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21 Blitz Game Review [2024]: Win Real Money Playing Solitaire and 21

21 Blitz is a mix of Solitaire and blackjack that offers ways to earn real money by competing against other players in online tournaments.

Updated May 15, 2024
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21 Blitz


If you’re looking for a minimal-effort side hustle or simply want to kill some time, consider gaming apps. These are games that can be played on most phones for free, don’t take much time to play, and often provide opportunities to earn real cash.

In this 21 Blitz review, we cover how this card game works, what kind of money opportunities are available, and whether it might be worth it for you to start playing.


Earn real cash by playing games on your phone
Unique blend of Solitaire and Blackjack gameplay
Free to download and start playing


No guaranteed winnings, skills are required
Depositing your own money carries risks
Cash games are not available in some states
How we evaluate products

Key takeaways

  • We recommend 21 Blitz for casual gamers looking for a fun way to earn cash with their card skills.
  • We like that it's a skill-based game that rewards players who can quickly strategize.
  • You can potentially earn tickets to get bonus cash without depositing your own money.
  • It's a skills-based game, so there's no guarantee that you'll win, and you could lose money if you deposit your own cash.
  • Cash games are not available in all states.

What is 21 Blitz?

21 Blitz is an app available from the Apple App Store, Galaxy Store, and Google Play that mixes elements of the Solitaire and 21 card games in quick and exciting game modes. It was created by Tether Studios, an independent game development studio based in Henderson, Nevada. The company focuses on developing mobile, skill-based games.

Tether Studios has a worldwide audience of over 32 million players involved with its games, including titles such as Mahjong Solitaire Cube, Yatzy Royale, and Cube Cube. Tether Studios was founded in 2014 by Aletheia O’Neil and Tim O’Neil and runs on Skillz. This game platform hosts billions of online multiplayer tournaments for millions of players worldwide competing for cash prizes. Other popular Skillz games include Dominoes Gold, Blackout Bingo, and Pool Payday.

Many Tether Studios games have ranked in the top 5 games in their categories on the App Store. 21 Blitz has over 28,000 ratings and an overall 4.6 out of 5 rating in the App Store. The app also has high ratings in the Galaxy Store, with over 3,000 reviews and an overall 4.5 out of 5 rating.

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How does 21 Blitz work?

After you’ve downloaded the app and created a 21 Blitz account, you can participate in different game modes using Z coins (the in-game virtual currency) or your cash balance. You automatically start with a small number of Z coins after learning how to play with the tutorial, which consists of two practice games against other players. You can earn more Z coins by winning games, unlocking trophies, and claiming daily rewards. If you continue earning enough coins, you can keep playing the game forever.

To win games, you typically need to score higher than your opponent. 21 Blitz is a mix of Solitaire and 21 (also known as blackjack), so having some knowledge of these card games is helpful. You score points during a game by taking cards from your deck and completing stacks. You have four spaces for stacks, and you can only clear a stack by reaching a sum of 21 within the stack or using a blackjack wild card, which automatically clears any stack you choose.

You can earn bonus points by clearing stacks on back-to-back turns (streak bonus), hitting combos, and finishing your deck before the three-minute timer expires (time bonus). If you go over 21 in a stack, that stack is busted, and you get a strike. The game will end if you get three strikes or the time runs out.

Every game mode has an entry fee, whether using Z coins or your cash balance. You can’t directly earn real money by playing games using Z coins, but you can eventually earn enough tickets to buy bonus cash in the Skillz Rewards store. Bonus cash can be used to participate in cash games, which offer the opportunity to win real money. You can also deposit your money into your cash balance to play cash games.

Here are some of the basic game modes available in 21 Blitz:

  • Practice: Play against a player with a similar skill level using Z coins. Prizes include Z coins, tickets, and Leagues medals.
  • Head-to-head: Use your cash balance to play against a player of a similar skill level. Prizes include cash, tickets, and Leagues medals.
  • Brackets: Play against multiple other players using your cash balance. Prizes include cash, tickets, and Leagues medals.
  • Events: Participate in events against other players, typically using your cash balance. Prizes often include cash and tickets but might include products as well.

Leagues is an ongoing timed prize pool available to all players who have played enough games, usually around three. After playing a sufficient number of games, you’re automatically entered into Leagues, which pits you against all other eligible players for a pool of prizes. When the current Leagues period ends, the top players on the leaderboards win prizes.

The more Leagues medals you win from playing different game modes, the more opportunities you have to win a prize from the pool. Leagues is separated into Pro and Practice categories depending on whether you’re playing using Z coins or your cash balance.

Who can use 21 Blitz?

As a game that uses real money, 21 Blitz is rated for individuals 17 and older on the App Store. However, Skillz requires players to be 18 or older to compete in its tournaments. Languages included in the App Store version of 21 Blitz are English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish.

Here is where you can find and download 21 Blitz:

  • App Store: Available on iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running iOS 12.2 or later.
  • Google Play: Available on Android devices running 6.0 and higher.
  • Galaxy Store: Available on certain Samsung devices.

Online gaming with real money isn’t legal in all locations. Skillz cash tournaments aren’t available in these states:

  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Indiana
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • South Dakota

Because 21 Blitz is free, playing if you like the game and want to pass the time could make sense. But given its features, it could prove a temptation to deposit your money to win cash prizes. If you have or have had issues with addiction, it could make sense to avoid 21 Blitz and its potentially addictive features.

But if this isn’t an issue for you and you enjoy playing a mix of Solitaire and 21, this could be a simple way to earn real money. Keep in mind that 21 Blitz is a skill-based game, so quick movements and plenty of practice could be useful.

How much can you earn with 21 Blitz?

As a competitive gaming app, 21 Blitz rewards the best players with the most prizes. This could include winning Z coins or cash, depending on the game mode. However, it’s important to remember that there’s no guarantee that you’ll win anything. Apart from earning rewards by winning games, you could also earn certain rewards by referring more players or using a promo code.

If you want to earn money with 21 Blitz but don’t want to deposit any of your own money, you can play enough games with Z coins to make it to the cash games eventually. You would have to earn tickets by winning practice games until you could afford to trade your tickets for bonus cash in the Skillz Rewards store. It currently takes 20,000 tickets to get $1 of bonus cash, which is enough cash to participate in the lowest-priced cash match.

Because you can only earn one ticket for winning a practice match and the time limit for each game is three minutes, it would take at least 20,000 games, or 60,000 minutes (1,000 hours) to earn enough tickets for a small amount of bonus cash. That’s a long time, and maybe not worth it for some players.

The alternative is to deposit some of your own money and immediately gain access to the cash games on Android and iOS. You typically need about 60 cents for the least expensive cash mode, which offers a $1 prize. But you can also go ‌up to $425 cash prize games with $260 entry requirements in the head-to-head mode. You can also participate in other cash modes with varying prize pools and entry requirements.

You can withdraw from your cash balance (not including bonus cash but including deposits and earned cash) ‌by selecting the “Withdraw” option from the in-game menu. You should see this option after you register your account. 

For any money you’ve deposited into your account, a withdrawal will return your money using your original payment method, including a credit card or PayPal. If you withdraw funds beyond what you originally deposited, U.S. players will receive a mailed check, whereas players in other locations will receive a PayPal payment.

If 21 Blitz doesn’t seem like the right side hustle for you, check out our list of the best side hustles.

FAQs about 21 Blitz

Can you win money with 21 Blitz?

Yes, you can win money with 21 Blitz by building your cash balance and then participating in cash game modes. You can build your cash balance by depositing your own money or by earning in-game bonus cash. 

Depositing your own money is likely the quickest way to participate in cash games, but it’s also possible to play the app for free and eventually earn enough rewards to receive bonus cash.

Does Android have 21 Blitz?

Depending on your type of Android device, you can download 21 Blitz using Google Play or the Galaxy Store. For iPhones and other applicable iOS devices, 21 Blitz is available on the App Store.

How do you play 21 Blitz?

21 Blitz combines elements of the Solitaire and blackjack, or 21, card games. You want to get rid of your deck of cards as quickly as possible by forming different piles, but you can only clear a pile if you reach 21 or use a wild card (a blackjack). 

As you clear piles, you earn points. You can earn more points for clearing bigger piles and clearing your deck before the time runs out. You’re typically matched up against other players and the highest score wins.

How to get started with 21 Blitz

To get started with 21 Blitz, follow these steps:

1. Download 21 Blitz from the App Store, Google Play, or Galaxy Store.

21 Blitz screenshot

2. Open the app and select “Play Now.”

21 Blitz screenshot

3. Choose an avatar and enter a username.

21 Blitz screenshot

4. Play a few practice games to get through the tutorial.

21 Blitz screenshot

5. Once you’re able to, select “Account” from the dropdown menu and then choose “Save Account” to create your account.

21 Blitz screenshot

6. Enter your date of birth and other required information to register your account.

21 Blitz screenshot

7. Select a game mode to start playing the game.

21 Blitz screenshot

Other apps to consider

If 21 Blitz isn’t the right fit for you, consider checking out other games that pay real money to make some spare cash in your free time.

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For another type of Solitaire game, check out Solitaire Cash. This app offers opportunities to win real money by playing Solitaire online against other players. If you enjoy different types of Solitaire game types, including Spider and FreeCell, you’ll likely catch onto this game quickly. Read our Solitaire Cash review to learn more.

Blackout Bingo

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Bottom line

We recommend 21 Blitz for casual gamers looking for an engaging way to potentially earn some extra cash through their card skills. However, keep in mind there's no guarantee you'll win money, and depositing your own cash to play carries risks. 

If you're looking for lower-risk ways to make extra money through your phone, apps focused on paid surveys, passive earnings, or gig work could be better alternatives. But overall, 21 Blitz is worth considering for card game enthusiasts seeking a fun mobile experience with the chance to win prizes.

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Earn real cash by playing games on your phone
Unique blend of Solitaire and Blackjack gameplay
Free to download and start playing

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