The Best French Fries in All 50 States (#34 Is Out of This World)

Join us as we hunt down the crispiest, most mouthwatering fries across America.

family picnic with fish and chips
Updated July 11, 2024
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What makes for the best French fries? Hot and crispy, just the right width and potato texture, or perhaps it’s the seasoning (or lack of it).

Everyone’s favorite French fry may be a bit different, but some locations throughout the US are known for their delicious, craving-worthy treats.

Here are the best French fries you can find in every state. If you plan to travel more this year, consider getting your French fry fix as part of your culinary itinerary for the trip.

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Alabama: Chez Fonfon (Birmingham)

Gresei/Adobe french fries with ketchup

With some of the best fries (and burgers) in the state, Chez Fonfon is a place people visit because they want stick-to-your-bones food.

The difference is this is an upscale dining establishment where you can have your French fries with French escargot if you want.

Alaska: Early Bird LLC (Fairbanks)

DAVID/Adobe cajun style french fries

Early Bird LLC makes French fries your way – no matter the topping you’re after.

With hot, fresh fries, huge portions, and toppings like pico, brown gravy, fresh cheese curd, and spicy beef and bean chili, you can really have them your way.

Arizona: Street Burger & Fries (Tempe)

Nitr/Adobe french fries scattered on black table

At 5th Street Burger & Fries, you can choose from several different types of fry cuts, all cooked to order and served piping hot.

Don’t overlook the loaded fries, loaded with everything you would put on a burger (and much more).

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Arkansas: The Original Fried Pie Shop (Jacksonville)

myviewpoint/Adobe Tasty french fries on plate

At The Original Fried Pie Shop, you will always get crispy, salty, and hot fries cooked to order.

They're also known for their fried pies, which are the perfect end-of-meal treat for French fry lovers.

California: AT&T Park’s Gilroy Garlic Fries (Sacramento)

Brent Hofacker/Adobe cajun seasoned fries

If you have a ticket to the Giants game, you can also sample the best fries in the state, as some would say.

At Gilroy Garlic Fries, a foot shop inside AT&T Park, you’ll get their famous garlic fries, which they serve in huge batches every time there’s an event.

Colorado: Mustard’s Last Stand (Denver)

Piotr Krzeslak/Adobe Homemade potato french fries

The fun, old-school, counter-service destination known as Mustard’s Last Stand is all about the made-from-scratch fries.

Pair them with a Chicago frankfurter for a filling meal topped with all your favorites.

Connecticut: Penny Lane Pub (Old Saybrook)

Fischer Food Design/Adobe french fries in wrap with ketchup

Penny Lane Pub is an English-style pub that has an excellent menu that includes prix fixe dinners and a beer list that is hard to beat.

Put that aside for their fries, especially the sweet potato versions. They come with excellent dipping options, too.

Delaware: Thrasher’s French Fries (Rehoboth Beach)

Анастасія Стягайло/Adobe african woman eating burger with fries

Thrasher’s Fresh Fries is the best place to go for those who love salt and vinegar fries. They just do them right here.

There are plenty of other options available from this location, which began in 1929 as a unique concession stand option.

Florida: The Salted Fry (Mount Dora)

BlueOrange Studio/Adobe little girl eating fries

The Salted Fry is a destination people come back to time and time again for its meat fries and outstanding dipping sauces.

A 100% gluten-free restaurant makes this a must-stop for those who don’t want to worry about fry bloat later.

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Georgia: Mr. Fries Man (Atlanta)

Nitr/Adobe fries with ketchup

Mr. Fries Man is a swank, pretty cool destination that happens to offer the best fries in the state.

Choose the toppings you want from options like shrimp, steak, crab, and Beyond Meat, and then load on the add-ons and sauces.

Hawaii: South Shore Grill (Honolulu)

Lukas Gojda/Adobe salt sprinkled over French fries

South Shore Grill's fries are fantastic, especially if you're looking for just the right seasoning with a splash of hot sauce.

This family-owned destination has been serving the South Shore since 2004. It also has amazing burrito and taco options that go great with fries.

Idaho: Boise Fry Company (Boise)

Africa Studio/Adobe Tasty french fries in metal basket

From the state known for potatoes, Boise Fry Company does it well with easily the best fries and burgers around.

The company goes further, offering an eco-friendly design with local sourcing of all potatoes. The microbrews are hard to beat, too.

Illinois: Paradise Pup (Des Plaines)

Nitr/Adobe fries scattered on dark background

At Paradise Pup, you’ll enjoy a walk-up counter service area with picnic tables out front. Choose a burger or hot dog, a shake made for you, and, of course, fries.

Whether loaded or not, these fries get all the credit for being hot and crispy every time at a shockingly low price of $1.99 for the large size.

Indiana: Apocalypse Burger (Indianapolis)

Worakit Sirijinda/Adobe french fries in basket

At Apocalypse Burger, you’ll enjoy fantastic, cheesy burgers and the best chicken sando in the region. And the fries are even better.

Whether it’s the truffle fries you’re after or the handmade, from-scratch dipping sauces, this destination doesn’t let you down.

Iowa: Hudson’s Southside Tap (Iowa City)

George Dolgikh/Adobe French fries on wooden table

At Hudson's Southside Tap, you'll enjoy homemade French fries made to order.

They also offer Fancy Fries, which is their take on numerous ways to dress up your fries from pulled pork with Short's sauce, poutine, or Short's sauce sloppy joe.

Kansas: Burg & Barrel (Overland Park)

pilipphoto/Adobe french fries on wooden table

Burg & Barrel is a fun, bar-vibe-style location with an electronic bar menu and ample TVs. They also have excellent fries.

Customers say the fries have a crispy exterior that makes them irresistible. Choose between the cajun or the ranch fries, or get an order of each and decide which is your favorite.

Kentucky: Mad Mike’s Burgers & Fries (Newport)

Nitr/Adobe french fries with ketchup

There’s little doubt their burgers are over-the-top, and at Mad Mike’s Burgers & Fries, the fries — all of which are hand-cut — are just as good.

You can also get them loaded with cheese, bacon, and ranch for a meal in itself.

Louisiana: Poor Boy Lloyd’s (Baton Rouge)

Brent Hofacker/Adobe Homemade Organic Pumpkin French Fries

You need to get fries at Poor Boy Lloyd’s, a local seafood restaurant that is a casual breakfast and lunch destination.

The fries here, along with many of the other items on the menu, are made when ordered. Their lost fries (also known as debris fries) have all the leftovers piled high.

Maine: The Fries Shop (South Portland)

vell/Adobe french fries in buckets at bar

The Fries Shop is known for its Korean street fries, served at the Maine Mall, though they offer a variety of spiced options (go for the Mediterranean fries for something unique).

Covered in sauce in a box packed to the top, these fries are not your average mall fries.

Maryland: The Local Fry (Baltimore)

Africa Studio/Adobe french fries in metal basket

The Local Fry is the best destination for topped French fries. You can also choose from their plain fries, seasoned (Old Bay, Cajun, or Garlic Parm), or gravy fries as a side.

Or have loaded fries as a meal when you pick one of their Classic Fries, with options like Korean BBQ Steak and Chicken Bacon Ranch.

If you’re feeling adventurous, go to their Signature Fries for something special, like their Kimchi fries.

Massachusetts: A&B Burgers (Beverly)

Natasha Breen/Adobe french fries on parchment paper

At A&B; Burgers, the fries are crispy and served alongside some pretty interesting burgers and milkshakes.

They're also a sustainable-focused company that works with guests to meet all their needs, from gluten-free buns to lettuce wraps.

Michigan: Mercury Burger & Bar (Detroit)

DAVID/Adobe tray of cajun style french fries

At Mercury Burger & Bar, you can have fries your way, including poutine. Couple that with some shakes, burgers, or hot dogs for a full meal.

Their fries are nicely seasoned to offer a punch of flavor in every bite.

Minnesota: Peppers & Fries Restaurant (Minneapolis)

Mara Zemgaliete/Adobe french fries with garnishing

It’s a fun sports bar and eatery that’s the perfect place to catch the game and meet new friends, but Peppers & Fries Restaurant is also an excellent destination for the best fries.

Pub grub at its finest, coupled with some snazzy cocktails, you’ll want to consider how you want your potatoes – chili cheese fries, PB&J; fries, or how do tater tots covered in BBQ sauce sound?

Mississippi: CS’s (Jackson)

Joshua ResnickAdobe crispy seasoned french fries with parsley

This low-key restaurant has been a local favorite for years. The nostalgic restaurant that’s all about meeting up with good friends is also a solid choice for fries.

You’ll always find a deal here, and fries you can enjoy with cheese or chili.

Missouri: Stacked STL (St. Louis)

pairhandmade/ADOBE family eating french fries

Stacked STL allows you to build your burger just the way you like it, and the fries (regular or sweet potato) are plentiful!

Hot, fresh, and served next to some outstanding burgers (the locals recommend getting cheese for the fries), Stacked STL is a delicious and fun location to visit.

Montana: Montana Jack’s (Missoula)

Chayan/Adobe french fries at outdoor cafe

Make your way to Montana Jack's for excellent service, cocktails, and fries.

This destination offers an extensive menu of goodies, including fries made fresh with each order. Get a basket of fries or sweet potato tots.

Nebraska: Louie M’s Burgerlust (Omaha)

ahirao/Adobe japanese izakaya style french fries

Super hot and huge portions of fries, alongside fun burger options, the French fries at Louie M’s Burgerlust are certainly crave-worthy.

With an old-school dinner vibe, stop by Loui M’s Burgerlust for your choice of fries and a burger or fish and chips.

Nevada: Fat Boy Restaurant (Las Vegas)

exclusive-design/Adobe rippled fries

Fat Boy Restaurant is a casual dining destination with all your favorites, from burgers to pizza. The fries are excellent here.

The fries are served in huge portions right out of the fryer, and they are fantastic.

New Hampshire: New England’s Tap House Grille (Hooksett)

Brent Hofacker/Adobe Homemade Salty Steak French Fries

A fun, upbeat tavern, New England’s Tap House Grille is a destination in itself for the pub grub and local brews.

The fries are served hot and crispy, and they’re hand-cut. Get the garlic mayo for a dipping sauce, as locals recommend.

New Jersey: Left Bank Burger Bar (Jersey City)

volodyar/Adobe seasoned french fries bunch

Left Bank Burger Bar has one of the best happy hours in the area. They also serve all-natural burgers with tons of toppings.

Then, there’s the fries. As you watch sports, have fun with the family, or enjoy tap beers, you’ll find thick-cut fries in a huge portion with various sauce options.

New Mexico: Frontier Restaurant (Albuquerque)

Mahi/Adobe Mix herb French fries

The best fries in New Mexico come from Frontier Restaurant, a counter-service destination that has served the area with good food since 1971.

With homestyle Southwestern dishes, the fries stand out. They are freshly cut and super crispy, served in a mountain beside your main dish.

New York: Minetta Tavern (New York City)

Bojel2/Adobe french fries stack on wooden board

When in NYC, make it a point to visit Minetta Tavern (which shares that celebrities are noted for visiting).

The location offers upscale French bistro food and a vintage vibe. The fries are some of the most sought-after in the area by locals.

North Carolina: What The Fries (Charlotte)

kimly/Adobe Yummy french fries

What The Fries is just that — a location that’s head-turning good when it comes to loaded fries.

The hand-cut fries and scratch-made menu make this destination a comfort food haven.

North Dakota: Space Aliens Grill & Bar (Bismarck)

nito/Adobe appetizing french fries in basket

It’s an interesting themed destination in North Dakota for sure, but Space Aliens Grill & Bar is noted for their good food and full bar.

The planetary-themed restaurant has out-of-this-world fresh, hand-cut fries.

Remember to use one of the best cashback credit cards to earn back on what you spend at this fun location.

Ohio: Senate Restaurant (Blue Ash)

pilipphoto/Adobe french fries with sauce

Senate Restaurant has the best fries in Ohio. These are flavorful truffle fries that are prepared in duck fat. Yes, that makes them exceptionally tasty.

They offer a menu of gourmet street food that’s hard to choose from, but the fries should always be on your plate.

Oklahoma: MOB Grill (Oklahoma City)

MSPhotographic/Adobe zigzag french fries

There’s nothing small at MOB Grill, including the portions of French fries you’ll get to enjoy.

Noted for its food truck-style food menu with an “attitude,” this is a destination where you’ll find fresh-cut fries served with decadent burgers.

Oregon: Ranee’s on Main (Oregon City)

Fischer Food Design/Adobe french fries wrap on wooden board

Ranee’s on Main offers scratch-made food with attention to detail. Stop in for a cocktail, a huge burger, and hand-cut fries served with a smile.

This location has provided excellent quality food and service for over two decades. There’s just one catch. It’s a 21+ destination.

Pennsylvania: Café Bruges (Carlisle)

Nitr/Adobe french fries metal bucket

Café Bruges serves Belgian-inspired bistro food that’s incredible. You can enjoy piping hot fresh fries alongside your mussels in a vintage setting.

Their menu is far more extensive, and there are over 100 Belgian beers on the menu too.

Rhode Island: Harry’s on the Hill (Providence)

Bojel2/Adobe french fries stack on wooden board

With over 50 craft brews and alcoholic shakes, you may think that’s the best reason to visit Harry’s on the Hill.

The fries, though, are popping. You can choose shoestring-style fries or sweet potato fries with a variety of dipping sauces.

South Carolina: Burger Tavern 77 (Columbia)

Gresei/Adobe french fries on brown paper

They’re known for their excellent, juicy burgers that are juicy, but Burger Tavern 77 also serves big piles of delicious fries right next to them.

Make sure to check out the beer cheese fondu and bacon rosemary loaded fries.

South Dakota: TapHouse 41 (Sioux Falls)

Miljan Živković/Adobe kid eating french fries 

At TapHouse 41, you’ll enjoy a beautiful pub setting, a wide range of rotating craft beers, and bourbon tastings. The best part is that the fries are exceptional.

The upscale burgers on the menu are certainly worthy of consideration. The tray-full of fries, cooked in duck fat, is just the tastiest option out there.

Tennessee: Gabby’s Burgers & Fries (Nashville)

David/Adobe cajun style french fries at restaurant 

Gabby’s Burgers & Fries is the type of place that you can feel good about visiting. They serve up some fantastic shakes, grass-fed burgers, and hand-cut sweet potato fries.

It’s a lunch-spot-only type of destination, and the only thing better than the food is the service.

Texas: The French Fry House (Houston)

Cherries/Adobe French fries with ketchup and mayonnaise

Just as its name states, The French Fry House is a fantastic destination for fries made your way.

Your fry options are numerous, whether you want Bayou Fries with shrimp and crawfish, Philly Fries with beef, or Big Tex Fries with the best brisket out there.

Choose an outdoor table, enjoy fries made with all sorts of toppings, and relax with a huge meal.

Utah: Crown Burgers Restaurant (South Salt Lake)

fabiomax/Adobe French fries in white plate

Crown Burgers Restaurant is a small, locally owned fast-food destination with exceptional fries served piping hot that is a crowd favorite. Their outstanding Google reviews don’t lie.

They are also noted for their huge portions of pastrami-topped burgers and fry sauce. Tangy and sweet, this has been a destination since 1978.

Vermont: Henry’s Diner (Burlington)

Piotr Krzeslak/Adobe Homemade potato french fries

If you're looking for an old-school diner, visit Henry's Diner. An establishment in the area since 1925, they're known for their food, their diner counter, and excellent service.

As for the fries, you'll get a huge portion, freshly made and, if you want, topped with cheese and gravy.

Virginia: Repeal (Virginia Beach)

Gresei/Adobe thin cut french fries

Repeal set out to offer something unique and easily done.

They choose locally sourced ingredients, create award-winning burgers, and serve up a collection of small-batch alcohol, handcrafted cocktails, and rare whiskey.

What about the fries? Freshly made and topped with a tomato seasoning that’s a nice bite, you will not complain about these meals.

Washington: Katsu Burger (Seattle)

Joshua Resnick/Adobe plate of crispy seasoned french fries

With several Washington destinations, there’s something special about Katsu Burger that drives people in. The burgers are good, but the fries are next level.

An American and Japanese fusion of food, you’ll love the seasoned fries along with a range of sauces.

West Virginia: Phat Daddy’s on The Tracks (Charleston)

DAVID/Aadobe tray of cajun seasoned fries

Phat Daddy’s on The Tracks set out to offer delicious Southern-inspired cuisine, and they hit the mark.

With portions so big that people can’t finish them, this is a destination for fry lovers.

The fresh-cut fries are the perfect side to options like pulled pork, rosemary-seasoned ribs, and the 1/4-pound beef hotdog known as the Phat Daddy Dog.

Wisconsin: Oscar’s Pub & Grill (Milwaukee)

George Dolgikh/Adobe french fries on wooden top

Gourmet burgers and lots of beer options make Oscar's Pub & Grill a great choice. The fries at this busy tavern-style destination make it worthwhile.

They're hot and crispy, and you can get them topped with cheese curbs, ranch, or other dipping sauces.

Wyoming: Sherrie’s Place (Casper)

ltummy/Adobe hand cut french fries

There’s lots to love about Sherrie’s Place, including the huge portions.

The hand-cut, freshly-made, seasoned French fries are fantastic here. It’s only open for breakfast and lunch, so come early!

Bottom line

pressmaster/Adobe multi ethnic friends eating french fries

There are some exceptional restaurants throughout the U.S. that make the best French fries.

And the good news is that many of the cities mentioned above are great travel destinations.

So remember to bring the best travel credit cards with you and start planning for your French fry hunt across the country.

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