The Most Beloved Burrito in Every State

From the spicy southwest to the serene northeast, find out which burritos reign supreme.
Updated May 9, 2024
Fact checked
beautiful woman eating sandwich at cafe

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Along with tacos and quesadillas, burritos have become a staple of Mexican-American cuisine. They’re a great way to fill your belly and keep more cash in your wallet

These rice and meat-filled delights have become so popular that you can nab an excellent (and sometimes eclectic) take on the burrito anywhere you travel within the U.S.

To help you pick the best, highest-rated, and most interesting takes on the burrito, we scoured the internet to find the top choices in all 50 states.

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Alabama: Los Angeles Burrito (Alabaster)

Sławomir Fajer/Adobe fresh sandwich with beef and vegetables

Like many of the best burrito purveyors, Los Angeles Burrito is a no-frills joint dedicated to doing what they do best — serving massive, delicious burritos. 

The restaurant’s Yelp page is packed with customers praising the burritos in general, with the breakfast burrito being a top choice.

Alaska: Xalos Mexican Grill (Anchorage)

primopiano/Adobe hand holding burrito wrap with salsa

Xalos Mexican Grill prides itself on incorporating many different styles of Mexican cooking into its menu offerings. The burritos, particularly the “Super Burrito” and “Cinco de Mayo Burrito,” are touted as some of the best in the Anchorage area.

Arizona: Rito's Mexican Food (Phoenix)

Joshua Resnick/Adobe beef black beans salsa rice burritos

Picking the best burrito in Arizona is no easy feat — you can score top-notch Mexican cuisine all over the state — but Rito’s is often a top pick. They’re famous for their incredible green chili burrito — and luckily, there are several locations around Arizona.

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Arkansas: La Carreta (Lowell)

uckyo/Adobe fancy burritos on grey plate

In Arkansas, some of the best burritos you’ll find are at a food truck in Lowell. The La Carreta truck’s Yelp page is filled with happy customers — and the carne asada and beef burritos are particular favorites.

California: Al & Bea’s Mexican Food (Los Angeles)

Марина/Adobe shawarma in hand on orange background

Southern California has some of the best Mexican food you can find in the U.S., so picking the best burrito was quite a challenge. That said, it’ll be abundantly clear when you try one of Al & Bea’s wet burritos why they’ve been a staple in L.A. for 50+ years.

Colorado: Taqueria La Familia (Denver)

Jessica/Adobe woman handling huge burrito at restaurant

Taqueria La Familia is something of a hole-in-the-wall restaurant. The family-owned restaurant is cozy and authentic, and its Yelp page is packed with praise for its burritos (among other things). 

The smothered burrito, topped with cheese and served with green chile sauce, is a fan favorite.

Connecticut: Puerto Vallarta (Manchester)

Jevjenijs/Adobe burritos beside salsa and limes

Puerto Vallarta’s Yelp page is packed with customers praising the excellent selection of authentic Mexican cuisine. They have a wide variety of burritos to choose from as well — from the “Caliente” (served with hot sauce) to the bowl and the innovative “Burrito Alfredo.”

Delaware: El Nopal (Dover)

Macus/Adobe half burritos beside fries tray

El Nopal is family-owned and operated and offers customers a taste of cuisine from the San Luis Potosí region in central Mexico, where the owners are from. Their burritos are a top choice among patrons and at just $6 a pop, they’re a bargain as well.

Florida: Coyo Taco (Miami)

Pixel-Shot/Adobe spring onions sprinkled over burrito

Coyo Taco is such a smash hit that it now has locations around Florida — and around the world (Paris, Panama, and more). When it comes to their burritos, they’re packed, heavy, and come with your choice of meat (they can also be ordered in bowl form).

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Georgia: Tlaloc El Mexicano (Athens)

Sławomir Fajer/Adobe tasty sandwich with beef and vegetables

Tlaloc offers authentic Mexican and Salvadorian dishes, and its Yelp page is filled with rave reviews praising its delicious and affordable menu. 

Many customers have called it the best Mexican/Latin American food in the area — and the burritos certainly live up to the hype, too.

Hawaii: Alejandro’s Tacos (Honolulu)

Юлия Коченкова/Adobe beef burrito plate on wooden table

Alejandro Alvarado, a SoCal native, founded his taco shop with the intention of bringing authentic Mexican food to the Hawaiian Islands. The burritos are beloved in the area and come in standard size, “macho,” or, if you’re hungry enough, a wet burrito combo plate.

Idaho: Joel’s Mexican Restaurant (Sandpoint)

Brent Hofacker/Adobe Homemade Bean and Cheese Burrito

A small local business with a reputation for serving big, heaping burritos, Joel’s has become the go-to burrito spot in the Sandpoint area. Yelp reviewers really enjoyed the carne asada and beef burritos — and rumor has it they have excellent breakfast burritos as well.

Illinois: L'Patron Tacos (Chicago)

eskstock/Adobe Female hands holding tasty mexican burrito

L’Patron’s Yelp page is filled with reviews raving about the Logan Square gem. As its name suggests, it’s known for its tacos, fresh tomatillo sauces, and, of course, top-notch burritos. The steak burrito appears to be a big hit, as does the veggie (which varies from day to day).

Indiana: Ricky’s Taqueria (Elkhart)

Immersive Dimension/Adobe Two cheesy French Tacos Sandwich

Ricky’s is a casual Mexican joint with a big reputation and even bigger burritos. Their famous burritos are stuffed with all the fixings — rice, beans, avocado, etc. — plus your choice of meat. The chorizo burrito appears to be a fan favorite.

Iowa: El Bajio Mexican Restaurant (Cedar Rapids)

5ph/Adobe Mexican burritos with meat and beans

El Bajio is all about that home-cooked feel—and it’s become so popular that it now has two locations in Cedar Rapids. There are a few burritos to choose from, but their breakfast burrito, stuffed with chorizo, eggs, potato, and cheese, is a true gem.

Kansas: Doo-Dah Diner (Wichita)

agneskantaruk/Adobe burritos cut in half on plate

It may not be a Mexican joint, but Doo-Dah Diner does many things right—including its smothered burrito, a breakfast burrito packed with chorizo, scrambled eggs, diced potatoes, and cheese smothered in melted cheese and delicious green chili sauce.

Kentucky: Con Huevos (Louisville)

Ezume Images/Adobe Korean Bibimbap Burrito in basket

Bringing rich Mexican cuisine to the Louisville area and giving it the brunch treatment, Con Huevos has made quite a name for itself. 

Whether you’re going for a bowl or a “brunch burrito,” which can be customized to your liking, Con Huevos will leave you happy (and very full).

Louisiana: Jimmy J’s Cafe (New Orleans)

Xhico/Adobe Hand holding carne asada beef burrito

New Orleans is known for many things — and while Mexican food is not really one of them, Jimmy J’s certainly does have some excellent burritos. 

The breakfast burrito is one of their most popular items, but the steak burrito and the shrimp and egg white burrito are excellent options as well.

Maine: Buen Apetito (Waterville)

Pixel-Shot/Adobe Woman holding tasty masala burrito

Yelp reviewers love the ambiance and welcoming staff at Buen Apetito almost as much as they love the burritos (almost). They have plenty of excellent options, but the pulled pork burrito seems to be the top choice.

Maryland: Tacos Tolteca (Baltimore)

zakiroff/Adobe chef holding guacamole beef burritos

Tacos Tolteca has two locations in Maryland — Baltimore and Fallston — and you can score incredible burritos at both. They have an array to choose from, but the Dragon burrito, which you can get with carne asada steak or grilled chicken, is always a top pick.

Massachusetts: Anna's Taqueria (Boston)

Alfazet Chronicles/Adobe hand placing half burrito on plate

For nearly 30 years, Anna’s Taqueria has been a go-to spot for quick and delicious Mexican fare. They have an assortment of burritos in varying sizes (the super is sure to keep you full through a few meals). And luckily, they have several locations around Boston.

Michigan: Oaxaca Mexican Food (Troy)

Komuso & Colorsandia/Adobe Durum kebab Shawarma in tin foil

A casual spot with a simple yet spectacular menu, Oaxaca Mexican Food churns out packed burritos with your choice of meat — though the pastor (marinated pork) burrito appears to be a favorite. Bonus: they serve breakfast burritos, too.

Minnesota: Pineda Tacos (Minneapolis)

Daisy Daisy/Adobe man eating burrito outdoor

A South Minneapolis gem, it’s hard to name the best burrito at Pineda Tacos. Guests can pick from chicken, steak, or pork and choose from several different burritos — from the standard (with rice and beans) to the California (which adds French fries and guac).

Mississippi: Burrito Zone & Tamales (D’Iberville)

Brent Hofacker/Adobe Hearty Chorizo Breakfast Burrito with lime

A hidden gem in D’Iberville, Burrito Zone & Tamales is becoming the go-to spot for quick Mexican cuisine. They’re known for, you guessed it, customizable burritos and authentic tamales (go early if you’re visiting on the weekend as the tamales are known to sell out).

Missouri: Mission Taco Joint (St. Louis)

chandlervid85/Adobe delicious Mexican burrito wrap with beef

Located in the Delmar Loop, Mission Taco Joint is all about Mexican street food with a California influence. Their burrito options run the gamut — from the “Cali Style” vegan option to the “South Beach” packed with grilled chicken, Oaxaca cheese, chipotle aioli, and more.

Montana: El Rodeo (Bozeman)

Tomislav/Adobe tasty burrito besides ingredients on board

According to a Yelp page with glowing reviews, some of the best Mexican cuisine in Montana comes from a taco truck in Bozeman. 

They have an array of burritos to choose from and customers love the portion size. If you’re really hungry, try the 12-inch “Burrito Montana.”

Nebraska: Block 16 (Omaha)

Fischer Food Design/Adobe Tortilla Wraps on wooden cutting board

Admittedly, Block 16 is not a Mexican restaurant, and its burrito is a bit different than many on this list — but just as delicious. In fact, the restaurant’s Yelp page is a testament to just how delicious the packed poutine burrito (with roasted brisket and regional curds) truly is.

Nevada: KoMex Fusion (Las Vegas)

sharafmaksumov/Adobe vegetarian burrito on wooden board

The Korean/Mexican mash-up you didn’t know you needed, KoMex is a huge hit in Vegas. To really get the experience, check out the “Fusion Burrito,” which is packed with bulgogi, Spanish rice, pico de gallo, and KoMex’s signature slaw.

New Hampshire: California Burritos (Nashua)

Brent Hofacker/Adobe Healthy Homemade Carnitas Pork Burrito

California Burritos is a casual restaurant with a build-your-own style similar to Chipotle’s (though with much more local charm). 

There are four locations throughout New Hampshire, and guests can’t get enough of their namesake California Burrito (filled with steak, fries, and cheese).

New Jersey: Taqueria Downtown (Jersey City)

timolina/Adobe Burritos wraps in wooden bowl

Taqueria Downtown originally started as a taco truck — and has grown to become a Jersey City staple over the past 20 or so years. Whether you go for a breakfast burrito, the picadillo, or a burrito bowl, it’ll be easy to see how Taqueria got its excellent reputation.

New Mexico: Tia Sophia's (Santa Fe)

Andrey/Adobe rice vegetable and beef burrito wrap

Tia Sophia’s has been serving up excellent Southwestern dishes in Santa Fe for more than 30 years. While they offer an array of delicious enchiladas, platters, and more, the breakfast burrito — which you can order with your choice of filling — is where Tia’s really shines.

New York: Taqueria Tlaxcalli (New York City)

Alfazet Chronicles/Adobe brisket burrito with black beans

Located in the Bronx, Taqueria Tlaxcalli is dedicated to bringing authentic Mexican tastes to NYC—and hundreds of glowing Yelp reviews prove it does just that. 

The burritos are massive and come with your choice of meat or veggie. They can also be ordered chimichanga style.

North Carolina: Taqueria El Toro (Raleigh)

altitudevisual/Adobe burrito filling spilling over onto plate

Taqueria El Toro is a no-frills joint dedicated to bringing authentic Mexican food to Raleigh — and hundreds of Yelp reviewers simply can't get enough of their burritos. While the al pastor and carne asada options get a lot of love, the carnitas burrito appears to be the top choice.

North Dakota: Tacos Bros. Food Truck (Fargo)

Veronika Kovalenko/Adobe juicy burritos on plate with garnishing

Rumor has it that one of the best spots to grab a smothered burrito in North Dakota is a little food truck in Fargo. The “Big Mike” burrito is a fan favorite, and as an added bonus, they’re open late at night on Fridays and Saturdays.

Ohio: Lalo (Cincinnati)

Xhico/Adobe carne asada burrito spilled on table

Lalo’s menu is a mashup of Latin, Mexican, and Asian-inspired foods — and their burrito options are quite eclectic as well. 

From the “Drunken Brisket” to the barbacoa to a burrito packed with teriyaki tofu and veggies, the burrito selection alone is enough to satisfy diners of all sorts.

Oklahoma: Big Truck Tacos (Oklahoma City)

Brent Hofacker/Adobe Homemade Chorizo Breakfast Burritos

Big Truck Tacos began with a dream, a love of Mexican street food, and a truck — but demand has taken it to far greater heights. 

Guests can customize their burritos or opt for a breakfast option — but the “Thunder Burrito,” filled with beef picadillo, potatoes, and jalapenos, is a fan favorite.

Oregon: Ole’ Ole’ (Portland)

Tomislav/Adobe tasty grilled smoking burrito on table

Ole’ Ole’ offers fast and fresh Mexican fare and online reviewers love that you get a lot of bangs (or a lot of burritos, if you will) for your buck. There are plenty of burritos to choose from — including breakfast, green chili, al pastor, and fish — and all are $10 or under.

Pennsylvania: El Vez (Philadelphia)

smspsy/Adobe Mexican beef steak burrito on tray

El Vez is known for its ambiance, excellent margaritas, and unique take on Mexican classics. Burritos are featured on both the lunch and weekend brunch menus — and whether you go with chicken, carne asada, or tofu al pastor, you’re sure to leave happy.

Rhode Island: Tallulah's Taqueria (Providence)

Aleksandrs Muiznieks/Wirestock Creators/Adobe half burrito on wooden board

Tallulah’s menu is simple and spectacular (according to hundreds of rave reviews on Yelp). Patrons pick whether they want a burrito, a bowl, a taco, or an array of other dishes, pick their meat, seafood, or veggie, and go from there. The carne asada burrito is a fan favorite.

South Carolina: Java Burrito Company (Hilton Head Island)

Aleksandrs Muiznieks/Wirestock Creators/Adobe half burrito on wooden board

While burritos and coffee may seem like an odd pairing at first glance, it certainly works for Java Burrito Company. Whether you’re going for a burrito, a bowl, or a breakfast burrito, you’re sure to find an excellent coffee, tea, or brew to go with it at Java.

South Dakota: Giliberto’s Mexican Taco Shop (Sioux Falls)

Dmitry Ersler/Adobe yummy Mexican burritos on white plate

Giliberto’s has several locations around the Midwest, and visitors love the huge selection of bargain burritos. The “Burrito Loco” is a fan favorite and as a bonus, you can get it anytime — Giliberto’s is open 24/7.

Tennessee: Paco’s Tacos (Knoxville)

Vusal/Adobe packed burrito on concrete background

A newcomer to the Knoxville scene, Paco’s Tacos is quickly becoming the go-to spot for top-notch Mexican cuisine. They have an array of specialty burritos, but the Vicente, which comes with chicken or steak, plus bell pepper, rice, beans, and cheese, is a favorite on Yelp.

Texas: T-Loc’s

altitudevisual/Adobe spicy beef burrito with fresh cilantro

Admittedly, it’s very difficult to narrow down the best Mexican options in Texas, so we went with a unique choice. T-Loc’s may be known for their Sonora-style hot dogs, but Yelp reviewers can’t get enough of their burritos either—the carne asada is a top choice.

Utah: Chunga's (Salt Lake City)

Ievgen Skrypko/Adobe two half burrito with tortilla chips

Chunga’s has two locations in Salt Lake City — and you can expect excellent (and huge) burritos at both. Burritos can be served enchilada-style with your choice of green or red sauce, and guests can choose their meat or veggie filling.

Vermont: Firebird Cafe (Essex Junction)

Sabor Caribe/Adobe Traditional Mexican burritos with meat beans

Firebird Cafe is a comfy spot to grab a coffee or tea — or an array of delicious burritos. Their breakfast burrito — the “Supremo Burrito” packed with eggs, pico de gallo, avocado, cheese, chipotle sauce, and more — is one of their more popular items.

Virginia: La Mexicana Bakery & Taqueria (Alexandria)

topshots/Adobe burrito on colorful plate

La Mexicana Bakery & Taqueria offers a wide range of delectable lunch and dinner items and is well-known for its pan dulce (sweet bread). However, the restaurant’s Yelp page is packed with happy customers praising the incredible California Burrito.

Washington: Tacos Chukis (Seattle)

ricardo rocha/Adobe mexican burrito plate besides margarita glass

Tacos Chukis has several locations around Seattle, and while they technically only sell “baby burritos,” they’re just as delicious as any full-size meal. Plus, you can mix and match the fillings. Guests can choose chicken, pork, veggie, or asada.

West Virginia: Maria’s Taqueria (Shepherdstown)

Viktor/Adobe delicious Doner kebab wraps on plate

A small taco shop with an excellent atmosphere, Maria’s Taqueria has gained a reputation for being on top of the burrito game. Yelp is filled with glowing reviews in general, but the carnivore and Mary Jane burritos are particular favorites.

Wisconsin: Café Corazón (Milwaukee)

chas53/Adobe Beef Burritos with mayonnaise on plate

Café Corazón is all about creating delicious Mexican cuisine with locally sourced ingredients. Their burritos are top-notch and, as many Yelp reviewers note, absolutely massive. The wet burrito is a fan favorite, and fortunately, it’ll likely leave you with leftovers.

Wyoming: Fiesta Mexican Restaurant (Jackson)

JJAVA/Adobe Bean Burrito garnished with salsa

A no-frills joint that’s all about delicious dining, Fiesta is a top-rated Mexican restaurant in Jackson. 

There are several different options for burritos, though one of their most popular items is the California burrito, which is packed with beef, shrimp, fries, guac, and pico de gallo.

Bottom line

Fat Bee/Adobe man in floral shirt holding burrito

One of the great things about burritos is that you’re often getting a whole lot of food for very little money. 

They’re a great option for the bargain diner no matter where you’re traveling in the U.S., and best of all, they won't bust your budget if you’re trying to get ahead financially.

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