Earn an Extra $500 a Week With These 20 Side Hustles

Say hello to an extra $500 (or more) weekly income with these 20 side hustles.
Updated Nov. 13, 2023
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A side hustle is a great way to reduce your financial stress and may even allow you to make money while pursuing a passion. 

However, how much you can make depends on the specific gig and how much free time you dedicate to it — not all side gigs are quick money-makers.

To help you narrow it down, here are 20 side hustles that can net you $500 a week relatively quickly.

Earn money online by taking surveys

$55,000 might sound crazy … but with a company called Survey Junkie, it’s possible to get your share of it every day by taking their surveys in your extra time.

Follow these simple steps to start earning:

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  2. Take surveys.
  3. Repeat daily and get paid for sharing your opinion!

P.S.: You can cash out with as little as $5 through PayPal or bank transfer, or transfer to gift cards from a number of stores.

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Edit YouTube videos

tong2530/Adobe male is typing messages on a laptop

These days, many content creators lean heavily toward video, and YouTube is often a top priority.

If you have basic video editing skills, editing YouTube videos for a fee is a great way to tap into a new source of income.

ZipRecruiter notes some video editors charge upwards of $50 an hour for their services, so you’d only need a few jobs per week to hit that $500 goal.

Start a vending machine business

Syda Productions/Adobe hand pushing button on vending machine

A vending machine business is a unique way to earn a passive income.

A well-stocked (and well-placed) machine could make more than $400 a month — and a few machines can net you thousands.

You can purchase used vending machines for around $1,000 to $4,000 and would need to cover the costs of keeping them stocked.

Become a virtual assistant

Prostock-studio/Adobe office worker in headset speaking with business partner

Some companies hire virtual assistants to help reply to emails, keep track of appointments, arrange travel plans, and more.

It’s a job you can do from home, and ZipRecruiter puts the average wage at $34 an hour, meaning you could easily make $500 a week working part-time (around 15 hours per week).

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Pet sit

adogslifephoto/Adobe adult female watching tv with dogs on sofa

While the average pet sitter makes about $12.41 per hour in the U.S., according to Zippia, plenty of wealthy clients will pay top dollar for experienced sitters to care for their beloved pets.

Companies like Rover can help you find clients who need you to stay with their pets for an entire weekend (48+ hours). Even with the $12.41 hourly salary, you're looking at more than $500 weekly.

Teach English

JenkoAtaman/Adobe online lesson in classroom

Teaching English to kids online is another option if you have a good handle on the English language and a college degree.

Companies like VIPKid pay teachers between $14 and $22 an hour and offer incentives for things like taking on more classes or referrals.

You’d have to treat this like a part-time job to get to the weekly $500 point, but teachers can take on as many classes as they wish.


Mila Supinskaya/Adobe indian woman sitting on yellow armchair

The duties involved in housesitting depend on the agreement between you and the client. Some clients expect sitters to do things like water plants, care for pets, and get mail.

Using services like Care.com, reputable housesitters can land gigs for $50 to $100 a day — and beyond.

Sell your clothes

okrasiuk/Adobe woman taking photo of the dress

Believe it or not, some sellers on services like Poshmark make great money reselling old clothes — particularly if they have high-quality or designer goods to unload.

Poshmark does take a commission ($2.95 for sales under $15 and 20% for anything higher), but there are plenty of success stories of sellers making thousands per month using the service.

Sell old tech

makibestphoto/Adobe woman prepares to pack the boxes

Another way to clear out old clutter and make money is to get rid of old tech products. From laptops and tablets to smartwatches, there’s a big market for used tech online.

Of course, you can use services like eBay and name your price — but a company like Decluttr will also assess and pay you for your items, expediting the process.

Start a craft business

Seventyfour/Adobe handsome male artist painting huge canvas

If you have creative skills — like painting, making jewelry, or repairing vintage clothes — you can turn them into a successful online store through a service like Etsy.

The top Etsy sellers bring in thousands a month. Of course, it will take time to build up this reputation (and start charging the big bucks for your products).

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Create an online course

Songsak C/Adobe businesswoman using a laptop

If you have expertise in a niche field, you could make serious cash selling online courses.

Many content creators use services like Teachable or Thinkific to build and sell courses in financial planning, fitness, and personal improvement.

Top creators have been known to rake in thousands per month on the platform.

Do freelance work

ijeab/Adobe college student using computer and mobile device studying online

Freelancers of all sorts — from writers and graphic designers to translators and social media experts — can make great money picking up gig jobs online.

These are side hustles that require a portfolio and the development of some connections, but the payoff can be huge.

According to ZipRecruiter, freelance writers can make over $84 per hour on the high end.

Clean homes

djoronimo/Adobe couple is cleaning their apartment

You can make $500 extra a week by offering house cleaning services to just a few clients. This is another gig where you’ll have to advertise your services and build a client list.

Care.com notes that house cleaners can make between $16 and $22 hourly, and many clients also tip their cleaners.

Rent out your space

Daxiao Productions/Adobe excited host greets guests into stylish apartment

You don’t have to own a second home to rent out your space through a service like Airbnb. Many people rent out spare bedrooms — or even extra storage space.

If you plan to rent a spare room — the large majority (more than 80%) of private rooms available on Airbnb go for under $100 a night, but that’s still an easy $500 if you rent it for a full week.


AntonioDiaz/Adobe confident mother reading book

If you have expertise in an in-demand subject — like calculus or essay writing — you can make great money tutoring, in-person or online, through platforms like Wyzant.

Tutors can also teach a wide variety of other skills — from music lessons to foreign languages to social skills.

Skilled and in-demand tutors have been known to charge $100 per hour and beyond.

Flip furniture

Supachai/Adobe senior carpenter man looking wood plank at carpenter workshop

DIY enthusiasts can make great money refurbishing and reselling old furniture — which can be found for cheap at places like Goodwill or free on your neighbor’s curb on garbage day.

Skilled flippers can charge hundreds of dollars for their creations — but keep in mind this is another gig that will require time and care (and talent) to see real profit.

Edit podcasts

fizkes/Adobe talented indian female professional reader narrator in wireless headset

It seems like everyone has a podcast these days — and if you have some basic audio editing skills and software, this is another great gig to pick up on a freelance basis.

ZipRecruiter estimates the average hourly wage for podcast editors at $29, but these editors can make over $50 an hour on the high end.


OSORIOartist/Adobe man taking a photo

Photography is a great side hustle for those with a creative eye — and it can be an extremely lucrative gig if you’ve got a nice camera, an impressive portfolio, and time to market your services.

According to research by The Knot, wedding photographers make an average of $2,600 per gig — meaning if you book one a month, there’s your extra $500 a week.

Drive for Uber/Lyft

Snapic.PhotoProduct/Adobe uber driver smiling while driving passenger to destination

If you have some spare time, a decent car and driving record, and can pass a background check, driving for Uber or Lyft (or both) is another way to make an extra $500 every week.

This may require driving at high-demand times or even throughout the night — and drivers who live in or near major cities may have an easier time collecting big fares and tips.


Svitlana/Adobe female babysitter talking to girl

The amount you can charge hourly for babysitting depends on several factors, including your experience, how long you’ll be babysitting, and how many children you'll be caring for.

According to Care.com, babysitters in major cities like Seattle and New York can make more than $20 an hour.

Pick up odd jobs

Tomasz Zajda/Adobe planting new flowers

With the rising cost of many services, some people are turning to companies like TaskRabbit for help with moving, landscaping, and more — it’s one of many ways to fight inflation.

Savvy side hustlers are taking advantage of this by picking up well-paying odd jobs. If you have some general handyman skills, this could be an extremely lucrative side gig.

Bottom line

Syda Productions/Adobe couple with papers and calculator

A side hustle is an excellent way to bring in some extra income and add more money to the bank for a major purchase — like a vacation, a new car, or even a new home.

Sometimes, people do so well side hustling that they decide to make it their full-time gig. So you should go for it, you never know what kind of money and fun you might be missing.

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