6 Pro Tips from a Top Poshmark Reseller

I earned a small fortune selling my gently used clothing online. Here’s how you can be successful as a Poshmark reseller.

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Updated May 13, 2024
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If you’ve got a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, you could probably make some room for new styles you love by getting rid of items you no longer use. And if your clothes, jewelry, shoes, or even home items are in good condition, you might also be sitting on a goldmine.

That’s because Poshmark, an app for resellers, lets you easily turn your gently used stuff into extra cash. Just take a photo, create a listing, set your price, and wait for your item to sell. Poshmark sends you a prepaid shipping label, so all you have to do is box up your item and drop it off at the post office. Poshmark deducts $2.95 for sales less than $15, and 20% of the cut from sales of more than $15. 

To date, I’ve earned more than $5,700 on the platform, mostly from selling items I could no longer use. Some Poshmark resellers have made six figures, and one entrepreneur even brought in a whopping $1 million in sales. If you want to know how to make money, Poshmark is one of the best side hustles out there. The amount you can earn depends largely on what you have to sell, but certain strategies can help you maximize your earnings on the platform.

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How I got started as a Poshmark reseller

Shopping has always been one of my favorite hobbies, but it’s also an expensive habit. I had to learn early on how to find the best deals, especially because I had an affinity for designer brands. By the time I reached my mid-20s, I had collected quite the assortment of clothing, shoes, and jewelry. I had also gotten curvier, so the majority of those items no longer fit me.

That’s when I discovered Poshmark. My first listing was a patchwork sweater from Free People that sold for $55. From there, I went on to list more than 250 items over the course of several years. A few times, I was even able to make a profit from new designer items purchased at a discount outlet. Since 2013, I’ve amassed more than 480,000 followers on the platform. Although I sell much less frequently than I used to, every new item I list gets a lot of attention due to my following.

6 pro tips for Poshmark reseller success

1. Define your aesthetic

The best way to get followers is to fill your closet with beautiful items that showcase your style — and then show those items off on Poshmark. Aim for a cohesive aesthetic in your photographs; use similar backgrounds and framing. You may also want to pick up a few popular new designer items to draw people to your closet. Even if you can’t sell them at a profit, you’ll gain more followers, and your other items will be more likely to sell.

2. Engage

Be responsive to questions and feedback from other users. You should also use the app to do some shopping of your own. Not only will this give you an idea of what’s popular, but you’ll also be more likely to get followers if you like and share other users’ listings.

In addition, you should share your own items as often as daily to make sure they’re appearing in search results. If your listing isn’t selling, consider making an offer to your likers. Poshmark allows you to advertise a targeted discount to people who already like your item. All you have to do is click “Price Drop” and then “Offer to Likers” on your listing. Make sure you knock at least 10% off your lowest offer in the past 90 days, or it won’t be shared.

3. Be strategic when pricing your items

Poshmark users love getting a good deal and will often make an offer before paying your listing price. That’s why you should always list items for about 20% more than what you’re willing to sell them for. If you’re not sure how much you can expect to get for an item, research other items from that brand. You can filter your results by items that have sold already, so you can see what people are willing to pay. This is especially important if you’re purchasing items at outlet or thrift stores for resale.

While you’re doing research, keep an eye out for ISO listings. ISO stands for “in search of.” Sometimes Poshers will post an item they’re looking for. If you have the item and are selling it, go ahead and tag them in your listing.

4. Include details

You want to make sure you’ve provided other Poshers with the information they need to make a decision about purchasing your item. That means you should write detailed descriptions in bulleted lists that are easy to scan. Include things like measurements, material, colors, and any special features. If your item has a flaw, include that info in the description and take a clear, close-up photo of the stain or tear.

Many Poshers will also ask for a picture of a model wearing your item. It’s best to model it yourself if you feel comfortable, but a picture taken from a retailer’s website will work too.

5. Provide great customer service

Always be kind and responsive to other Poshers, and offer a bundle discount to encourage people to purchase more items from your closet. Ship your items promptly and include a thank you note. If you have extra items, such as jewelry or accessories, that you want to get rid of but can’t sell, keep those around to include in your packages as a special surprise.

I’ve had repeat customers come back to my Poshmark closet to make a second purchase. I always provide repeat customers with an extra special deal, because I know they’ll keep an eye on my closet when I list new items. You can even tag previous customers when you add a new item you think they might like.

6. Become a Posh Ambassador

The best way to get new followers is to become a Posh Ambassador, which you can achieve by following the tips above. To qualify, you’ll need to:

  • Share at least 5,000 items from other Posher’s closets
  • Share your own items at least 5,000 times to the community
  • Have at least 50 available listings in your closet
  • Make at least 15 sales
  • Maintain a rating of at least 4.5 stars
  • Maintain an average ship time of fewer than three days

Once you’ve reached Posh Ambassador status, Poshmark will recommend you to new users. That’s how I continue to accrue more followers every day, even though I’m not posting new items.

Managing your Poshmark business expenses

Getting your business off the ground will require you to purchase items to sell. Here's an excellent card we recommend:

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Another unique feature of this card is that it has a 0% intro APR for 12 months on purchases (then 18.49% - 24.49% Variable). Businesses and side hustles can be expensive to get up and running, and the intro APR can help you get started on the right foot (and you could earn the welcome offer for an extra boost).

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Selling on Poshmark: The final word

Don’t be surprised if your items aren’t worth what you thought they would be. I’ve sold items purchased at discount stores for double what I paid for them, but I also had to let a $250 dress in perfect condition go for just $30. It wasn’t a popular designer on the platform, so I had to lower the price so it would sell. The important thing is that you come out ahead on average. That’s easy to do if you’re selling used items, as it’s basically pure profit. I’ve found that you’ll get a much better price for your items on Poshmark than you would by selling them at a secondhand store.

Be patient, especially if you’re just starting out. List your best items first, and don’t expect them to sell right away. Share your items daily for a few weeks, and if they don’t sell, consider offering a price drop. With a little patience and some hard work, I think you’ll find that Poshmark is an awesome community that is a great option when considering how to make extra cash. And if it’s not for you, there are plenty of other reselling platforms out there to consider — one reseller makes $2,000 a month selling on eBay!

Happy Poshing!

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