Costco Tourism: 15 Costco Products You Can Only Get in Mexico

Taking a trip to Mexico? Make sure to pick up these items that you won’t find back home.

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Updated June 6, 2024
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Not every Costco has the same products available as you travel from state to state. This is even more true when it comes to international versions of the store.

Food court items can vary from country to country, or you might find something different on the shelves, but you'll still save money shopping.

There are some items on the warehouse retailer’s locations in Mexico that you can only find there. Consider a trip south of the border to check out these things you can’t get at home.

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Mole chicken

Joshua Resnick/Adobe tacos with chicken and cilantro

One of the great things about Costco is its prepared foods that make it easy to get dinner on the table after a busy day and let you keep more money in your wallet.

Check out Costco’s prepared meals section and grab some pulled chicken with mole that you eat on its own, or add to plenty of recipes for dinner.


Courtesy of Mashed chocoflan

Indulge in a Costco dessert in Mexico with a chocolate flan from your favorite warehouse retailer.

The chocoflan combines chocolate cake on the bottom and flan on top, giving both traditional desserts a tasty taste that makes American Costco members want to head south of the border for something delicious.


Juliedeshaies/Adobe jalapeno pepper plant

Your local Costco food court in the U.S. might be packed with ketchup, mustard, and onions for your hot dogs.

But in Mexico, you’ll find plenty of jalapeños as condiments at the food court to add to your hot dogs, pizza slices, or anything else you want to give a little spice to when you purchase something there.

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Dried hibiscus

Africa Studio/Adobe tea in glass teapot and flower

Add some unique tastes to drinks and recipes with a bag of dried hibiscus flowers from a Mexican Costco.

The flowers can be used for drinks, sauces, or a marinade for your favorite cuts of meat.

Mole paste

Courtesy of Costco mole costo

Mole can be a great addition to any recipe and comes in jars at Costcos in Mexico that help you easily add it to different foods.

You can use it as a base to make mole sauce and add extra flavor to any authentic Mexican dish.

Oaxaca string cheese

Courtesy of Stop and Shop oaxaca string cheese

Try something different than your typical string cheese with this version from Mexican Costco.

The string cheese can be eaten as a snack in the afternoon, or you can add some to a lunchbox as a side for your work lunch or for the kids to take a bite at school.

Tortilla chips

Adriana/Adobe guacamole and chips

You can find tortilla chips in the U.S., but the Mexican version is thicker to hold whatever salsa or guacamole you want.

And just like the U.S., a great Costco hack is to buy the Kirkland Signature store brand, which lends its name to this tasty snack in Mexico.


Courtesy of Allrecipes tajin

Tajin seasoning is an excellent addition to Mexican recipes to give dishes an extra kick of heat.

The seasoning includes ground-dried chili peppers, sea salt, and dehydrated lime. You may be able to find some in U.S. stores or grab a Costco bulk-size version at your favorite warehouse retailer in Mexico.

De la Rosa

Courtesy of Mestizo Market de la rose

Enjoy some sweet treats from your trip to a Mexican Costco with a box of De la Rosa Mazapan.

The treats, which come in round bite–size pieces, are similar to English marzipan with a peanut taste instead of the traditional almond base in British marzipan versions.

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Bubu Lubu

Courtesy of Amazon bubu lubu

Take a chance on another sweet treat from Mexico the next time you go to Costco in Mexico with a pack of Bubu Lubu.

The candy bars consist of strawberry filling and marshmallow covered in chocolate, sure to make your sweet tooth happy.

Mango smoothie

Galitskaya/Adobe smoothie from mango in glass

Mango smoothies have finally made their way to the U.S., so you can get this at your local Costco. But they were in Mexico before they made it to American Costcos. 

You may want to check out the Mexican version of the smoothie to see if it tastes better than the subpar reviews the mango smoothie has received in the U.S.

Nesquik cereal

Courtesy of Nestlé nesquik cereal

Have you ever wanted the delicious taste of Nesquik in cereal form? You can get that at Costco in Mexico.

Grab a box of Nesquik cereal with that yummy chocolate taste you loved as a kid, and add some milk to make it an extra delicious breakfast.

Tajin peanuts

Courtesy of Instacart taijin peanuts

Mexico has you covered if you want to try tajin seasoning on different products.

Grab a bag of tajin-seasoned peanuts, which can make a great snack with a little more kick than your typical bag of peanuts from an American Costco.


Brent Hofacker/Adobe glazed autumn pumpkin donuts

Sure, you can get donuts at Costco, but can you get fresh donuts right out of the fryer? It’s one of Costco's many smart shopping hacks in Mexico.

You can if you check out a Costco in Mexico. See what you can find and try some hot donuts straight from a donut machine at a warehouse there.

Bottom line

Koonsiri/Adobe driver pay for the expressway

There are plenty of ways to save on everyday purchases at Costco, no matter where you live in the U.S.

But if you can, you may want to check out a Costco in Mexico to see what unique finds you can add to your cart and possibly even bring home.

But before you go, check with any rules or regulations the U.S. government has when it comes to bringing food from other countries back into the States.

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