Cash Alarm Review [2024]: Is It Worth Playing?

Cash Alarm is a popular mobile phone game where players can get paid to play — but is it worth the hype?
Updated April 15, 2024
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Cash Alarm is a mobile gaming app that offers players a chance to earn cash for time spent playing mobile games through the platform. It’s a legitimate app that lets users play for coins that can be traded for cash or gift cards. You likely won’t get rich using it, but it could be a fun way to earn a little extra money.

Let's see how it works and what it takes to earn money playing Cash Alarm.

Quick Summary

Cash Alarm lets you make money playing video games, but don’t plan to earn enough cash to quit your day job.

  • Choose from a variety of games
  • Hop around to different games to maximize earnings
  • Cash out your coins for gift cards and other rewards
In this Cash Alarm review

What is Cash Alarm?

The Cash Alarm company is operated by JustDice GmbH, a company based in Hamburg, Germany, and founded in 2015. Using the get-paid-to-play idea behind other popular games, JustDice offers apps and games in more than 100 countries and has given away more than $40 million in prizes since its founding.

Cash Alarm is only available through the Google Play store and on Android devices. It is currently not offered on iOS (Apple), Samsung, or other platforms, including Steam. With more than 10 million downloads and more than 243,000 reviews, this app is popular within the mobile gaming community. It currently has a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on the Google Play store.

A screenshot of the Cash Alarm listing in the Google Play store.

What can you play on Cash Alarm?

Cash Alarm is not a game itself but offers multiple types of games through its app, including bingo, dice, and games of skill from other game developers. To earn money or prizes, you must download the offered games, access them through the Cash Alarm app, and play for a certain amount of time.

The games you’ll find on Cash Alarm vary and may be based partly on your location and other demographic information such as age and gender. Recently available games include Bingo Blitz, Match Masters, and Coin Master, though there are various types of games, including casual, strategy, action, puzzle, adventure, and arcade.

How does Cash Alarm work?

The Cash Alarm app works by collecting games from various developers and offering them through the Cash Alarm app. The longer you play different games within Cash Alarm, the more opportunities you have to earn coins that can be traded for cash.

You can download Cash Alarm for free, and unlike other game apps, you don’t have to add money to a wallet or bank to earn money. Instead, users have to grant permission to track their mobile usage data so Cash Alarm can determine how long they play each game.

You earn coins by playing games through Cash Alarm for a set amount of time and can trade them in for cash or popular store vouchers. Some of the specific game apps have in-app purchases or may request access to your Facebook or Google accounts separately from Cash Alarm.

You must download both the Cash Alarm app and the game apps offered through Cash Alarm, so make sure you have enough space on your phone, and that your internet connection is fast enough to handle the download.
The loading screen for the game Bingo Blitz in the Cash Alarm app.

Once the game app is downloaded, you can play each game through its own app, but you will only collect coins if you access your chosen game through the Cash Alarm app. Cash Alarm does not allow users to add other apps or games to the platform — you can only play what’s offered to you.

The app tracks your coin balance across all games and will tell you how long you have to play each game to earn a certain amount of coins.

As you play, you accumulate coins that can be traded for rewards, such as a cash payout via PayPal or vouchers to popular retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Xbox or PlayStation stores, or the Google Play Store. Although Cash Alarm is intended for use in the U.S., among other countries, PayPal cash redemption is only available in Euros (€).

Who can use Cash Alarm?

Cash Alarm is only available for Android devices and requires software version 5.0 or higher. It's rated teen and older, but users must be at least 18 to accept the terms and conditions in Cash Alarm and some of the games within the platform. Cash Alarm is currently only in English, but it’s available globally.

Although Cash Alarm is not a gambling app, some games, such as dice, slots, or bingo, may be considered gambling. If you live in a state that limits online gambling, you may not be able to access some of the games offered in Cash Alarm.

How much can you earn with Cash Alarm?

Learning how to make money by playing online games can be tricky because there are no guarantees you’ll actually make money. Cash Alarm is no different, and its terms of use state that players may not win money or be entitled to payouts through the platform.

Many people wondering how to make money playing video games are looking for a quick way to make a large amount of cash. Although you might make enough with Cash Alarm for a cup of coffee, you probably won't get rich quickly.

How to earn coins on Cash Alarm

The Cash Alarm app awards coins based on the amount of time you play the various games offered to you. For instance, one of the games, Bingo Blitz, says that if you play for 120 seconds, you can earn 607 gold coins. Another game, Coin Master, offers 2,386 coins for 268 seconds (or slightly more than four-and-a-half minutes) of play.

The game entrance screen for Coin Master in the Cash Alarm app.

The lowest amount you can request from the payout section is 50 cents, which costs you 4999 coins — that’s roughly the same amount as the welcome bonus we got for signing up. Payouts can range from 9,898 coins for $1 to 182,667 coins for $20.

You can also trade coins for vouchers to various places, such as 93,188 coins for a $10 Google Play store voucher or 456,668 coins for a $50 Xbox gift card. You may have to play hours of games to earn $20 or more, so the likelihood of turning this into a lucrative side hustle is small.

Cash Alarm rewards cash-out screen showing PayPal rewards options for various coin amounts.

You can also invite friends to try the app and be rewarded for referrals when they sign up. According to the app, though you earn 25% of whatever coins your friends earn, your friend will also earn 25% of the coins you make, so there’s not a lot of incentive to invite others through Cash Alarm. Some of the individual games may offer better sign-up deals.

Be aware that all payouts through PayPal are only deposited as Euros, and your payment is subject to current exchange rates, so it may reduce your ultimate deposit. Payments may take up to five days to be processed and received, and once you submit a payout request through the app, you cannot cancel it.

How to cash out your Cash Alarm coins

To cash out your coins, visit the Payouts section under the app’s main menu, and select the item you want. You’ll have to verify your email, and if you request the payout of a bonus amount, you may have to provide a selfie in addition to your email address to confirm you’re a real person and not a bot.

For PayPal account cash-outs, you’ll be taken directly to PayPal to log in and complete the transaction. If you request a store voucher, you’ll receive an email with a security code and redemption URL to access your prize within seven business days.

How do you score high in Cash Alarm?

According to several people who have left Cash Alarm app reviews, one of the best ways to earn coins is to play one game for the time it takes to make the coins advertised and then move to another game, repeating that strategy through the various games.

Although the time you spend in each game ultimately earns you coins, the longer you spend in a game may give you diminishing returns on your reward. Some reviewers claim that they played the game for an hour or more but only received credit (and coins) for a shorter time period.

How to get started with Cash Alarm

Getting started with Cash Alarm is straightforward and easy to do.

1. Download the Cash Alarm app on the Google Play store.

The Cash Alarm listing in the Google Play store.

2. Create your account by entering your email or using your Facebook or Google login.

3. Answer some questions about your age and gender.

4. Grant the app permission to your usage data so you can begin collecting coins.

Cash Alarm app permissions screen saying you must grant access to your data to play.

5. Download one of the offered games and set up any required account or guest access.

The Coin Master game listing in the Cash Alarm app.

6. Collect your Welcome Bonus coins.

A welcome bonus for 4499 coins in the Cash Alarm app.

7. Start playing and earning coins.

Game listings in the Cash Alarm app.

Other apps to consider

If the games in Cash Alarm don’t appeal to you, check out some other games that pay real money. Note that some apps may fall under gambling laws or restrictions and may not be available in all states.

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If you enjoy fast-paced bingo action, check out Bingo Clash. Earn money by entering tournaments and playing against other people in real time. This game takes some skill and quick hand-eye coordination to master.

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Solitaire Cash

If card games interest you, read our Solitaire Cash review and start building your pile and collecting your cards. When you feel confident, enter the cash tournaments to compete against others and earn cash or prizes.

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Bubble Cash

Bubble Cash is a bubble shooter game where players can either play for free or compete in paid tournaments for cash. Aim and shoot at a series of the same colored bubbles to help you collect points that can be redeemed for cash payouts or prizes through the app.

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Bingo Cash

Classic bingo gets a mobile upgrade with Bingo Cash. Fill in your card as quickly as possible to earn the most points. Boosters like Wild Daub or Pick-A-Ball help you increase your points and winnings and add an unexpected boost to an old favorite.

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Is Cash Alarm legit?

Cash Alarm is a legit app that allows players to earn real money or vouchers to places like Amazon, Walmart, or the Google Play Store by playing various games on the platform.

Cash Alarm is not a game but offers access to other developers' games based on user information. They collect data on the time you spend in each game and award coins based on the time spent in each game.

Is Cash Alarm gambling?

Cash Alarm is a gaming app with a get-paid-to-play format and real cash rewards. You aren’t required to make in-app purchases or add money to a wallet to play games through Cash Alarm, but some games involve things considered traditional in gambling, such as bingo or dice. Some partner games available in Cash Alarm may have in-app purchases or be considered casino apps.

Is Cash Alarm worth it?

It depends on how much money you’re looking to get. Cash Alarm can help you earn rewards for a little bit of money while you relax playing mobile games, but you likely won't get rich using it. Because cash payouts via PayPal are completed in Euros and subject to currency exchange rates, playing Cash Alarm games may not add up to much money, depending on where you live and how much time you want to devote to the platform.

Bottom line

Playing online games for money might seem like it’s up there with some of the best side hustles around, but you don’t get any guarantees that you’ll win cash or, if you do win, that you’ll get enough to make it worthwhile. Be sure to pay attention to the terms and conditions of each online game you play so you don’t get surprised by hidden gotchas.

Cash Alarm can be a great way to relax during a break or while waiting in line, and you might earn a little bit of money, but don’t count on Cash Alarm as your ticket to easy living.

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