16 Surprising Things You Can Make With That Expensive Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is a great way to try new recipes or make homemade foods instead of spending a lot at stores or restaurants.
Updated April 11, 2024
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White kitchen machine and stand mixer on a wooden table

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Stand mixers are a big investment, usually costing hundreds of dollars. And attachments can cost a pretty penny as well. It can be a bit overwhelming and a crunch on your budget.

But only if you don’t know all the amazing things you can do with a stand mixer that might actually save you some cash and eliminate financial stress.

Need some inspiration? Check out these ideas to try on a mixer.

Apple sauce

David/Adobe A mixing stand with a peeler attachment

Use a peeler attachment to peel and core your favorite apples before you cook them down to get the level of softness you prefer. You can also toss the apples back in the mixer to mash them up before eating your fresh apple saucing or canning it for later.

Ice cream

Monkey Business/Adobe father making ice cream sundaes with children at home

There’s nothing better than a fresh pint of ice cream on a hot summer day. Pick up an ice cream attachment for your mixer and then try out different combinations of flavors to see what’s best.

Not only can a stand mixer handle the churning of creamy ice cream, but it can also take on any chunky bits you want to add like chocolate chips, nuts, or cookie pieces.


DPRM/Adobe Whisking butter

Whip up some fresh-churned butter in the mixer for a light from-scratch taste. You could even add in extras like cinnamon and sugar for toast or garlic for the perfect spread on toasted bread.

Cinnamon rolls

SkyLine/Adobe The fresh and tasty bakery is cooking in the oven

Want to start a side hustle that isn’t making cookies or cupcakes? Try cinnamon rolls. A stand mixer has the power to knead tough dough for rolls. You can also use it to mix up your filling for traditional cinnamon rolls or add something special like raisins or nuts to your filling.

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Zucchini lasagna

O.B./Adobe Casserole with chicken

Ditch the typical lasagna noodles and replace them with lower-calorie zucchini, which can be sliced long and thin with a mixer’s vegetable sheet cutter attachment. It might make a nice twist on a vegetarian version of the Italian classic.

Pizza dough

Yaroslav Astakhov/Adobe process of kneading pizza dough at home using a dough mixer

This is another basic ingredient that is perfect for a stand mixer. Toss the ingredients in your mixer and then pack the dough away to let it rise for a bit.

When it’s ready, you can roll it as thick or as thin as you want and add your favorite ingredients for a dinner that might be cheaper than delivery from your local pizzeria.


Joshua Resnick/Adobe grilling hamburgers and hot dogs

A stand mixer isn’t just for baking. Toss in some ground beef and add any kind of additional flavors you like to make juicy, delicious burgers.

And if you really want to go the homemade route for the American classic summer meal, you can make your own hamburger buns with a stand mixer.

Shredded chicken

Arto/Adobe Shredded chicken

Shredded chicken is a great staple ingredient for any kind of dish. Add cooked chicken and start the mixer at a low speed, then slowly turn it up until you have the perfect pieces for any dish.

Create chicken tacos, a chicken-and-barbecue pizza, or add it to a Caesar salad for a fresh and healthy lunch.

Meatloaf and meatballs

Andrey Cherkasov/Adobe homemade meatballs with cheese, garlic and black pepper

Throw in a pound or two of ground beef and then start adding your other ingredients. Bread crumbs or an egg may be good. Toss in some herbs and maybe hide some veggies in there for your kids.

Then either toss the mixture into a loaf pan or shape into balls on a cookie sheet and bake. You could also freeze the meatballs and have them ready whenever you want spaghetti and meatballs.

Mashed potatoes

Brent Hofacker/Adobe homemade organic mashed potatoes with gravy

Thanksgiving can be a stressful day when you’re making a turkey and all the sides. Your stand mixer can help you out.

Take some of the stress away by tossing your cooked potatoes in the stand mixer to whip them up. Add butter and milk to give them the creamy texture you’re hoping for. And remember that the mixer works with any kind of potatoes, so don’t be afraid to take a chance on making whipped sweet potatoes.


elnariz/Adobe handmade Guacamole from fresh organic avocados with chips on a table

Mashing up avocado after avocado to get the creamy texture you want for guacamole can be tedious and time-consuming. So just toss those avocados in your mixer instead.

Feel free to also add some additional ingredients like diced tomatoes, jalapenos, or lime to give the dip a little pop.


xartproduction/Adobe Young female confectioner whips cream in a metal bowl in a red electric mixer

Pull out your mixer to prepare for a Super Bowl party or just a get-together with friends. Try out recipes for spinach artichoke dip or yummy cream cheese dips with herbs and spices.

You can also toss some ingredients like roasted red peppers with some chickpeas to make a yummy hummus for dipping.

Whipped cream

PTK/Adobe Whipped cream and mixer

If you need a delicious topping for ice creams and pies, your mixer can help you out. Start with a basic recipe of heavy cream and some confectioners sugar, then add some extra flavors like cocoa powder for chocolate whipped cream or a little cinnamon whipped cream to top your favorite pumpkin pie.


petrrgoskov/Adobe Mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows

Homemade marshmallows are the perfect addition to hot cocoa on a cold day. You can add flavors in your mixer to give your hot chocolate an extra fancy flavor that will impress family or friends or just make you happy curled up on the couch.

Snow cones

Brent Hofacker/Adobe sweet homemade shaved rainbow hawaiian ice

Snow cones are a great treat to cool off with in the summer. To make it at home, add the shaved ice attachment to your mixer to grind down ice in a bowl. You can buy different syrup flavors at a store or online to make a snow cone for every taste.

Add fun snow cone holders or a display to serve your guests or family a special treat.


Jiri Hera/Adobe fresh pasta and pasta machine

Pick up a pasta press attachment for your mixer and have a good time creating all shapes of pasta with different flavors. The pasta press attachment may include disks that can shape the pasta into spaghetti, macaroni, or any other shapes you may want to make homemade pasta.

Bottom line

andrey/Adobe baker cleans the whisk of the mixer after kneading the dough

Sure, a stand mixer might be expensive, but you may find it worthwhile if you like to cook or you’re trying to grow your wealth by not spending money on restaurants. For breakfast (smoothies), lunch (peanut butter), hors d’oeuvres, and dinner, a stand mixer can help you make anything.

To see how you can benefit, start with a budget and a recipe planner. You may be surprised by the amount of money you could save making your food from scratch at home with a fancy mixer.

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