15 Easy Ways Savvy Sam's Club Members Save Money Every Day

These Sam's Club savings opportunities are easy ways to keep more money in your pocket.
Updated March 22, 2023
Sam's Club Warehouse

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As of January of 2023, the Consumer Price Index, which is an estimate of how much consumers are paying for food and energy, showed a 12-month increase of 6.4%. The cost of just about everything is higher now than it was a year ago, according to this US Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

If you're tired of paying too much for groceries, then you could benefit from finding ways to cut back. And Sam’s Club could help you to do that if you know a few little habits and tricks.

Shop the seasonal sales

M Einero/peopleimages.com/Adobe customer with smartphone checking price

Sam’s Club rolls out discounts on many of its products throughout the year. Some of these monthly or seasonal savings could reduce your bills substantially. Stock up when items you need go on sale. Buy cold meds, cereal, and sugar in larger quantities when it’s on sale. Do the same for meat and other items you can safely freeze.

Take advantage of bonus offers

vladim_ka/Adobe Sams Club application on the screen of Apple iPhone

When you link an eligible credit card to your Sam’s Club account, you can start looking for bonus offers at other places you shop, including restaurants, tech subscriptions, and even monthly TV subscriptions. You’ll earn Sam’s Cash, with 20% or more on some offers. Then, you can spend that cash back at Sam’s Club for things you want and need.

Buy online to get cash back

baranq/Adobe young man paying bills online with credit card and laptop

Getting even a small amount back from your shopping trip is always a good idea. You can purchase dry goods, electronics, and health supplies online from Sam’s Club. When you do, use a cash-back website like Rakuten to help you get some money back. Shipping is free on most items.

Get the Plus membership

Игорь Головнёв/Adobe Sam's Club logo seen displayed on a tablet

For those that love to shop for most of their needs at Sam’s Club, it’s worth it to upgrade to the Plus membership. The Plus membership is $110 per year and gives you added benefits like access to Sam’s Cash for Plus, free shopping, pharmacy discounts, and vision savings.

Sign up for email updates

Kannapat/Adobe hand of businessman using smartphone for email with notification alert

Don’t miss this trick. Sign up for emails from Sam’s Club. You could receive new item alerts for must-have goodies, but you’ll also learn about special savings events and promotions. This includes special offers that may not be advertised through other methods. In-club events are also a good way to save money at Sam’s Club.

Get to the clearance section

Heorshe/Adobe Sam's club store in Shenzhen

Did you know that Sam’s Club has a clearance section? Most do (both online and in-store), and this can provide you with a simple but significant amount of savings. Clearance is often scattered throughout the store, and you’ll likely notice stickers on them indicating sale prices.

Shop mid-week for big savings

phpetrunina14/Adobe woman with shopping between store shelf

The weekends are the busy time for the warehouse club. That’s why you should skip it and shop Tuesday through Thursday instead. That’s when you’ll get the best deals, especially if you shop early in the day when customer service reps discount items that haven’t sold over the weekend. This is especially true in the produce and meat sections.

Get discounted gift cards to use routinely

Kenishirotie/Adobe Gift card variety on the store's wall shelf

Many Sam’s Club locations offer gift cards at a lower price than their face value. That means if you are going to spend $100 at dinner with friends, you could pick up a gift card from Sam’s Club for that restaurant for $86 instead. The amount of savings depends on the offer and how many cards you purchase in bulk.

Get your prescriptions at a savings

terovesalainen/Adobe customer in pharmacy holding medicine bottle

Some people may qualify to get a lower price on their prescriptions if they purchase them through Sam’s Club. Stop in at the pharmacy to find out what the out-of-pocket costs would be for your prescriptions. Some are free for Plus members, including Vitamin D 5,000 IUs, Finasteride, Donepezil, and Escitalopram.

Get the credit card

dusanpetkovic1/Adobe happy customer paying at checkout with credit card

The Sam’s Club credit card offers a nice bonus for members. Plus members get up to 5% cash back when shopping at the warehouse (2% from their Plus membership and 3% from Sam’s Club Mastercard). You also get 5% cash back on the first $6,000 worth of gas you purchase at the club, 3% on dining, and 1% on all other purchases. That can add up over time.

Get a military discount

Straight8Stock/Adobe happy army soldier looking into his shopping bag

If you qualify, you could save substantially on your Sam’s Club membership as a veteran or a military spouse. You’ll need to have military identification. As a new member, you could receive $10 off your initial purchase or more, plus you can save more when you renew your membership annually.

Split your purchase with a friend

kawee/Adobe young man and woman using cart to shopping goods in supermarket

If you have a friend that wants to save on Sam’s Club goods but doesn’t have a membership, split your purchases with them for added savings. That’s a great way to take advantage of bulk savings options available through the warehouse without letting items go to waste. You also get those membership cash back rewards on all the purchases made, even those of your friend.

Get your flat tire fixed for free

Petro/Adobe mechanic changing tires in a car service

If you are a Club or a Plus member, you may be able to bring your vehicle into the Tire & Battery Center with a flat tire and get it fixed without cost. They also will provide you with free wiper blade installation (you’ll need to purchase the wiper blade) and free battery testing. You don’t even have to buy your tires or battery at Sam’s Club to get these perks.

Shop the codes

drazen/Adobe woman using reminder on smartphone while shopping in supermarket

Sam’s Club uses letter codes on their price tags that can shed some light on whether or not items may drop in price even further. If you see an “N” that means it’s “Never Out” or always in stock. Items with an “A” are “Active,” which means they have ample stock available. For those with a “C” though, buy them now. That indicates the product has been “Canceled” and is likely coming off the shelves soon.

Buy the Member’s Mark items

C5Media/Adobe Member's Mark Ultimate Clean Laundry Detergent

Member’s Mark is the in-house brand for the warehouse and often is significantly cheaper than the more well-known brands you’re used to buying. Here’s a simple way to keep more money in your wallet: by switching to the Member’s Mark brand, you’ll get high-quality products at a lower price. From patio furniture to groceries, the quality tends to be very high, and it’s almost impossible to tell the difference from the original on-brand items.

Bottom line

Игорь Головнёв/Adobe  Sam’s Club logo seen displayed on a tablet

These days, figuring out how to stretch your dollar further could really help lower your financial stress. If you are shopping at Sam’s Club, these tips can help you. 

To save money at Sam’s Club, consistently check out Sam’s Services for savings options in travel, entertainment, auto care, installation services, business services, and photos. Often the cost here is significant enough to make a big dent in your budget.

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