15 Ways to Get More Money Without Getting a New Job

There are many ways to make money without getting a traditional job.
Last updated April 24, 2023 | By Laura Gesualdi-Gilmore Edited By Chris Kissell
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In today’s world, you do not need a traditional job to make extra money. More people than ever before are choosing to take up side hustles, freelance gigs, and other ways to make cash.

Following are 15 ways you can earn more income without starting a new job.

Do market research

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There are a few different types of paid market research. For example, brands or companies pay people to take online surveys, participate in focus groups, and even give opinions on drugs or medical treatments.

How much you get paid depends on the type of research you’re participating in. If you have some free time, market research can be a great way to earn extra cash.

Resell clothes and other items

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There are plenty of apps or companies dedicated solely to selling specific items online. If you want to clean out your closet and make cash in the process, consider selling clothes on an app such as Poshmark or Depop.

Use sites such as eBay and Facebook Marketplace to sell other items.

House-sit or pet-sit

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House-sitting and pet-sitting often don’t involve a whole lot of effort. People might hire house-sitters to keep their homes clean and water plants while they’re away. Pet-sitting might involve walking and feeding pets.

These roles could technically be considered jobs, but they offer enough flexibility that they rarely feel like work. 

Aspiring house-sitters can find gigs through sites like Housesitter.com or Nomador. Dog-walking sites such as Rover also offer pet-sitting services.

Create video content or podcasts

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If you have a niche interest or talent, you might make money creating video content on YouTube or TikTok. Or, create podcasts.

This route likely will require some work to grow your audience.

Buy a rental property

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Renting out a property is a popular way to make passive income, but becoming a landlord does come with a unique set of challenges.

Those considering purchasing an investment property should look into average rent prices in their area, as well as considering mortgage rates, real estate law, and other factors.

Test websites

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Companies often look for people to give them feedback about their websites.

You can sign up through a service such as UserTesting and then pick up work. You might scroll through websites and share your opinion on what worked — and what didn’t.

Sell custom clothing

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With a quick Google search, you’ll find many stories about people who make good money selling custom clothing online. You don’t even have to be a fashion aficionado to do so.

Start by designing and selling T-shirts on a site like Printify. You can also nab your own T-shirt heat press online for cheap and sell your products on a site such as Etsy.

Shop for others

A_B_C/Adobe woman shopping purchase healthy food in supermarket

If you don’t mind browsing grocery aisles, you can make decent money shopping for other people.

Sites such as Instacart are growing in popularity. If you happen to work in a densely populated area where many people shop for groceries online, high demand will mean you can schedule a few orders in one day — and then take a few days off.

Put wagers on your weight loss

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If you want to earn money and trim your waistline in the process, there are websites that will pay you to lose weight.

Companies such as HealthyWage let you set your goal weight and bet a specific dollar amount that you’ll meet it. If you are successful, you’ll earn some cash.

Rent out your car

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If you have a car that often sits idle, rent it out for quick cash. Websites such as Turo let you hang out at home while your car makes money for you.

There are some basic requirements cars need to meet to be eligible for Turo. For example, to get started, your vehicle generally cannot be more than 12 years old or have 130,000 miles or more on it.

Sell gift cards

dennizn/Adobe google play, apple store and amazon gift cards on a table

Do you have a collection of unused gift cards piling up in your junk drawer? If so, another quick way to earn cash is selling those cards on a website like CardCash or GiftCash.

Most gift cards remain valid for a few years after they are purchased. So, if you have some from stores or restaurants you don’t plan to visit, it’s worth it to try trading them in.

Earn cash back for shopping

Nattakorn/Adobe customer using credit card for payment to a restaurant

Credit cards and cash back apps can help you earn money when shopping.

Keep in mind that companies offer cash back perks to keep customers shopping and spending more. However, as with couponing, if you can figure out how to work the system, you can earn serious rewards.

Pro tip: Rewards credit cards can be a great way to put extra cash back in your pocket. However, remember to pay your debt in full every month. Otherwise, the interest charges you pay for carrying a balance can wipe out your rewards savings.

Rent your home on vacation apps

Daniel Krasoń/Adobe Airbnb application on Nokia smartphone

If you have a spare room or vacation home, rent it out when you’re not using it on a site such as Airbnb or Vrbo.

This is another great way to make passive income, as all you’ll have to do is list the property, communicate with guests, and ensure that your space is cleaned and serviced between each stay.

Rent your parking or storage space

Seventyfour/Adobe A man with a storage unit

Even if you don’t have a full room to rent, you can still make cash renting out space. Many people need storage, so you might be able to rent out space in your garage or shed.

If you have a parking space — particularly if you live in a city where parking is in demand — you can make money renting that out as well.

Mow lawns and shovel snow

Horticulture/Adobe lawn mowing

While it’s certainly labor, you can make money offering landscaping services, like mowing lawns or trimming hedges. You can also offer other services, such as shoveling snow or blowing leaves.

These are all great ways to earn money while getting a good workout in as well.

Bottom line

nicoletaionescu/Adobe woman holding money in hand thinking where to invest

If you want to boost your bank account fast, many of the items on this list can help you get there. Additionally, many can turn into profitable long-term businesses if you put in enough time and effort.

Trying out different side hustles is a great way to create a new stream of income and find something you enjoy doing in the process.

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