Cash’em All Review [2024]: Can You Make Money Playing Video Games?

The Cash’em All app promises to help you make money while playing mobile games on your phone, but you probably won’t earn a ton of cash.
Updated April 12, 2024
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The Cash‘em All app offers players a chance to earn cash while playing various mobile phone games. Cash’em All isn’t a game itself, but it brings multiple games together in one place, and as you play each round, you earn coins that can be traded for money or gift cards to popular stores.

If you want to earn a bit of extra money, then the Cash’em All app says it can help you do that while you’re relaxing with some casual phone games. But the games are pretty simple, and you’re not going to get rich off this one, so you’ll need to decide if it’s really worth your time.

Let's take a look at what’s in the game app and how much you might be able to earn.

Quick Summary

Cash’em All pays you small amounts of money for playing video games.

  • Multiple types of games on offer
  • Rewards for friend referrals
  • PayPal cash and gift card redemption options
In this Cash'em All review

What is Cash’em All?

The Cash’em All app was created by justDice, a software company based in Hamburg, Germany. The company was founded in 2015 and runs various apps and games in nearly 100 countries worldwide. The justDice website says that it has given away more than $45 million in prizes and cash since 2015 and has more than 200 million players worldwide.

You can get Cash’em All only on the Google Play store, where it has over 50 million downloads. The app is popular, with an average rating of 4.3 stars (out of 5) and more than 1.3 million reviews. But if you’re an iPhone user, you’re out of luck — Cash‘em All isn’t available on iOS. It’s also not on download platforms like Steam.

Cash’em All itself is not a game

Cash’em All isn’t a specific game, but, like other apps offered by justDice, it brings multiple games from different developers into one rewards platform. Unlike other game apps, you don’t have to add your own money to an app wallet to earn cash with Cash’em All. Instead, users allow the app to view their mobile data so that Cash’em All can track the time spent playing each game.

The terms and conditions state that players' personal details may be available to third parties and may contain sensitive information. So if you’re concerned about data safety and privacy, this may not be the app for you.

How does Cash’em All work?

The Cash’em All app collects free games from various developers and offers them to players through the Cash’em All platform. The more you interact with the different games within the app, the more potential you have to earn cash.

Players earn coins by playing games for a set amount of time. To make the most of the Cash’em All app, it's a good idea to download multiple games from the app and move between them instead of playing just one game for an extended time. The more games you play, the more potential you have to earn.

A Family Island gameplay scene.

Players must download both the Cash’em All app and the individual game app to collect coins through Cash'em All. Once you’ve completed the download, it's possible to play each game through its own app, but you will only collect coins if you access your chosen game through the Cash’em All app.

Heads up
Cash’em All does not allow users to add outside games to the platform.

The Cash’em All app is free to start using

Cash’em All is a free app, and once you allow the app to track your data and answer questions about your age and gender, the app will provide a list of games for you to download.

Some of the specific game apps have in-app purchases, may contain ads, or ask you to respond to surveys to collect more points within the game.

Game availability is based on your personal information

The games Cash’em All offers vary and may be based partly on your demographic information. Here are some of the more popular games available:

  • Tile Garden: A card-matching game similar to Go Fish.
  • Wordgrams: An interactive crossword puzzle.
  • Family Island: A world-building and adventure game.

Cash’em All tracks coins across all games

The Cash’em All app tracks your coin balance across all your played games and will tell you how long you have to play to earn a certain amount of coins. Once you spend the set amount of time in a game, the time clock resets, and a new coin amount is offered with a new time requirement.

Although most of the games offer coins based on the amount of time played, there are some reports from players who had their coin-earning opportunities changed without notice. Suddenly coins were based on the level of play they achieved rather than time spent in the game. That’s not great, so pay attention to how the app says you get rewards.

Once you’ve accumulated some coins, they can be traded for rewards like a cash payout via PayPal or vouchers to popular retailers like Amazon, Nike, Walmart, Xbox, Starbucks, and restaurants. We used Cash’em All in the United States, and it’s available in other countries as well, but PayPal cash redemption is only available in Euros regardless of where you live.

The Wordgrams game loading screen.

Who can use Cash’em All?

Cash’em All is only available for Android devices and requires software version 5.0 or higher. You have to be 18 or older to accept the terms and conditions in Cash’em All, although some games available on the app require players to only be 16 and older. Cash’em All is currently only available in English.

Although many mobile game apps can fall under a gambling or casino umbrella, Cash’em All is a gaming platform. Some of the individual games accessed with Cash’em All may be regarded as gambling or casino apps, like bingo or card games. If you live in a state that limits online gambling, you may not be able to access some of the games offered in Cash’em All.

Some states have gambling restrictions
States like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, and Michigan are relatively liberal about online gambling and casino games, but states like Utah and Hawaii completely ban online gambling. Other states fall somewhere in the middle.

How much can you earn with Cash’em All?

Most people want to learn how to make money as quickly as possible, and playing online games through apps like Cash’em All sounds like a great way to get free money. But don’t quit your day job just yet.

The Family Island game listing in the Cash'em All app.

Each game offers a coin amount players can earn for playing for a set amount of time. One of the first games offered, Tile Garden, says that playing for 120 seconds (about two minutes) will net you 324 gold coins. Another game, Family Island, offers 996 coins to players who spend 78 seconds in the game as a starting point.

You’ll have to play many games to make nearly 500,000 coins, or just $50 in store vouchers, so if you’re looking for easy free gifts cards, or the best side hustles to earn some extra money, Cash’em All may not make your list.

Friend referrals can increase your rewards

When you refer friends to play Cash’em All, you’ll be rewarded with 250 bonus coins after they sign up — so long as they don’t already have a registered Cash’em All account. According to the app, you’ll also earn 25% of whatever coins your friends earn, and your friend will earn 25% of the coins you make.

How do you cash-out rewards on Cash’em All?

When you’ve made enough to redeem a prize, go to the Payouts tab at the bottom of the screen and browse to the item you want. To complete your payout, you’ll have to verify the email you used to create an account.

A piñata welcome offer that shows several coin boost options.

If you are cashing in on one of the bonus offers that crop up in the app, you may have to also take a selfie and send it through the app to prove that you’re a real person and don’t have multiple accounts.

Once you verify your email address, you’ll be taken directly to PayPal to log in and complete the transfer of your cash rewards. If you trade coins for a store voucher instead, you’ll receive an email with a security code and URL to access your prize.

Cash’em All has a minimum cash-out requirement

The lowest amount you can request from Cash’em All’s payout section is 75 cents through PayPal, which costs 7,424 coins, or roughly 2% of the coins needed for a $50 Xbox voucher. PayPal payout options then increase to $1.25 for 12,127 coins, and the dollar amounts offered for payout go up as you have more coins in your bank.

Payments can take up to five business days to process and be deposited in your PayPal account. If you plan to trade in for cash, be aware that all transactions through PayPal are deposited as Euros and subject to current exchange rates. You may receive less than expected due to the currency exchange, and once you request a payout, you cannot cancel it.

Store vouchers offer more opportunities to spend coins and can also be purchased through the Payout section. A $50 Xbox voucher costs 456,668 coins. Store vouchers can take up to seven business days to process and appear in your inbox.

Common questions about Cash’em All

Is Cash’em All legit?

Cash’em All is a legit platform that collects various games from multiple developers. It offers coins that can be exchanged for money rewards or store vouchers, and it has various game options, including adventure, matching, crossword, word puzzles, and sorting games.

How do you score high in Cash’em All?

Cash’em All awards coins based on your time in each game. One of the best strategies to maximize your coin earnings is to play for the amount of time it takes to earn the award in a particular game and then switch to another game.

Although the total time you spend in each game earns you coins, the longer you spend in one game may earn you less than if you go back and forth between different games.

Be aware that some people say in their app reviews that the Cash’em All app changed their rewards structure to be based on the level of play they achieved rather than a specific play time, which may change the strategy you need to maximize results.

How to get started with Cash’em All

1. Start by downloading the Cash‘em All app from the Google Play store.

The Cash'em All app listing in the Google Play store.

2. Set up an account with Cash’em All and provide your email address or sign in through your Facebook or Google account.

3. Enter your age and gender, and accept the terms and conditions of play.

4. Give Cash’em All permission to monitor your data so you can start earning coins.

5. Collect your welcome bonus.

A welcome gift offer for 4,499 coins.

6. Review the games offered when you sign up and download the game app.

The Bingo Bash game listing in the Cash'em All app.

7. Start playing.

8. Once you’ve played a couple of rounds of the first game, try downloading a second. Repeat that process so you can earn the most amount of coins.

The My Apps section of the Cash'em All app showing various games and the amount of coins earned for each.

Other apps to consider

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Solitaire Cash

Solitaire Cash gives this solitary card game a new digital spin (without all the card shuffling). As you get the hang of the game and improve your speed, start competing against other players for cash.

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Bingo Cash

Not to be confused with Bingo Clash, Bingo Cash is another online bingo game that gives the quickest players a shot at earning the most points. You can uncover hidden bonuses and upgrades to give the game a little boost.

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Is Cash’em All legit?

Cash’em All is a legit app (not a scam) that allows players to earn real money via PayPal or vouchers to places like Amazon, Nike, or the Xbox store. To earn money, you play various games and collect coins. Strategizing your time in each game can help you earn more coins for bigger payouts.

Is Cash’em All gambling?

Cash’em All isn’t gambling. It’s a gaming rewards app that brings multiple games into one platform. Since you aren’t required to make in-app purchases or add money to a wallet to play games through Cash’em All, it generally doesn’t qualify as a gambling app, but some of the games in Cash’em All may be considered gambling depending on state laws where you live.

Is Cash’em All worth it?

Cash’em All is only worth it if you like playing simple games for fun. The app can help you relax through phone games and earn a little bit of pocket money while doing it, but you likely won't be able to give up your job to become a professional game player. It can be a fun distraction but ultimately may only get you a little fun money.

Bottom line

Cash‘em All and apps like it can help players earn a little bit of money while also giving them a break from the daily grind. Look through the different games offered through the app, and if you find a few that you enjoy, bounce around between them to earn as many coins as possible.

If you want to learn more about making money with video games, check out other FinanceBuzz article about games that pay real money to help you find the game with the right mix of relaxation and rewards.

Cash 'em All Benefits

  • Earn gift cards from Amazon, Walmart and more
  • Free to use app
  • Collect coins the more you play
  • Cash out for gift cards or Paypal cash

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