Cash Direct Club Review [2024]: Earn Cash Back Quickly and Easily

Looking for more ways to save on your everyday purchases? Then you might just like Cash Direct Club.
Updated Jan. 5, 2024
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Cash Direct Club (formerly Affinityy) is a site that helps you earn up to 15% cash back with hundreds of online stores. And it isn’t just for the big spenders (though they can use it, too), it’s also a great way to save money on all of your smaller purchases, like groceries from Walmart, gift and clothes from Macy’s, or even the latest tech gadgets from Best Buy.

Free money might sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. Keep reading this Cash Direct Club review to learn more and decide if it's for you or if one of the other apps from our list of the best money apps would be a better fit.

In this Cash Direct Club review:

What is Cash Direct Club?

Cash Direct Club is an online cashback portal that allows you to earn up to 15% back on your everyday online purchases from hundreds of stores. The Cash Direct Club mobile app is available for both Apple and Android phones, and they also offer a browser extension.

While it may not boast as many stores as its competitor Rakuten (which has over 2,500), or have quite the same level of earning freedom as money-saving app Ibotta, it still partners with a ton of top retailers like Walmart, Gap, Sephora, Macy’s,, and dozens of others. It also has partnerships with travel and ticket sites like, Expedia, and Fandango. In other words, there are plenty of ways to spend with Cash Direct Club, and earn your free cash back. Which is pretty much the whole point.

Granting people access to a lifetime of cashback rewards is why the company (formerly known as Affinityy) started in the first place. According to their site, the company’s mission is to help you save money and live life more affordably by offering a steady stream of cashback opportunities on all your qualifying purchases — everything from small everyday stuff to the bigger things like buying a home or taking out a personal loan.

How does Cash Direct Club work?

Cash Direct Club is completely free to use, and pretty straightforward as well. Earning with Cash Direct Club happens in three steps:

  • First, you’ll log into their online portal and shop with your favorite stores. 
  • Then, the company will award you a percentage of your purchases in cash back — and while this number varies, it can be as much as 15%. 
  • Finally, you’ll receive your cash via a mailed check or PayPal.

So what’s happening behind the scenes to make all this free money possible? The company is wonderfully transparent about it. Since stores pay them a commission to send customers their way, they’re able to share this commission with you in the form of cash back. It’s a win-win for the company and you.

Who is Cash Direct Club best for?

Cash Back Direct Club is a great option for all kinds of spenders, whether you’re looking to get money back on your day-to-day expenses or earn a big bonus for buying a house or taking out a personal loan.

Since you can also earn cash back for referring friends, Cash Direct Club is worth signing up for. Even if you just buy a few things every month and refer some friends on the side — all of these actions can translate into free money in your wallet. This could be helpful if you're learning how to save money and how to manage your money.

How much can you earn with Cash Direct Club?

How much you earn with Cash Direct Club varies based on your purchases, but a few specifics are available on the company’s website. With most of your purchases, you’ll earn a range of cash back which maxes out at 15% of your total purchase price. The company explains this by noting that they offer “up to 100%” of the commission they receive from retailers for your business. So sometimes you’ll earn back that 15% on your purchase, and sometimes you earn less.

As far as other ways to earn with Cash Direct Club — the monetary value is a bit more straightforward. For example, you’ll earn $100 if you’re approved for a personal loan through the company’s platform and $10 for each friend referral. If you’re looking to buy a house, you could earn up to $5,000 back when you close on the deal. Who wouldn’t want an extra $5,000 in their pocket after closing on their home?

Like we mentioned earlier, the payout is super simple as well. All the cash back you earn will be mailed to you via check or transferred to your bank account through PayPal.

Maximizing your earnings with Cash Direct Club

Here are a few ways you can maximize your earnings with Cash Direct Club:

  • Spend at certain stores. Earn up to 15% back on your online shopping with stores and brands like Nike, Sephora, Under Armour, Walmart, Best Buy, Samsung, Gap, Macy’s,, and more.
  • Make your first purchase. Earn a $20 welcome bonus when you sign up for Cash Direct Club and make your first purchase within 14 days.
  • Refer a friend: Earn $10 for each friend referral.
  • Take out a personal loan. Earn $100 when you secure a personal loan through the company’s platform.
  • Buy your dream home. Earn up to $5,000 when you use the company’s services to buy a house.

In addition, you might consider using one of the best cashback credit cards to make your purchases so you can stack the earnings you get back on your online shopping.

Common questions about Cash Direct Club

Is Cash Direct Club free?

Cash Direct Club is 100% free to use, and the company encourages members to share it with family and friends.

Is Cash Direct Club worth it?

If you shop frequently enough with the company’s retail partners, or if you plan on taking out a personal loan or buying a home than Cash Direct Club is a great way to earn money back on those expenses.

Does Cash Direct Club give bonuses?

Cash Direct Club primarily operates on a cashback rewards system based on a percentage of your purchases, although it may occasionally offer bonuses (like the current $20 welcome bonus).

How do you get paid by Cash Direct Club?

Easy! Cash Direct Club will mail you a check or pay out your cash back directly into your bank account using PayPal.

How to sign up for Cash Direct Club

To sign up for Cash Direct Club, you’ll need an email or Facebook account and that’s about it! Once you provide this information, you’re in the club and can start earning cash back. Be sure to select your payout method and include your mailing address (for checks) or PayPal information (for electronic payments).

Other earning opportunities to consider

Cash Direct Club is a great earning opportunity for people who frequently shop online with their partner brands. But if that doesn’t describe you, then you may want to check out one of these similar side hustles instead.

Still not convinced you’ve found your perfect side hustle? Check out our list of the best money-saving (and earning) apps on the market to meet your match.

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