Chase Slate Edge℠ Review [2024]: Is It Worth It for Balance Transfers?

Is the Chase Slate Edge worth it for its intro APR on balance transfers and purchases? See if this Chase card stacks up against the competition.
Updated April 24, 2024
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The Chase Slate Edge℠ is a credit card offer from Chase that focuses on a low intro APR period for balance transfers and purchases. Chase previously offered the Chase Slate card, though they do have a few differences despite both being Chase credit cards.

This Chase Slate Edge credit card review digs into the details of this balance transfer card to help you understand whether it might be a good fit for your financial needs. (Hint: It could be, but you might want to consider other similar options as well.)

In this Chase Slate Edge review

Key takeaways

  • The Chase Slate Edge℠ offers a 0% intro APR on balance transfers for 18 months (then 20.49% - 29.24% Variable), which can help you save money on interest payments.
  • This card also offers 0% intro APR on purchases for 18 months (then 20.49% - 29.24% Variable).
  • While the Chase Slate Edge has a $0 annual fee, it doesn't offer cash back or travel rewards like some other credit cards.
  • The Chase Slate Edge offers several protections, including purchase protection, extended warranty protection, and auto rental collision damage waiver.

Who should get the Chase Slate Edge?

Balance transfer credit cards, such as the Chase Slate Edge, are typically a smart fit if you’re planning a balance transfer or want to finance some large upcoming purchases. The Slate Edge offers a 0% introductory APR on balance transfers for 18 months (then 20.49% - 29.24% Variable), as well as a 0% introductory APR on purchases for 18 months (then 20.49% - 29.24% Variable).

In addition, the Chase Slate Edge offers APR perks that could help you earn a lower regular interest rate on your balance beyond the intro period.

If you want a rewards credit card for earning cash back or travel benefits, though, this wouldn’t be the right choice for you. In addition, credit cards aren’t generally recommended if you plan to carry a balance beyond the length of the 0% intro APR period because the regular variable APRs are often high.

If you’re planning to use this card for a balance transfer, you will have to pay a balance transfer fee of $5 or 3% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater in the first 60 days. This is different from the original Chase Slate card, which offered $0 for transfers made within 60 days of account opening. After that: $5 or 5%, whichever is greater. (Note: The original Chase Slate card is no longer open to applications.)

Card basics

Card type Balance transfer
Credit card issuer Chase
Credit card network Visa
Annual fee $0
Recommended credit score Good, Excellent
Intro APR 0% intro APR on purchases for 18 months (then 20.49% - 29.24% Variable)

0% intro APR on balance transfers for 18 months (then 20.49% - 29.24% Variable)

Foreign transaction fee 3% of each transaction in U.S. dollars

What we like about the Chase Slate Edge: benefits and perks

  • Intro APR: Receive a 0% intro APR on purchases for 18 months (then 20.49% - 29.24% Variable) and a 0% intro APR on balance transfers for 18 months (then 20.49% - 29.24% Variable). These offers can be helpful if you have big purchases coming up that you want some time to pay off without accruing interest. Or, if you have existing debt you want to move with a balance transfer so you can pay it off quicker by avoiding a high interest rate. Just be aware that your remaining balance will be subject to the regular APR once the promo period ends.
  • Low annual cost: The Slate Edge has a $0 annual fee, so there’s no annual cost to worry about. A no-annual-fee credit card can be great if you’re working to reduce your overall expenses.
  • APR reduction: You’ll receive automatic consideration for a 2% APR reduction when you pay on time and spend at least $1,000 on your card before your next account anniversary. The lowest possible APR because of this reduction is the Prime Rate plus 9.74%. Keep in mind that carrying a balance on your card typically increases your credit utilization.
  • Credit line increase: Receive an automatic review for a credit limit increase when you pay on time and spend $500 in your first six months from account opening.
  • Purchase protection: Receive coverage against damage or theft for 120 days on new purchases. Get up to $500 per eligible claim and up to $50,000 per account.
  • Extended warranty: Eligible warranties on items you purchase with this card are extended by an additional year.
  • Auto rental collision damage waiver: The Slate Edge provides cardholders with secondary coverage on eligible car rentals against theft and collision damage.
  • Chase Credit Journey: For cardholders working on improving their credit score or just want to keep an eye on their financial health, Credit Journey offers access to your latest score.

What we don't like about the Chase Slate Edge: drawbacks

  • No earning potential: This isn’t uncommon for a balance transfer card, but the Chase Slate Edge doesn’t offer any rewards or earning potential. Its primary value is in its intro APR offer.
  • Short intro APR period: The Slate Edge falls on the short side with a promo period of 18 months for balance transfers, while many of the best credit cards provide more time.
  • Foreign transaction fee: This card wouldn’t be ideal for making foreign purchases since it carries a foreign transaction fee. For better options, consider one of the best travel credit cards. The Chase Sapphire Preferred could be a smart option for regular travelers.

Chase Slate Edge FAQ

Is the Chase Slate Edge card good?

The Chase Slate Edge card could be a good option for a new card if you want a balance transfer card with an intro APR offer. This card provides 0% intro APR on balance transfer for 18 months (then 20.49% - 29.24% Variable) and 0% intro APR on purchases for 18 months (then 20.49% - 29.24% Variable).

Is the Chase Slate Edge hard to get?

The Chase Slate Edge typically requires good credit or excellent credit to be approved. If you have a bad credit score or a limited credit history, other credit cards might offer a better fit. Check out our lists of the best credit cards for poor credit and the best credit cards for no credit.

What is the Chase Slate Edge credit limit?

Chase doesn’t advertise a specific credit limit for the Chase Slate Edge, but you do have the opportunity for an automatic credit line review if you make on-time payments and spend at least $500 in your first six months from account opening.

Which is better: Chase Freedom or Slate?

The Chase Freedom is no longer available for applications, and the Chase Slate is only available if you apply in-person at a bank branch. However, between the available Chase Freedom Unlimited® and Chase Slate Edge, the better card for many people is likely to be the Freedom Unlimited.

Both cards provide intro APR offers, but the Chase Freedom Unlimited also offers opportunities to earn valuable cash back on everyday expenses, such as restaurant and drugstore purchases. The Slate Edge doesn’t earn rewards. Check out our Chase Freedom Unlimited review for more details.

Other cards to consider

The Chase Slate Edge has some appealing card benefits, but it might not fit the bill for everyone’s personal finance situation. For other credit card options, consider the Citi Simplicity® Card and Citi Double Cash® Card.

The Citi Simplicity is another balance transfer card, which means it’s similar to the Slate Edge. It doesn’t earn any rewards, but it offers cardmembers a 0% intro APR on purchases for 12 months (then 19.24% - 29.99% (Variable)) and a 0% intro APR on balance transfers for 21 months (then 19.24% - 29.99% (Variable)). You do miss out on some of the Slate Edge benefits, such as automatic consideration for a 2% APR reduction.

Learn more about this card in our Citi Simplicity Card review.

The Citi Double Cash is often recommended as one of the best cashback credit cards because it offers 2% on every purchase with unlimited 1% cash back when you buy, plus an additional 1% as you pay for those purchases; plus, for a limited time, earn 5% total cash back on hotel, car rentals and attractions booked on the Citi Travel℠ portal through 12/31/24. This is immediately better than the Chase Slate Edge, which earns no rewards. However, the Citi Double Cash doesn’t offer a 0% intro APR for purchases. But it does offer a 0% intro APR on balance transfers for 18 months (then 19.24% - 29.24% (Variable)).

Learn more about this card in our Citi Double Cash Card review.

Chase Slate Edge℠: bottom line

The Chase Slate Edge℠ can help you save on interest costs thanks to its lengthy intro APR period on balance transfers and purchases. With a $0 annual fee and the potential for an APR reduction, this card offers a straightforward way to manage existing credit card debt or finance big purchases.

However, it has no sign-up bonus or welcome bonus and isn’t attached to a rewards program. Additionally, its introductory period isn’t as lengthy as some other credit cards. If the Chase Slate Edge doesn’t feel like the right option, explore more options in our lists of the best 0% intro APR credit cards and the best rewards credit cards.

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