How to Pay for Your Amazon Purchases with Capital One Rewards

Applying your Capital One rewards to your next Amazon order is just a few clicks away.
Last updated June 2, 2023 | By Jennifer Calonia
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Whether you use Amazon for discounted, one-off purchases or are a devout Prime member with monthly Subscribe & Save deliveries that help you save money, there’s no doubt that Amazon is always looking for ways to make shopping more convenient. One way it’s done this, recently, is by adding Capital One Rewards to its Shop with Points checkout option. If you're looking for the best rewards credit card for your Amazon purchases, Capital One has some interesting options. 

Redeeming your credit card rewards for online purchases typically isn’t the best way to maximize your rewards value. However, if you need to use your Capital One rewards quickly or just prefer to make purchases without using cash, Amazon’s Shop with Points might be right for you. Here’s what to know before paying for your next Amazon order using Capital One rewards.

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How to use Capital One rewards for Amazon purchases

Amazon’s Shop with Points feature allows you to apply your Capital One rewards points or miles toward your Amazon cart. If you already have an Amazon account, linking it with your Capital One rewards is simple:

  1. Go to Amazon’s Capital One rewards page and click on “Enroll my card now.”
  2. Log into your account, if you aren’t already.
  3. Click on “Enroll a new rewards card.”
  4. A pop-up box will appear asking for your rewards card information. Enter the name on the card, the credit card number, and expiration date.
  5. Click “Add your card.”

You’ll receive an email confirmation once you’ve completed the steps. Adding this payment option also lets you automatically pay at checkout using Capital One rewards.

To activate Shop with Points as your default payment method, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Amazon account and go to “My Account”
  2. Select “Shop with Points” to manage your preferences
  3. Click on the toggle under “Use rewards first” to make this the default payment option in your account.

If you want to be able to manually select your payment method at checkout for future transactions, simply go through these steps and toggle this option off.

When you’re ready to pay for the items in your Amazon cart, select the Capital One rewards card you’d like to use. Then, you can decide to pay for your entire order with points or apply a different number of points to the order and pay the remaining balance on your Capital One card. Your rewards will be deducted as soon as you confirm your Amazon order.

Ineligible Amazon purchases using Capital One rewards

Although you can choose to use your Capital One rewards to purchase hundreds of thousands of products on Amazon’s platform, there are some restrictions on what you can buy. The following items are ineligible for Shop with Points at this time:

  • Individual digital music titles (excludes Hilton Honors)
  • Digital Downloads (for example, Apple Care)
  • Amazon Appstore Apps
  • Subscribe & Save items (i.e. your subscription toilet paper)
  • Items ordered through Buy Now or 1-Click, except for Kindle eBooks
  • Cell phones with service
  • Amazon Fresh
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Textbook Rentals

Which Capital One cards are eligible for Shop with Points on Amazon?

You can use Shop with Points if you carry a Capital One rewards credit card that’s eligible for the program. Both Capital One miles and cashback cards can be linked to Amazon’s Shop with Points.

Here’s a list of eligible cards from Capital One:

Our recommendations for Capital One Amazon shopping

If you want to use the rewards you earn on your Capital One credit cards for Amazon shopping, it makes sense to use cards that can earn rewards quickly on everyday purchases. That way, you can fund your Amazon shopping trips from purchases you’re already making.

Here are a few of our recommendations for Capital One credit cards to use on Amazon:

  • Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card: Getting 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every day makes sense for shopping on Amazon because you have loads of shopping options. Whether it’s groceries, clothing, electronics, or books, you get an unlimited 1.5% cashback rate. 
  • Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card: The 1% rate on most purchases with this card isn’t as good as the Capital One Quicksilver, but it’s not bad — especially if you add in the rewards you can earn on everyday expenses outside of Amazon. Get 4% cash back on dining, entertainment, and select streaming services and 3% cash back on grocery stores (excluding superstores such as Walmart® and Target®). 
  • Capital One Spark Cash for Business: This credit card offers 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. That’s a healthy return if you frequently use Amazon to make business purchases. 

How much are your rewards worth when you redeem them for Amazon purchases?

The value you get from using your Capital One credit card rewards for shopping on Amazon depends on which type of rewards you’re using. Here’s the breakdown of what your Capital One rewards are worth when used with Amazon's Shop with Points program:

  • Cashback rewards: Every 100 cashback rewards equals $1 on Amazon.
  • Travel rewards: Every 125 miles equals $1 on Amazon. This means every 100 miles is worth 80 cents on Amazon.

Overall, it probably doesn’t make sense to use travel rewards earned from Capital One cards with the Shop with Points program because of their reduced value. You’re able to get better value by using your rewards miles for travel redemptions.

If you specifically want to use rewards for Amazon purchases, stick with Capital One’s cashback cards. The value of your rewards won’t decrease when you use them for Amazon purchases, so it’s similar to redeeming your rewards for straight cash back.


How do I link my Capital One points to Amazon?

To link your eligible Capital One card with the Amazon Shop with Points program, visit the Capital One rewards Amazon page and enroll your card.

 Once your card is enrolled, you can use your points to pay for eligible purchases during checkout. Simply select “Capital One rewards” as your payment method when checking out and then place your order.

Are there other credit card points I can use to shop on Amazon?

Amazon’s Shop with Points program works with multiple credit card loyalty programs to provide opportunities for you to make purchases on Amazon using credit card points. 

This includes rewards from other credit card issuers such as Chase Ultimate Rewards, American Express Membership Rewards, Citi ThankYou Points, Capital One rewards, Discover cash back, and more.

Can you buy Amazon gift cards with Capital One rewards points?

You should be able to purchase Amazon gift cards with Capital One rewards. These are the only restricted items for the Amazon Shop with Points program:

  • Individual digital music titles (excludes Hilton Honors)

  • Digital Downloads (for example, Apple Care)
  • Amazon Appstore Apps
  • Subscribe & Save items (i.e. your subscription toilet paper)
  • Items ordered through Buy Now or 1-Click, except for Kindle eBooks
  • Cell phones with service
  • Amazon Fresh
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Textbook Rentals

Should I use Capital One rewards on Amazon?

Capital One rewards come in two different forms: cashback rewards and travel rewards. Cashback rewards, earned with Capital One cashback credit cards, are valued at $1 in rewards for $1 in Amazon redemptions. Travel rewards, earned with Capital One travel cards, are valued at 125 miles for $1 in Amazon redemptions.

At these rates, it could make sense to use your Capital One cashback rewards on Amazon purchases because you get similar value for your rewards. But it doesn’t make as much sense to use your travel rewards because they’re worth less when used on Amazon.

The final word on Capital One points for Amazon purchases

Capital One customers essentially have another way to pay for goods on Amazon. The equal redemption rate may make the convenience of using your rewards through Amazon worthwhile compared to other credit cards that offer a lower redemption rate for online purchases. Keep in mind, however, that you won’t earn cash back on your Amazon purchase when using rewards as payment.

Since Capital One travel rewards cardholders face a reduced redemption value for rewards miles — and they never expire as long as the account is active — you may want to consider holding onto your miles until your next trip.  But it's always nice to know your redemption options and to learn of a new personal finance trick to keep in your arsenal.

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