These Lisa Frank Debit Cards Will Help You Live Your Best Unicorn Life

Remember when back to school shopping revolved around getting the best Lisa Frank folders, pencil cases, and backpacks?

Ah, those were the days.

Now, Lisa Frank is at it again; bringing their signature bold, bright, technicolor designs to the public. Only instead of snap bracelets, notebooks, and pens, these designs are being offered as debit cards on

With 16 designs in total, it’s hard to choose just one as our favorite, so here are a few designs we think deserve a shout out:

Most adorable kittens:

Lisa Frank/

Whimsical dolphin friends:

Lisa Frank/

Lisa Frank best buds and candy:

Lisa Frank/

Cutest retro aliens ever:

Lisa Frank/

Is getting a Lisa Frank Debit Card a good idea?

It depends. 

Team FinanceBuzz is all about helping you make the most out of your money, and while we think it’s best to build credit by applying for the card that will work best for you despite the look, we can’t deny how awesome these sparkly designs are – especially for our nostalgic friends out there.

I mean, if you’re all about living that unicorn life, this is pretty much a requirement, right?

Still, if you’re interested, here’s how the card works:

Making Deposits

You can:

  • Pre-pay and load your card with cash
  • Set up direct deposit
  • Deposit checks directly

How and Where to Use It

You can:

  • Use it anywhere Visa or Mastercard debit cards are accepted
  • Fee-free cashback
  • Free MoneyPass ATM withdrawals

Manage Your Card

  • On their app, available on iOS & Android
  • In real-time via SMS messages & email alerts
  • Up to 3 designs

Which design would you sign up for? Let us know!

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