10 Totally Weird Things You Can Actually Get on Etsy

From an octopus in a jar to a finger-person — check out these truly bizarre Etsy treasures.

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Updated May 28, 2024
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When you think of Etsy, you might think of handmade jewelry, vintage prints, or personalized birthday party decor that came up on a Google search. But did you know Etsy also offers buyers an octopus in a jar and watercolor prints of a T-Rex with the head of Jeff Goldblum? Yes, they sure do!

It turns out Etsy has thousands of items that can be classified as “weird stuff.” So whether you have a quirky aesthetic, a unique set of needs, or you just like to get weird with it now and then, Etsy’s got your back. Here is a list of 10 oddities you can (probably) only find on Etsy.

Cute baby octopus

Courtesy of Etsy Octopus in jar

The maker assures shoppers that this adorable, sort of creepy baby octopus in a jar from CaveMansDigs for $28.30 is cruelty-free. If you are looking for those dusty, academic, witchy vibes, this 2.5 inch oddity might be just the thing for your bookshelf.

Teeth with legs

Courtesy of Etsy Dentures with legs

You read that right. Check out these funky teeth with legs from PlushieCouture for $98.50, and you’ll find that it is exactly what it's called — a set of teeth sitting atop a pair of legs. You might find yourself asking the question of many — why? The answer the 888 reviewers (as of this writing) of this bizarre Etsy shop might have to your question is simple: “Because we can.” (Also, it’s kind of adorable.)

Taxidermy mouse reading on the toilet

Courtesy of Etsy Taxidermy mouse reading newspaper on toilet

This taxidermy rodent reading on the toilet sold by TaxidermyTom for $68.23 is quite darling with its little newspaper. It might remind you of Beverly Cleary’s Ralph S. Mouse or Beatrix Potter’s Mrs. Tittlemouse because something about these precious little rodents has always seemed to spark the imagination of children’s book authors. This Etsy find is both whimsical and wild, which may be the coolest combination yet.

Saint Dolly Parton parody candle

Courtesy of Etsy Saint Dolly Parton parody candle

This irreverent Saint Dolly Parton candle from seller CattywampusTX speaks to the admiration so many of us feel for the beloved country music icon. You have to admit, between the international childhood literacy program she founded and the numerous hit songs she’s written, Dolly Parton is larger than life.

Besides, if you’re a Dolly Parton merch collector, at $17 you’re practically saving money when you buy one of these funny candles.

Weird little face pot

Courtesy of Etsy Weird face plant pot

There’s something about this plant pot with a face from ReedsAndRavens for $29.50 that adds a touch of personality to any room. Maybe it’s the way the plant grows out of the head like hair. It turns house plants into the little people that plant mamas often like to pretend they are anyway.

Do you imagine your baby pothos has a personality somewhere between Dobby from the Harry Potter series and Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars? Etsy has just the thing.

Pro tip: Maybe these creations spark your own creativity. If so, you might be able to sell your own special brand of oddities on Etsy, and turn it into a profitable side hustle.

Gammy the Finger

Courtesy of Etsy Fake finger novelty gift

Meet Gammy the Finger — the bizarro, oversized, finger monster from ClayforbrainsShop sold for $42.99. We’re not sure what one does with a Gammy. He is disgruntled, weird, and a tiny bit sinister. But for the right Etsy shopper he’s a piece of art. Sure, he’s a little yikes, but maybe that’s what makes Gammy special. He certainly stands out from the rest of the finger people. (Wait, are those not a thing?)

Creepy eyeball necklace

Courtesy of Etsy Eyeball necklace

You know how evil eye jewelry is trending? This creepy eyeball necklace sold by Weirdandmacabre is like that but … funkier. This eyeball necklace has teeth for eyelashes. If you’ve been budgeting for your summer wardrobe, check out this necklace. For only $79 you can prove you’re really not like the others. You’re just a little bit weirder.

Cute creepy baby doll head candle

Courtesy of Etsy Baby doll head shaped candle

The contradiction is right there in the name and it’s not wrong. This baby head candle from GlowbyDanielleMinett for $15.41 is adorable and chilling all at the same time. So, maybe it’s not a contradiction, maybe it’s the strange sweet spot many of us are always trying to hit. But be aware, if you light this candle, it will cross the line from cute to creepy real fast.

Jeff Goldblum dino watercolor print

Courtesy of Etsy Jeff Goldblum Dinosaur Watercolor Print

If you love dinosaurs and you’re a big Jeff Goldblum fan, this beautifully rendered watercolor print from LukeDangler for $34 may be just the thing. Add it to your unique wedding registry or hang it in your bedroom and allow T-Rex Jeff to watch over you while you sleep. Or, maybe just give it as a gag gift to the biggest Jeff Goldblum fan you know. Either way, it’s one strange little keeper.

Garden Goober

Courtesy of Etsy Novelty gift garden goober pots

A list of weird things you can find on Etsy simply wouldn’t be complete without one of the wildest additions to any garden art enthusiast’s collection out there — the Garden Goober. Sold by MysticPotsStudio for $65, it’s a plant, an eyeball, a flower, a monster — it’s whatever you need it to be and possibly a little bit more.

Bottom line

FellowNeko/Adobe woman using smartphone with etsy sell or buy application

The same old same old can get boring after a while and most of us have a quirk or two worthy of indulgence. So, whether you are desperate to shake things up or you are looking for the most unique gift you can find for a friend who has everything, Etsy’s “weird” section might be your answer.

If you can’t quite bring yourself to buy Gammy the Finger as a gift, buy your loved one an Etsy gift card and let them pick something weird and wonderful out for themselves. Stay weird.

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