that schooling, social workers make a modest median annual salary of $50,390.

Culinary arts

tigercat_lpg/Adobe male chef in cook uniform teaches young cooking class students

Students who major in culinary arts may enjoy food and cooking, but they might not like the salary that goes along with their job.

Chefs and head cooks make a median annual salary of $50,160 while working long hours, including nights and weekends.

Early childhood education

WavebreakmediaMicro/Adobe teacher giving lesson to her students

Working in a preschool and interacting with small children can be fun. But a position as a preschool teacher might require at least an associate’s degree — or even a bachelor’s degree — in early childhood education.

However, preschool teachers may only make a modest wage. The median salary is $30,210 each year.

Graphic design

NicoElNino/Adobe designer team sketching a logo in digital design studio

A college degree in graphic arts allows you to create visual designs for clients such as advertisers or those in other businesses and fields.

However, graphic designers make a modest median annual wage of $50,710. The BLS also estimates that the field will only grow 3% in the next decade, which is slower than other fields in the U.S.

Paralegal studies

kenchiro168/Adobe consultant working with laptop in office

A paralegal may be hired to assist law firms, government agencies, and other legal professionals. Although you can become a paralegal with an associate’s degree, some employers might favor those with a bachelor’s degree.

However, regardless of the degree you earn, don’t expect to make the salary of a lawyer. Paralegals and legal assistants typically earn about $56,230.

Physical education

Drazen/Adobe female coach has PE class with group of elementary students

A career in physical education might allow you to work at a local fitness center, or even to teach physical education classes or coach sports programs at schools.

But after earning a physical education degree, fitness trainers and instructors should expect $40,700 in median annual income while a high school physical education teacher may earn $61,820 annually.

Bottom line

BullRun/Adobe writer writing in journal while sitting at table with gadgets

It’s wise to factor in your income potential when choosing a major. Estimate how much money you will need to live comfortably after graduation, and the kind of lifestyle you want to live now and in the future.

If you cannot give up your dreams of pursuing a low-paying career path, make adjustments. Perhaps you can simply accept living a more frugal lifestyle. Or plan to develop a side hustle that helps you earn extra cash to fill in any gaps in your budget.

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