15 Side Hustles for People Who Are Crazy About Cars

Shift your income into overdrive with these 15 side hustles perfect for car fanatics.
Updated Aug. 27, 2023
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Car enthusiasts can use their interest in all things automotive to make extra cash by starting a side hustle.

From getting your hands dirty under the hood to typing out reviews, here are some great ways to turn your passion for cars into more money.

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Car detailer

highwaystarz/Adobe cleaner using vacuum on car seats

Some cars need more cleaning than others. As a car detailer, you can clean up surfaces and tight spots to make a car shine.

Choose between having customers come to you or traveling to them to do the work on-site. This side hustle can be a great way to get ahead financially.


KANGWANS/Adobe mechanic inspecting car engine at workshop

Being a mechanic is often a full-time job, but there are also ways to make it a side hustle if you have the knowledge.

Consider creating an account on small-task sites such as TaskRabbit and offer to change oil, check fluid levels, or do other small tasks.

Social media influencer

S Fanti/peopleimages.com/Adobe multi ethnic friends posing for selfie

Create a social media account to talk about cars and automotive issues.

As you gain more followers, turn your work into a side hustle by earning money as a social media influencer.

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Try it


DC Studio/Adobe male influencers recording podcast in studio

Like talking about cars? A podcast might be a good side hustle option for you.

Use your podcast to talk about the latest automotive news or interview people in the car industry about what they do and like about working with cars.


Georgii/Adobe stylish female blogger working on laptop

If you prefer writing about cars instead of talking about them, start an automotive blog site and offer your thoughts.

Build your own site or create one with the help of platforms such as Substack or WordPress. You can also become a freelancer and write blogs for other automotive sites or news organizations.

Driving instructor

Syda Productions/Adobe frightened man driving car with wife

People have to learn how to drive somehow, and you can help newbies in your side hustle as a driving instructor.

Ride along with students or work in a classroom, teaching them the rules of the road so they understand the basics of operating a vehicle.


wpadington/Adobe man taking photo using vintage camera

There are many ways to combine your love for cars with an interest in photography.

Work for an automotive company taking photos for publications or other places that need pictures of the product. Or, take photos for car clubs or car owners who want to show off their vehicles.

Spare-parts sourcer

Antonello Marangi/Wirestock/Adobe broken car doors abandoned in ground

Cars have plenty of parts, and there’s always one piece that someone needs. So, become a source of spare parts as a side hustle. 

Try the vintage car market, where owners want something specific or authentic that you can source from a wrecked vehicle or by tracking down parts for your clients.

Antique toy car reseller

Mladen/Adobe man holding toy car in hand

If you loved playing with cars as a kid, consider spreading that joy to other children by selling car toys.

Perhaps you can source hard-to-find Matchbox or Hot Wheels cars. There are plenty of car enthusiasts who might come to you for antique toy options.

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Drazen/Adobe professional mechanics diagnosing car using laptop

Use your knowledge of cars to teach other people about the vehicles you love. For example, become a part-time teacher for an auto shop class or help tutor automotive students.

Create lectures or classes for people who want to learn more about specific car topics, such as the differences between different models or the history of a car company.


Seventyfour/Adobe handsome male artist painting huge canvas

Paint pictures of cars that car owners will cherish, or learn how to paint pinstripes on cars and offer your services to car owners.

Branch out to find other unique ways to express your love for cars through sculpture, pottery, or any other medium that uses your creative talents.

Car sales

dikushin/Adobe car dealer showing car to client

Consider part-time work at a local dealership selling cars. Help buyers find the best vehicles.

You'll have the joy of seeing the cars you love while offering your knowledge to those looking for the right vehicle.


Joshua Resnick/Adobe senior couple talking besides vintage car

Get a project car you can work on during nights or weekends and build up a classic that you can sell to someone else.

You’ll need previous mechanic experience or an understanding of how a car works. Spend time doing extra research to ensure you’re getting the right parts and look for each model.

Museum docent

auremar/Adobe woman showing vehicles to young internees

Spend your extra time working in a museum that features cars and teach visitors about the vehicles on display.

A museum docent may show visitors around the museum, talk about the cars, and answer questions. You can work in a museum dedicated to cars or a museum with some cars as part of its extensive collection.


auremar/Adobe mechanic examining car dent with owner

A car appraiser checks over a car to ensure there aren’t any major issues and offers an opinion about the car’s actual value.

An appraiser can check out any car, but you may be more likely to find work if you have expertise in exotic or luxury vehicles. So make sure you understand that type of market.

This and other side hustles on this list might become lucrative enough to give you extra cash to save for retirement.

Bottom line

highwaystarz/Adobe senior man in vintage sports car

Use your interest in cars to put more cash in your bank account. Remain open to different ways to marry your talents with your love of cars as part of a side hustle.

A side hustle that centers on cars can be a fun way to generate more income that helps you pay the bills or save more for retirement.

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