15 High-Demand Jobs That Pay More Than $40 an Hour

Say goodbye to average wages with these high-demand jobs that pay $80K a year.

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Updated May 28, 2024
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Do you want to change careers and find something that pays better?

You might be surprised to find out there are still plenty of in-demand jobs that will pay you more than $40 an hour, particularly if you have previous experience in that particular industry or live in a high-cost-of-living area.

So if you’re trying to move beyond living paycheck to paycheck, check out these jobs that can boost your bank account.

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Nurse practitioner

pressmaster/Adobe african american male nurse smiling while taking to patient

A nurse practitioner provides care to patients in either primary or specialized care. Nurse practitioners make $60.53 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

You can work in a hospital, doctor’s office, or other healthcare setting and need a master’s degree to become a nurse practitioner.

Jobs in the field are expected to grow 38% by 2032, making it lucrative and in demand as a potential career.


Gorodenkoff/Adobe male statistician using graph to explain data to female developer

You may be interested in becoming a statistician if you enjoy analyzing data and numbers to solve problems for your company or clients.

A statistician can make $48.06 per hour with BLS expecting the number of statistician positions to increase 30% by 2032.


JD8/Adobe business woman sitting at table analyzing data using laptop

Actuaries analyze data to assess risks and uncertainty about potential events. Most actuaries work for insurance companies, helping them analyze risk factors to determine the costs of insurance policies.

Actuaries can make a median income of $54.80 per hour, with the position expected to grow by 23% by 2032.

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Construction manager

Rido/Adobe female architect standing confidently at working site with male colleagues at back

If you have a background in construction, you may want to consider becoming a construction manager.

A manager takes on a construction project from start to finish and is responsible for hiring contractors, creating a budget, coordinating work on-site, and other tasks to complete a project.

A construction manager makes a median of $48.79, according to the BLS, with a 5% increase in jobs in the next eight years.

Public relations manager

HBS/Adobe business woman standing in office holding tablet while posing for picture

A public relations (PR) manager builds their clients' public image, including writing press releases, developing a client’s image, or helping them interact with media or the public.

Working as a public relations manager can earn you a median hourly wage of $32.42, with the field growing 6% by 2032.

Occupational therapist

auremar/Adobe female therapist at clinic helping male patient to walk on track

Occupational therapists can help people with injuries and disabilities. Therapists can develop exercises and therapies, allowing patients to live more independently.

An occupational therapist can earn a median hourly wage of $44.80 as the field grows 12% by 2032.

Project manager

NDABCREATIVITY/Adobe team of young developers working together on project at office

A project manager oversees all the pieces needed for a project from beginning to end.

This can include creating a schedule for a particular project, developing a budget, hiring personnel, or other details to get a project done.

You can earn $45.85 in median hourly income as a project manager, with the position expected to grow 6% by 2032.

Financial advisor

Rawpixel.com/Adobe african american businessman talking to couple at office

You may be a good financial advisor if you’re interested in different investment opportunities and helping clients find the best financial investments for their particular circumstances.

Personal financial advisor positions are growing at a rate of 13% by 2032, with a median hourly wage of $45.86.

Health services manager

Courtney/peopleimages.com/Adobe senior female doctor talking to african american male nurse in clinic

Health services managers are in demand as healthcare providers like hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities try to meet increasing care needs.

You’ll be responsible for directing and coordinating the business side of providing care for a company’s patients.

A health services manager can earn $50.40 in median hourly income, with a 28% increase in demand for the position by 2032.

Database administrator

Fractal Pictures/Adobe african american woman using laptop at digital room using laptop

A database administrator creates and organizes systems to store client data.

You may have to design and build databases, backup and restore data, or troubleshoot issues with a database.

Database administrators make a median hourly wage of $53.91, according to the BLS, with the position growing 8% by 2032.

Marine engineer

Igor Kardasov/Adobe male technician sitting on floor performing onboard ship maintenance

Boat enthusiasts and engineers may be interested in becoming a marine engineer. You could be responsible for designing and building ships or maintaining and repairing watercraft.

Marine engineers make a median hourly wage of $46.59, and the BLS expects the field to grow by 1% by 2032.

Education administrator

InsideCreativeHouse/Adobe senior business working from home using laptop

Help college students learn by becoming a postsecondary education administrator.

You could be responsible for student admissions to a university or college or help students with academic scheduling, housing, or other student issues.

An education administrator makes a median wage of $48.05 per hour, with the position seeing a 4% rise in demand by 2032.


Syda Productions/Adobe Male pharmacist

Help patients get the medication they need as a pharmacist in a local store, hospital, or healthcare facility.

A pharmacist can fill prescriptions, answer patient questions, or advise customers on the issues or effects of a particular medication.

Pharmacists make a median hourly wage of $63.82 per hour, with an expected 3% increase in demand for the position by 2032.

Genetic counselor

Dan Race/Adobe female doctor sitting in clinic with male patient explaining genetic behavior

A genetic counselor can help patients assess the risk of potential health issues and inherited conditions based on their genetic profile.

You can advise patients on potential cases based on their risks or research genetic conditions.

Genetic counselors make a median hourly wage of $43.26, according to BLS, with the position expected to grow 16% by 2032.

Sales manager

fizkes/Adobe businessman explaining project to colleagues using flipchart

A sales manager oversees a team of sales representatives to help them promote items and increase demand from potential customers.

You may need to analyze sales statistics, develop plans to boost sales and build a sales team to help you reach customers.

Sales managers can make a median hourly wage of $62.79, with the position increasing by 4% in the next eight years.

Bottom line

deagreez/Adobe african american woman sitting at table making notes while using laptop at table

If you’re considering changing jobs, creating an estimated budget with your potential pay raise can help you see if a job change will really help boost your bank account.

And remember that there are things you can do now to make yourself more attractive to potential employers, such as adding certifications and extra training to your resume to boost interest in your work.

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