Costco’s 15 Best Kirkland Signature Wines (According to Sommeliers)

The Costco's Kirkland Signature wines give high-end bottles a run for their money.
Updated Dec. 5, 2023
red wine pouring into wine glass

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More shoppers are looking for ways to save on groceries thanks to inflation. That’s where Costco can come in handy. The big-box mecca has affordable prices on everything from food and beverages to clothing and wine.

Fortunately, you don't have to sacrifice quality to save your hard-earned cash, thanks to Costco's amazing sommelier team, which has brought a plethora of delicious wines to warehouse shelves.

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2015 Kirkland Signature Pauillac Bordeaux (92)

Courtesy of Costco-2015 Kirkland Signature Pauillac Bordeaux (92)

Pauillac is a left bank Bordeaux, characterized by its foundation of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. It may also contain Merlot, Cab Franc, Carmenere, Petit Verdot, and Malbec, blending them into a harmonious mix.

This wine has rich and deep fruit flavors, complemented by subtle hints of oak that emerge toward the end, culminating in an exceptionally dry finish. It also has an impressive complexity from beginning to end.

2015 Kirkland Signature Ribera del Duero (92)

Courtesy of Costco-2015 Kirkland Signature Ribera del Duero (92)

The wine shines with a rich red hue, and its bouquet is reminiscent of sun-dried cherries. Once you take a sip, you'll be treated to a pleasant blend of black cherries and other dark fruits, with a solid finish complemented by hints of oak and spice.

It's a versatile choice that can be enjoyed with a wide range of foods and is sure to impress both novices and connoisseurs of wine.

2016 Kirkland Signature Series Brunello di Montalcino (91)

Courtesy of Costco-2016 Kirkland Signature Series Brunello di Montalcino (91)

With a color ranging from light to medium purple, this wine has a subtle combination of earthy and peppery notes, along with a lively aroma. The body strikes an ideal balance, pleasantly light but not without oomph.

The spicy cherry flavor leads the way, accompanied by hints of plum and a touch of coffee. Predictably, the wine has pronounced tannic and acidic characteristics. The finish is perfect and dry.

2017 Kirkland Signature Barolo (93)

Courtesy of Costco-2017 Kirkland Signature Barolo (93)

Opening with an enticing bouquet, this wine has a blend of fragrances, including cedar, leather, and black cherry. Subtle hints of pepper and licorice further contribute to its complex aroma.

The Barolo also has a smooth texture and an excellent balance of acidity. Its body, leaning toward the light to medium side, has an array of pleasing fruits complemented by spicy notes. Then you'll taste the tannins, leading to an extended and dry finish.

2018 Kirkland Signature Willamette Valley Pinot Noir (90)

Courtesy of Costco-2018 Kirkland Signature Willamette Valley Pinot Noir (90) (2)

There’s a smart Costco hack that lets you buy wine in some locations, even if you’re not a member. That means you can pick up this vintage with a light-to-medium red color and an aroma dominated by succulent cherries. 

A subtle hint of Dr. Pepper, notes of boysenberry, and gentle notes of spicy oak complement the fruitiness. The finish is super clean, rounding out an overall pleasurable tasting experience.

2018 Kirkland Signature Willamette Valley Pinot Noir (90)

Courtesy of Costco-2018 Kirkland Signature Willamette Valley Pinot Noir (90) (2)

The journey of this medium-bodied pinot noir starts with a delicate aroma, including notes of vibrant cherry, licorice, and sweet oak. You'll also detect hints of cola and earthiness, enhancing the wine's overall sophisticated flavor.

The finish is nice and dry and takes its time to play out fully. This wine is a classic Willamette Valley offering that is smooth in texture and perfectly balanced.

2019 Kirkland Signature Suscol Napa Cabernet (91)

Courtesy of Costco-2019 Kirkland Signature Suscol Napa Cabernet (91)

The distinctive nose of this luscious, vermillion Napa wine is apparent right away, signaling that it's a cut above its counterparts. Next, you'll notice its full-bodiness, accompanied by well-balanced acidity.

Then prepare for an explosion of fruity and chocolate flavors that are super harmonious. Finally, a dry acidity characterizes the finish, lingering pleasantly.

2019 Kirkland Signature Saint-Julien Bordeaux (91)

Courtesy of Costco-2019 Kirkland Signature Saint-Julien Bordeaux (91)

This deep red ruby wine has a distinctive fruity scent typical of a good Bordeaux, balanced by notes of earthiness. Its medium body, leaning toward the fuller side, is replete with well-balanced acidity.

Initially, the tannins taste light, then mellow gracefully. The flavor showcases pleasing notes of sun-ripened plums and cherries. Subtle hints of minerals add depth, while a touch of chocolate lingers, revealing itself at the dry and satisfying finish.

2019 Kirkland Signature Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon (92)

Courtesy of Costco-2019 Kirkland Signature Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon (92)

Dark berries are your first impression of this Cab, followed by spicy notes and complemented by delicate hints of vanilla and cedar. These flavors shine with a velvety texture. And while this wine is arguably a bit simple, it's enjoyable and easy to appreciate.

The finish is just a little bit chewy-feeling and perhaps signals a subtle touch of the renowned Rutherford dust. Perhaps.

2019 Kirkland Signature Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon (91)

Courtesy of Costco-2019 Kirkland Signature Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon (91)

Deep red color, sweet scarlet and black fruits — there's definitely a theme running through Costco's highest-rated red wines. This Cab is no different, with an earthy flavor with fragrant floral notes.

Toward the finish, you taste subtle hints of dark chocolate, adding depth and complexity. The wine maintains an ideal level of acidity, accompanied by velvety tannins, moving into, you guessed it, a dry finish.

2020 Kirkland Signature Châteauneuf du Pape (90)

Courtesy of A bottle of wine

This flavorful wine contains 70% Grenache, 10% Cinsault, 10% Mourvedre, and 10% Syrah. It has a pleasing vermillion color, accompanied by an earthy aroma. Dark fruit like blackberries and blueberries dominate the flavor profile.

The wine also has a peppery character that lingers toward the finish, with a nice acidity and a dry finish. Overall, sipping it is an impressive experience.

2019 Kirkland Signature Series Premier Cru Chablis (90)

Courtesy of Costco-2019 Kirkland Signature Series Premier Cru Chablis (90) (1)

Now we move into the white wines that impressed sommeliers the most, even though they were notably more fond of Costco’s reds. So let’s start with their favorite: a radiant golden chablis with fragrant citrus notes.

Hints of green apple and citrus linger on the palate of this medium-bodied wine. Then the finish is nothing short of exceptional. What more could you want in a chablis?

2022 Kirkland Signature Ti Point Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (90)

Courtesy of Costco-2022 Kirkland Signature Ti Point Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (90)

The second white wine to make the cut has a fragrant bouquet with crisp lemongrass, herbs, and citrus scents. It's no doubt a classic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

The profound flavors have a remarkable balance, accompanied by a smooth texture and vibrant acidity. You can even taste guava and green apple notes, a truly unusual combination. As for the finish, it's all lemongrass and refreshment.

2021 Kirkland Signature Côtes de Provence Rosé (89)

Courtesy of A bottle of Kirkland Signature rose

Another wine sommeliers loved that isn’t a red is this rosé, with 48% Grenache, 25% Cinsault, 11% Syrah, 9% Carignan, 4% Ugni Blanc, and 3% Tibouren. The wine is light salmon in color and has the aroma of red berries.

As you sip, an abundance of strawberries takes center stage, complemented by hints of cranberry and peach. With a refreshing and clean finish, this wine is perfect for heralding the memorable adventures of late spring and deep summer.

2022 Kirkland Signature K Vine Rosé (90)

Courtesy of A bottle of Kirkland Signature rose

This rosé has a well-balanced bouquet characterized by the sweet scents of cherry, melon, and strawberry. It also has mild spiciness and herbaceousness.

The fruit and spice flavors persist when you sip, accompanied by refreshing, tangy notes. With a smooth texture, the wine also has a touch of creaminess that adds to its complexity. Then the tart finish completes a job well done.

Bottom line

trongnguyen/Adobe Costco wines

Thanks to their delicious flavor profiles, delightful bouquets, and pleasurable finishes, Costco has a long list of wines that sommeliers love. It's no wonder that so many are highly rated by the experts.

The best part? Many of these wines are affordable and arguably cheaper than they should be. So you don’t even need to use your best cash back credit card when purchasing them. That’s a reason to celebrate. Cheers!

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