7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Gas at Costco

It seems like everyone with a membership buys gas at Costco. Find out why.
Updated April 11, 2024
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Having a Costco membership helps you get good deals on a lot of things, from bulk toilet paper to the $1.50 hot dog and drink combo. It also gives you access to Costco gas, one of the best perks of membership.

Costco has provided gas service since 1995. From that time to today, it has aimed to provide members with a quality product at a great price. Filling up with the retailer’s gas is one of the great Costco hacks.

Why should you buy Costco gas? Here are some big reasons to pull in and fill up.

The price is great

Andriy Blokhin/Adobe cars waiting in queue at costco gas station

Why pay more for gas than you have to? Costco’s gas prices are often the lowest in town, or very close to it.

By downloading the Costco app, you can check the current price on Costco gas so you know in advance how much you will pay.

It’s good for your car

Tada Images/Adobe cars in line at gas station in tigard USA

The fact that gas is cheaper at Costco doesn’t mean it’s lower in quality. The company offers Kirkland Signature gasoline, which is formulated to improve vehicle performance and fuel economy.

Costco says the gas also reduces emissions, making it better for the environment. The product has deposit control additives designed to clean the engine while also working to protect the fuel injectors and intake valves. That could help to save you money on repair costs.

Attendants are available to help

Gestur/Adobe cars standing in line at costco wholesale gas station

Have you ever gone to a gas station and had a pump that wouldn’t start up or that didn’t seem to be accurately calculating your fuel costs? At many gas stations, you would be out of luck if you looked around for help.

That doesn’t happen at Costco, because the retailer has attendants at the pumps ready to help at a moment’s notice. Costco says these professionals are safety-certified to make sure they are following environmental and safety regulations.

You can save more with a Costco credit card

MelissaMN/Adobe costco wholesale signup sign in

Pay for your gas with a Costco's own credit card and you’ll earn cash back on the purchase. That could mean earning 4% cash back on up to $7,000 in gas purchases you make each year.

You have to qualify for the credit card, but if you do, it’s pretty easy to reduce your fuel costs even more.

You get more bang for your buck

Tada Images/Adobe refilling gasoline in car at gas station

Costco helps you make the most of your time and money by providing the opportunity to purchase the gas you need in the same place where you’re purchasing groceries.

By fueling up at Costco, you save on groceries and on gas all in the same trip. That’s a time and money saver anyone can appreciate.

After all, who wants to spend time at the grocery store knowing they have to make another stop at a gas station on the way home? Instead, get everything done at the same time.

The pumps are safer to navigate

Eric BVD/Adobe costco wholesale petrol station booth

At Costco, everyone who fuels up pulls in from the same area and leaves going the same direction. That means no back-and-forth movement and having to try to squeeze into a space between other vehicles.

You don’t have to worry about the person in front of you backing into your car as they try to go around another driver. And Costco also offers extra-long hoses for pumping, which helps to make filling up even easier.

You can earn back your membership costs faster

dennizn/Adobe costco wholesale card in hand with receipt

Because Costco gas is cheaper than most other places, filling up with gas at Costco can help you earn back your membership costs sooner.

Even if you save just a few dollars every time you fill up, you will quickly accumulate enough savings to justify the price you pay for an annual membership.

Bottom line

Erik González/Adobe cars parked outside costco wholesale store

If you’re a driver and need fuel, fill up at Costco. If you are shopping at the retailer, you are already there anyway. And it’s tough to beat the perks that come with Costco gas.

And if you want a bonus, use one of the great credit cards for Costco shoppers so you get rewards every time you fill up.

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