The 9 Best Things Costco Members Still Get for Free in 2023

There are more freebies Costco members can enjoy besides tasty samples.

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Updated May 28, 2024
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Many people join Costco to help save on groceries and other household items. And although a Costco membership costs you money, there are some extra perks you can take advantage of beyond access to wholesale prices.

In fact, there are quite a few freebies you can take advantage of as part of your membership. Here’s a closer look at some perks that won’t cost you a thing thanks to your membership fees.

Hearing tests

Kzenon/Adobe Woman with white short hair smiles and she touches the headphones she's wearing for hearing test

Costco offers members the chance to get a free hearing test both online and at local stores. The in-person test takes about an hour, and it gives hearing specialists a better idea of whether or not you need a hearing aid or the best types of hearing aids for your ears.

Before you book an appointment, it’s a good idea to go online first and find out if your local Costco has a hearing aid center.

Hearing aid care

andras_csontos/Adobe CIC and BTE hearing aids

If you end up buying your hearing aids from Costco, they are going to need regular care, such as cleaning and replacing batteries.

The wholesale retailer has you covered for that, as well. Just take your hearing aids to a local Costco, and they can help you out with regular maintenance. You can also make a remote appointment with Costco as a follow-up on any issues.

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goodluz/Adobe Woman with dark hair smile at laptop while shoe box with brown boot on top is on the table next to laptop

Costco’s generous return policy is one that keeps many people renewing their membership. Simply bring the item you wish to return to any Costco warehouse, and you can get a refund. And if you ordered the item online, you can either return it in person for an immediate refund – including shipping and handling fees – or start a return via

Be aware that there are some exceptions to the policy for items such as electronics or jewelry, so be sure to double-check Costco’s complete policy before purchasing.

Cash back

MelissaMN/Adobe holding costco wholesale executive membership card

This perk is only available to Costco’s Executive members, but it’s a nice freebie if you’re paying the extra money for the membership.

Costco’s Executive members enjoy 2% annual rewards, up to $1,000, on eligible purchases. Members receive their reward check near their annual membership renewal date, which can be cashed at their local warehouse. It may be a good idea to do some calculations and figure out if the extra cash is worth it for the higher membership fee, depending on your spending habits.

Tech support

Andrey Popov/Adobe technician repairing air conditioner

If you buy an electronic at Costco, don’t be afraid to call and ask for help if you need some support from the retailer’s concierge service.

Costco’s tech support covers a variety of purchases, including televisions, laptops, cameras, major appliances, and more. And its tech support is open seven days a week from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. Pacific time, giving you plenty of hours to call with your issues.

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Free grocery delivery

Rafael Henrique/Adobe Costco Wholesale Corporation logo displayed on a smartphone along with a shopping cart

Another freebie to take advantage of is online grocery shopping. The retailer offers free, two-day delivery for non-perishable items when you spend $75 or more, and free delivery on cold or frozen foods when you spend $100 or more. It can be a great option if you’re looking to stock up your pantry with one large delivery.

Vacation perks

rh2010/Adobe mother holding passports in hand and playing with baby sitting on a suitcase

Costco Travel is another benefit offered to members, and some of its vacation packages also include resort credits, Costco gift cards, and other free perks depending on where you go for your next vacation. The retailer has plenty of options around the world depending on where you would like to go, so definitely take a look before booking your next trip.

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Tyler Olson/Adobe Man offering food samples to couple

Who doesn’t love a sample while wandering the aisles of Costco? And, of course, these samples are free.

Check out Costco’s samples whenever you’re wandering the store to try out new treats or find some old favorites. And remember that samples are usually for items that are on sale, so it’s a good idea to test things out and buy them at a discount if you like them.

Soda refills

Евгений Вдовин/Adobe Man filling up cup of soda at soda fountain

Costco is well known for its hot dog deal at the food court. You can stop in for lunch or dinner and enjoy a hot dog and soda for only $1.50. This hot-dog-and-a-drink deal also includes free refills, so remember to head back and get a little more of your drink before heading out.

Bottom line

wolterke/Adobe Costco Wholesale store and trademark logo

Costco members can enjoy a lot with their membership beyond great savings. Before your next visit, you’ll also want to check out the top credit cards for Costco to get a better idea of how to maximize your rewards. It’s also a good idea to check Costco’s deals before you go to see if there’s anything you may have to add to your shopping list for additional savings.

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