10 Things You Should Do Now If You’re Selling Your Home This Spring

If you’re ready to sell your house, making changes now could help your home stand out to buyers this spring.

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Updated May 28, 2024
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Have you thought about selling your home this spring? It may be a necessity because of professional changes or part of your real estate investing plan to take advantage of the competitive housing market. An impressive $6.12 million existing homes were sold in 2021, an increase of 8.5% compared to a year earlier, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Having your home stand out compared to the competition is often key. Here are a few things you could do now to make your property an appealing buy.

Find a great selling agent

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A knowledgeable selling agent may have suggestions on how to best prepare for listing your home. Interview a few agents and ask them relevant questions about making your home more enticing to buyers. A good agent should know what grabs a potential buyer’s attention and they may give you a list to highlight your property’s value when you sell your home.

Freshen up with paint

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A neutral wall color is a good way to present your home to potential buyers — it allows them to see a clean palette for their own styles and tastes. That means your red-walled kitchen or bright green kid’s room may have to go. Don’t skip this item if your walls are already white or beige. A fresh coat of paint could do wonders to brighten up a home.

Fix up cosmetic issues

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Those little things you’ve learned to live with over the years are things your buyers don’t want to take on if they buy your house. A loose door handle, wonky window treatment, or wiggly stair rail may not seem like much, but a buyer walking through will notice.

Get rid of clutter

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No one likes a messy house, and that includes buyers. It’s not just about picking up toys and making sure the laundry is put away. Consider the books stuffed on your shelves and your crowded closet. It’s a smart idea to de-personalize your space, which greatly helps in clearing out clutter. Pack up family photos to give your home a more streamlined look for showings.

Pro tip: One way to make your moving process easier is to pack non-essential items in boxes and store them neatly in the garage or basement so they are set for your next destination.

Focus on the kitchen

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Some changes in your home may be more expensive than others, but any change to make your kitchen more appealing could really help you sell your home. Painting kitchen cabinets or changing out the hardware could give the kitchen a jolt of freshness.

A potential buyer may be turned off by dated countertops or older appliances, but you may not need to replace the big ticket items if everything is clean and functional.

Bump up curb appeal

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It’s not just what’s inside the house that matters. When a buyer drives up to your house, you want to hit them with a wow factor from the start. Clean up any landscaping that may look overgrown and pull weeds. Add flowers to your beds or get some pots with seasonal plants to give the front of your house some pops of color. A well-maintained lawn and frontage could excite buyers when they arrive.

Rearrange your furniture

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A lived-in living room might be the coziest room in your house, but to ensure buyers see the house through their own eyes, it may be best to change things around during the showing of your home. Moving the coffee table to another room or switching seating around may make a room look more open. A little muscle to get your furniture in the right spot, and not just the spot you prefer, may help you quickly get a buyer for your home.

Pro tip: If you are feeling overwhelmed, there are professionals who can take a look at your house and help you stage it so it feels most inviting to potential buyers. Check with your real estate agent, too, as they may have helpful tips.

Get a deep clean

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You want your home to shine, so give it a good deep clean before buyers start to arrive. You can hire a service that specializes in deep cleaning a home or set aside some time to roll your sleeves up and dig in. A buyer who can’t see past a little bit of dirt may be a buyer who won’t make you an offer.

Let there be light

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Bright rooms feel more inviting for buyers so turn on all the lights when there is a showing. You may consider adding additional lighting fixtures to darker spaces. Stock up on extra light bulbs so you always have a spare in case one burns out.

Don’t forget the backyard

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Just as the front of your house needs landscaping, the back also needs to be cleaned up for potential buyers. Rearrange your patio furniture or move some out if there’s too much in the backyard. If you have a shed or outdoor swing set, give them a fresh coat of paint as well.

Bottom line

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Changing a few things now may increase the value of your home and ultimately, the amount of money someone is willing to pay for your home. While it may cost a little money upfront for a fresh coat of paint or some landscaping, with some strategic and thoughtful changes, you can avoid some common homeowner mistakes and end up with an offer well worth the work.

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