20 Insanely Budget-Friendly Trader Joe's Deals to Fill Your Freezer in June

Trader Joe’s has a ton of seasonal freezer items that you won’t want to miss!
Updated May 16, 2024
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Trader Joe’s has increased in popularity over the years, with customers turning to this grocery store to stock up on new and unique foods.

There are many reasons why many have bought into the Trader Joe’s hype, thanks to the store's healthy options and affordable prices that help you keep more money in your wallet.

And with their vast section of frozen foods, you can easily fill your freezer with quality, low-cost items.

Editor's note: Prices are subject to change and may also vary by location.

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When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Ice Cream

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Trader Joe's-When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Ice Cream

Price: $3.79

This seasonal ice cream will cool you off during those long summer days.

With a burst of lemon in every bite, you also get shortbread cookie bits throughout this pint. It’s as if lemon bars were turned into your favorite frozen treat.

Trader Joe’s Fruit Frenzy Bars

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Trader Joe’s fruit frenzy bars

Price: $2.99

Here’s another frozen goodie that’ll taste just like summer.

This “fruit frenzy” includes raspberry, lemon, and strawberry for a fresh juice fusion perfect for those days in the sun. And this four-pack under $3 is hard to beat.

Classic Naples Style Sfogliatella Pastry

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Trader Joe's-Classic Naples Style sfogliatella pastry

Price: $4.49

If you’re not able to travel abroad this summer, bring “abroad” to your freezer.

This sfogliatella pastry is Naples-style, giving you a taste of Italy no matter where you are with its light pastry, orange filling, and ricotta.

Plus, it will be at Trader Joe’s for a limited time, so snag one while you can!

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Stir-Fried Garlicky Cabbage

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz stir-fried garlicky cabbage

Price: $3.49

This frozen food works great as a side or in some homemade egg rolls.

Since it’s vegan, you can easily pair it with any quick meal for a delicious veggie option. All you have to do is heat and eat, and you have an easy dinner in no time.

Pão D’ Água Portuguese Rolls

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz A package of Portuguese rolls

Price: $2.29

These classic Portuguese dinner rolls take only ten minutes from oven to table.

Easily add this ready-made roll to your meal by dipping it in olive oil or using it as a slider bun. It’s a fun way to incorporate new food into your dinners while helping you save on groceries.

Garlicky Pasta

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Trader Joe's - garlicky pasta

Price: $4.29

Take Italian pasta and add an Asian twist with this frozen garlicky pasta!

The Italian pasta combines umami and garlic flavors for a truly unique experience. Mix it in with your favorite seafood, or simply top it with sesame seeds and veggies for a meal that’s as tasty as it is fast.

Perfectly Pickled Pups

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Trader JOe's - perfectly pickled pups

Price: $4.99

It’s no secret Trader Joe’s loves to try out different flavor combos, and these corn dog bites are no exception.

You get uncured beef franks wrapped in pickle-flavored breading for every pickle lover’s dream snack. You can also buy the seasonal pickle seasoning to sprinkle on your side of fries.

Gluten Free Battered Plant-Based Fish Fillets

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz gluten free battered plant-based fish fillets

Price: $4.99

Here’s a simple dinner or snack option great for Meatless Monday.

This “catch of the day” is vegan-friendly and gluten-free while still tasting like your favorite fish sticks. Try it with sweet potato fries for a healthier alternative to fish and chips.

Vegetable Fried Rice

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Trader Joe's - vegetable fried rice

Price: $2.99

Trader Joe’s freezer section has a ton of foods from different corners of the world, like this vegetable fried rice.

Have a hibachi-themed dinner night with this scrumptious side. Snag a few other freezer favorites, like orange chicken or the kung pao chicken (mentioned below), to complete your meal.

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Kung Pao Chicken

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Trader Joe's-Kung Pao Chicken

Price: $5.99

This kung pao chicken comes with veggies and nuts, too.

This protein is packed with spicy soy-ginger sauce and adds flavor and heat to your lunch or dinner. You can cook it in the microwave, skillet, or stovetop for an on-the-go meal that’ll keep you satisfied.

Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Trader Joe's - butter chicken with basmati rice

Price: $4.49

It’s hard to choose just one frozen meal from Trader Joe’s Indian foods, but you can’t go wrong with a classic butter chicken.

No matter your spice tolerance, this is a milder choice that still offers tons of delicious taste. Be sure to grab some naan bread in the frozen foods to pair with this easy dinner.

Wild-Caught Chilean Hake Fillets

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz wild-caught Chilean hake fillets

Price: $4.99

This is another limited-time offering at Trader Joe’s great for grilling out this summer.

Hake is similar to cod or haddock and is a versatile fish with a light flavor. And this frozen pack is easy to prepare when your summer days get too busy for meal planning.

Bambino Pepperoni Pizza

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Trader Joe's-Bambino Pepperoni Pizza

Price: $4.49

These personal pizzas are artisan-made so that your pizza night feels elevated.

Pop these in the oven or air fryer for something speedy yet scrumptious. This is a fun choice for your kids' summer movie nights or slumber parties.

Ratatouille Bites

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Trader Joe's - ratatouille bites

Price: $4.29

Disney helped put ratatouille in the mainstream for many, and this snack takes the meal and makes it bite-sized.

Serve it as an appetizer or side with your favorite meal, and dip it in some of Trader Joe’s homemade marinara. You can even have a Ratatouille-themed dinner night with the kids and have them enjoy their veggies with this fun snack.

Fruits and Greens Smoothie Blend

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz fruits and greens smoothie blend

Price: $3.99

This June, you may be spending more time in the great outdoors, so why not have ready-made smoothie blends to keep your energy levels up?

This fruit and greens smoothie blend is packed with nutrients and greens for a smoothie on the go that tastes like it came from your favorite smoothie café. Having a few of these bags on hand in your freezer saves time and money.

Maple Poffertjes

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Maple Poffertjes

Price: $3.49

These pancake puffs are a Dutch favorite, and you may soon see why.

With their bite size, maple flavor, and easy-to-eat form, breakfast is about to become much simpler and fun. However, you better hurry because this is only at Trader Joe’s for a limited time.

Mexican Style Roasted Corn

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Trader Joe's - Mexican style roasted corn

Price: $3.79

When you want Mexican-style corn but don’t want to fuss with the cob, this is a great alternative.

Trader Joe’s frozen roasted corn has all the spices and cotija cheese in one bag. This can be a side or part of a burrito or taco bowl for Taco Tuesday.

Quinoa Cowboy Veggie Burgers

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Trader Joe's-Quinoa Cowboy veggie burgers

Price: $3.99

This freezer section offers plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, like these quinoa cowboy veggie burgers.

Made with black beans, corn, and other delicious ingredients, you may never return to beef again. This spicy and savory meat alternative can be made like a regular burger, or you can add Tex-Mex toppings like avocado or salsa.

Cauliflower Gnocchi

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Trader Joe's-Cauliflower Gnocchi

Price: $2.99

This is one item that Trader Joe’s has trouble keeping in stock!

The cauliflower gnocchi spins a classic Italian dumpling and transformed it with this popular veggie. Serve it in your favorite sauce or incorporate it into a creamy soup for a hearty meal.

Jamaican Style Beef Patties

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Trader Joe's-Jamaican style beef patties

Price: $4.49

If you like Hot Pockets or savory turnovers, try these Jamaican beef patties.

Spicy ground beef in a flaky pastry makes this an easy and quick snack that can be microwaved, air-fried, or oven baked. You get two patties per box, which is quite the steal for such a robust flavor.

Bottom line

jetcityimage/Adobe Trader Joe's retail location

Since there are limited and seasonal items that are hard to keep in stock, you may want to stop by your local store soon to be sure you don’t miss out on any of these treats!

After all, they won’t be back for a while once they’re gone.

Trader Joe’s has even more frozen items that fit every diet and budget, helping you beat the rising cost of groceries.

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