Laura Bostwick

Laura Bostwick
About Laura

Laura writes about managing money, entrepreneurship, getting out of debt, and using credit cards responsibly. She’ll settle for a strong double espresso, but prefers a triple. ☕

Her goal is to break through the taboo of talking about money and help encourage others to confidently take charge of their finances once and for all!

An avid traveler, she’s always planning her next trip somewhere around the globe. 🌎

Places worked/lived/visited so far include:
  • Bahamas
  • Cambodia
  • Canada
  • China
  • Costa Rica
  • Denmark
  • DMZ (that counts, right?)
  • Fiji
  • Germany
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Jeju
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Panama
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Thailand