7 Tips for Using the Chase Shopping Portal to Maximize Your Points

You could earn more Chase Ultimate Rewards points using Shop through Chase.
5 minute read | 6/11/19June 11, 2019
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Many Chase cards are known for being great rewards cards, as you can earn Chase Ultimate Rewards that can be redeemed for travel, cash back, or merchandise. Ultimate Rewards can provide you with a lot of value, so it’s beneficial to earn the maximum rewards you can as a cardholder.

Thankfully, there’s a simple way to boost the points you earn with your Chase card: Use the Chase shopping portal whenever you shop online.

You can access this portal by visiting Shop through Chase and signing in with your credit card account. Once you do, you’ll have access to partner offers that give you bonus points for shopping with select brands.

If you’re a Chase cardholder, it’s important to understand how the Chase shopping portal works to take advantage of these bonus points. Here’s everything you need to know.

How the Chase shopping portal works

The Shop through Chase program is basically a site that allows you to earn bonus points for shopping online at partner stores. Visit Shop through Chase before you buy something online, click the correct link to go to the store you’re shopping with, and you can earn extra Ultimate Rewards Points for every dollar you spend.

You can use Shop through Chase to gain these bonus Ultimate Rewards if you have a participating Chase card. These include:

If you have an eligible card, you’ll simply need to sign into your online account when visiting Shop through Chase. However, the specific amount of points you earn can vary by card, so if you have more than one, you’ll have to choose which Chase card you want to use to sign in.

When you sign in, you’ll find there are many popular stores that offer the chance to earn rewards bonuses. As of May 2019, some of the stores you can earn bonus points with include:

  • Sears
  • Macy’s
  • Home Depot
  • Groupon
  • Walgreens
  • Apple

Usually, you can earn anywhere from one to 10 extra points per dollar you spend with partner brands. However, you could find deals that offer 20 bonus points or more per dollar spent, though those deals typically apply to smaller, niche brands.

7 tips to maximize your points with the Chase shopping portal

While using the Shop through Chase portal is as easy as visiting the site, signing in, and clicking the link to the store of your choice, there are some things you can do to supercharge your bonus points even further.

1. Shop with the right card

You should be strategic about which credit card you use when you visit Shop through Chase to get the most bang for your buck.

First and foremost, sign in with each of your Chase cards to check which one offers the most points from partner stores for each purchase.

You should also consider whether a particular Chase card you own gives you extra bonus points for the type of purchase you’re making. For example, if you have the Chase Freedom and department stores are your quarterly bonus category, you’d probably want to use the Chase Freedom when shopping at Macy’s. That way, you’d earn the special quarterly bonus for department store shopping and the added points that you become eligible for by clicking through Shop through Chase.

2. Sort by earn rate

After signing into Shop through Chase, you have the option to see offers from featured stores or the option to see offers from all stores. Once you’re on this menu, you also have the option to filter stores by category, name, and earn rate.

Sorting by the earn rate is an easy way to make sure you’re scoring the maximum points, as you may have a choice of where to buy your desired item. You can make sure you shop with the store that offers the most points possible by going down the list.

3. Enable cookies

Chase uses cookies to track whether you visited a store after clicking through the Chase shopping portal. If you don’t have cookies enabled, Chase won’t know to give you the extra bonus points. The process of enabling cookies varies by browser, but generally you can find the enable option under Preferences, Tools, or Options.

4. Reconsider coupon codes or discounts

Stores offering bonus points may prevent you from using outside coupons or discount codes when you’re earning bonus points with Chase. You don’t want to put in a promo code and end up losing out on all of the potential bonus points you could earn just to save a small amount.

Consider the dollar value of the bonus points you could earn and compare that to the value of the discount or coupon you have. This will help you decide which one offers a better deal.

5. Read the fine print

Most individual stores have other restrictions in the fine print, in addition to not using coupons or discount codes. You should read this fine print very carefully as different rules will apply to various partner stores.

However, it’s common to find that you can’t earn bonus points by buying gift cards or cash equivalents. There may also be specific items excluded from the bonus offer.

6. Don’t multitask

It’s important that Chase is able to track your movement from Shop through Chase to the site you’re buying the item from. Opening other browser windows or tabs could interfere with this tracking process, so avoid doing this until you’ve completed the transaction and made your purchase.

7. Rethink your returns

You can’t trick the system by racking up bonus points, then returning the items to get your cash back. If you return any items you bought from a partner store, you’ll have the points you earned subtracted from your Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Of course, if you genuinely don’t need the item anymore, go ahead and return it. But just be aware that the points you earned will likely be revoked.

Visit the Chase shopping portal first

Visiting the Chase shopping portal is a quick and easy way to maximize your rewards points whenever you shop online. It takes just a few seconds to sign into your online account, check if the store you want to buy from is eligible, and click the link before you make a purchase.

You could earn rewards much faster and get the most possible benefit from your Chase card with minimal effort on your part — so it’s definitely worth doing.

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