How You Can Earn $200 in Daily Cash With the Apple Card

Apple Card is offering a unique family sharing feature to help you snag cash during the holidays.
Updated July 18, 2024
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Cash is the holiday gift that never disappoints, and Apple is coming through with its Apple Card Daily Cash bonus offer. Imagine earning up to $200 using your Apple Card for everyday purchases in the first 30 days. The best part? You can extend this gift to your family members by adding them as users, allowing each participant to pocket $25 every day for the initial 30 days. Let's explore how this lucrative opportunity works, its integration with Apple's Family Sharing plan, and why it's a holiday windfall.

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How the Apple Card promotion works

The Apple Card's unique promotion allows cardholders to add up to five users who can individually earn a Daily Cash bonus. The promotion runs until December 17, making it a timely way to boost your holiday budget. Here's a breakdown of how to earn the Daily Cash bonus.

New co-owners can earn an impressive $100 Daily Cash, spending at least $100 within their first 30 days after being added to the account. Co-owners share responsibility for the account and can actively manage it.

New participants can snag a cool $25 Daily Cash by spending $25 or more within their initial 30 days on the account. Participants receive their own cards, with spending limits and monitoring capabilities set by co-owners. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce responsible spending habits, especially for family members aged 13 and older.

Expanding the circle with family sharing

The Apple Card's generosity extends beyond traditional family boundaries. You can add anyone in your Apple Family Sharing group as user, broadening the scope beyond immediate family members. However, there's a catch—all users must have an Apple phone or device to access the card and its benefits.

Redeeming Apple Daily Cash 

Once you've accumulated your Apple Daily Cash, redeeming it is a straightforward process:

  • Apple Cash: If you've set up Apple Cash on your iPhone, your Daily Cash balance automatically merges with Apple Cash. This allows you to make payments conveniently through the Wallet app.
  • Apple Card savings account: Users with an Apple Card Savings account can opt to have their Daily Cash transferred directly to this account, where it begins accruing interest.
  • Statement credit: Applying Daily Cash as a credit to your Apple Card statement balance is a viable option for those without Apple Cash or an Apple Card Savings account.

Apple Card benefits and considerations

While the Apple Card's Daily Cash bonus steals the spotlight, there are other aspects to consider:

Cash back rewards: The card offers up to 3% cash back at select merchants and 2% on other purchases. Notably, cashback is distributed daily, a departure from the monthly payouts typical of most credit cards. Each user in your group can earn rewards on everyday purchases, enhancing the collective benefits.

Apple Pay dependency: All purchases must be made using Apple Pay, which is currently accepted by around 85% of merchants to earn cash back. While a physical card is available, it doesn't yield cash back for transactions made with it.

Instant approval: The Apple Card provides instant approval, allowing you to start using the card immediately after approval. This convenience is particularly beneficial for online and in-person purchases.

No welcome bonus: The Apple Card doesn't offer such incentives, unlike some credit cards with welcome bonuses. However, the Daily Cash bonus for new co-owners and participants compensates for this absence.

Fee-free experience: The Apple Card boasts a fee-free structure, with no annual, late, or foreign transaction fees, enhancing its appeal.

Exploring alternatives and wrapping up

While the Apple Card's Daily Cash bonus is a tempting offer, evaluating if the card aligns with your spending habits is essential. Alternatives exist, with various credit cards that allow you to earn cash back and wider acceptance than Apple Pay. Consider your family's spending patterns and credit management capabilities when choosing the best fit.

Bottom line

The Apple Card's festive offer isn't just a gift for you; it's a shared celebration for your entire family. By strategically leveraging the Daily Cash bonus, you can transform your everyday purchases into a lucrative holiday bonus, ensuring cash is the gift that keeps giving. So, add your loved ones to your Apple Card, embrace responsible spending, and make this holiday season financially brighter with Apple's generous offering.

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