14 Personal Finance Newsletters That Smart Money People Read

Need tips on how to budget smarter, save money, and grow your wealth? Sign up for one of these 14 personal finance newsletters to always know the latest.

14 Personal Finance Newsletters That Smart Money People Read
Updated May 28, 2024
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Most of us could use a little advice from the experts when it comes to personal finance. Financial literacy programs in high schools aren’t typically robust, so many adults end up learning from their own money mistakes.

But there’s an easier way to get the knowledge you need to achieve financial freedom. While there are many resources out there for educating yourself, such as personal finance courses and books, signing up for a newsletter is an easy way to stay up to date with the latest financial news and money tips.

We chose only the most well-respected and reliable newsletters for our list, but we’ve included a wide range to address different financial needs. Whether you’re looking for concise investing tips or in-depth budgeting strategies, there’s something for everyone on our list of the best personal finance newsletters.

Worthy by FinanceBuzz

Forgive us for tooting our own horn, but FinanceBuzz has developed one of the most useful personal finance newsletters for a variety of different readers. Worthy not only keeps you up to date on the latest news, but also provides educational articles that cover the basics of personal finance in addition to more sophisticated topics like investing.

When you sign up for Worthy, you’ll get access to exclusive content on saving and growing your wealth. It’s a quick and easy-to-digest read, so it’s perfect for busy people who are just getting started with learning about personal finance in addition to those who want more advanced tips.

Morning Brew

Morning Brew offers an extremely concise overview of the latest business news. The newsletter has more than 1 million subscribers and is targeted toward young, high-earning professionals. But even if you’re not a millennial, there’s plenty to gain from this newsletter.

The newsletter makes money through ad revenue, but the ads are seamless with the rest of the content so as not to be distracting. You’ll get a quick snapshot of year-to-date performance for the markets, plus a rundown of the most important things happening in politics, small business, tech, real estate, and retail.

The “What Else is Brewing” section offers one-sentence explanations of important events, and the “Games” section offers a fun way to start your morning. If you’re a hardworking professional who’s involved in investing, this newsletter will definitely save you some time getting the latest business news. Subscribe to Morning Brew here.

The Penny Hoarder Daily

Get the best of The Penny Hoarder’s content delivered to your inbox daily, plus a free financial bootcamp, when you sign up for The Penny Hoarder Daily. Topics include budgeting, debt, retirement, saving money, credit cards, improving your credit score, and more tips and tools.

Designed to help consumers live a more frugal lifestyle, this newsletter is ideal for bargain hunters and FIRE (financial independence, retire early) movement aficionados alike.

Clark Howard’s Daily Money Newsletter

Money expert Clark Howard of Clark.com and ClarkDeals.com delivers daily money advice with this financial newsletter. When you sign up for the Clark Daily newsletter, you can also choose to access his weekly podcast and bi-weekly Best of Clark newsletter.

The daily newsletter covers topics ranging from scams to watch out for to product reviews to savings techniques. If you just need a quick dose of money advice each day that will relate to your everyday life, this newsletter could be a good fit for you.

Your Money by The New York Times

Your Money is a weekly personal finance newsletter from none other than The New York Times. The newsletter links to longform articles from the Your Money section of The New York Times, so it’s not as quick of a read as some others on our list, but it’s easy to browse the headlines and click on articles that interest you.

Most of the featured articles are news-related rather than investment advice-oriented. Past issues have included coronavirus-related financial news, such as the government’s response to the economic downturn, to help Americans navigate this difficult time financially. You can sign up here.

Behavior Gap

This weekly newsletter is brought to you by certified financial planner Carl Richards, who draws simple sketches that make it easy to understand difficult financial concepts. Those sketches, which have been featured in The New York Times since 2010, form the basis of each week’s newsletter, which takes only a few minutes to read.

This personal finance newsletter is ideal for folks who want to gain a bit of financial wisdom each week without having to spend a lot of time. If you’re a visual learner, Richards’ sketches might help you make sense of topics you struggled with before. Sign up here.

Quartz Daily Brief

This daily newsletter from international news organization Quartz provides the best of both worlds: Short, concise summaries of the most important news about the global economy, along with links to longer articles in each one. You can stick with a general overview of newsworthy events or take a deeper dive with topics you’re interested in. You could even learn a ton just by browsing the information-packed headlines.

As with Morning Brew, ad content is seamlessly integrated into the newsletter copy. If you have only five minutes in the morning but you want to stay up to date on what’s happening with the economy, this one’s for you. Sign up here.


DailyWorth is a daily newsletter brought to you by Jean Chatzky’s HerMoney, a financial media company focused on providing relevant financial advice to women. Topics include career tips and side hustles, saving and investing tips, insurance and estate planning, affordable products, and more. Past headlines include “How to Save $1 Million” and “Why I Quit My Job After Maternity Leave.”

If you’re a female professional looking for inspiring advice and relevant news each weekday, this one’s for you. Sign up here.


This daily newsletter brought to you by the Black Market Exchange, an investment education platform, is designed to give you a quick glance at the latest news and trends related to the stock market, some investing tips, and a dash of humor to start your day. “If Jay-Z and Warren Buffet started a stock market newsletter, it would be like PAPERTRAIL,” the newsletter’s website states.

Each issue shows you movement in the markets at a glance, a new hip-hop tune, two or three news stories related to the stock market, a look at investment trends and how they affect stocks, and more. 

The Kiplinger E-Newsletters

Personal finance and business site Kiplinger puts out several free newsletters at regular intervals. These include:

  • Kiplinger Today: A daily advice newsletter packed with personal finance tips
  • Building Wealth: A weekly newsletter with advice from money pros nationwide
  • Closing Bell: Get market insights each day after the market closes
  • Investing Weekly: Weekly insights on investment opportunities to take advantage of (and avoid)
  • Retirement Tips: Twice-weekly advice on how to save for the future
  • Tax Tips: Every week from December through April and every month from May through November, get tax-planning tips from Kiplinger
  • A Step Ahead: Guidance on how to react to an economic downturn or disruption of financial markets

You can choose to sign up for any or all of the newsletters Kiplinger offers.

Money Under 30

When you sign up for this weekly newsletter targeted at younger generations of earners, you’ll also get a free seven-day email course that will teach you to set up your budget to maximize your savings and inspire you to reach your earning potential.

After that, you’ll get ongoing weekly tips on how to manage your money, including guidance on paying off debt and investing advice for beginners.

Jill on Money

This newsletter is brought to you by certified financial planner and author Jill Schlesinger, who covers the economy and financial topics for CBS News. In addition to a podcast of the same name, Schlesinger offers the weekly newsletter, Jill on Money, which delivers curated content designed to help you get control of your financial future. It’s a good option for anyone looking for interesting stories free of jargon. You can subscribe here.


This weekly newsletter compiles the biggest money issues in the news along with advice and insights focused on retirement investment. It’s edited by Jonathan Clements, former personal finance columnist for The Wall Street Journal and author of eight personal finance books. If your current priority is to save money for a retirement nest egg, you should definitely sign up for this one.

Robinhood Snacks

The investment platform Robinhood puts out a daily newsletter that takes just a few minutes to read and provides readers with market movements at a glance, a big news story of the day, stock insights, and several links to both advice-oriented and informational articles that may interest you. There’s also a daily podcast you can listen to and a fact of the day, just for fun.

This newsletter is ideal for investors who want a quick overview of what’s going on with the stock market in addition to relevant news. You don’t have to be financially savvy to learn from this newsletter; it’s designed to be accessible to everyone. Sign up here.

The bottom line

Only 57% of U.S. adults are financially literate, according to the finance company S&P Global. And even the most savvy Americans still have learning to do when it comes to how to manage your money. Fortunately, there are a ton of personal finance blogs, investing books, and newsletters available to us for free to help us make smarter money moves.

There’s a newsletter for everyone on this list, and some of them even come with freebies to help you deepen your knowledge. Whether you need complex topics broken down into easily digestible stories free of jargon or you want a straight-to-the-point roundup of the most important financial current events, you can find a newsletter that suits your needs. In fact, you may want to sign up for more than one to get help with all your financial goals.

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