15 Cities Getting Hit the Hardest by High Inflation

These areas have seen some of the most severe price increases in 2022, and increasing costs are still a burden in many categories.
Last updated April 3, 2023 | By Katelyn Washington Edited By Michael Kurko
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Although inflation is slowing down overall, it remains an issue for many Americans.

Prices for some items are still going up, and Americans are looking for ways to beat the rising cost of groceries as well as other necessities.

Some areas of the country have also been more affected by price hikes than others. These 15 regions have been impacted the greatest by inflation, with some experiencing the biggest price increases in decades.

15. St. Louis, Missouri

digidreamgrafix/Adobe Saint Louis Missouri downtown at daylight

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the St. Louis area experienced an overall 7.0% Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase in the 12 months ending in October 2022.

Food costs have been a burden for urban consumers in the region, with an increase of 14.3% over the year. Energy prices hit St. Louis the hardest, with an increase of 14.7%.

14. Denver, Colorado

f11photo/Adobe panorama of Denver skyline at twilight

Prices in the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood region increased 6.9% over the year and 0.5% in October and November.

Food prices decreased 0.7% in the same two months, but consumers experienced a 9.7% rise in food prices over the year.

13. Boston, Massachusetts

The CPI for the Boston-Cambridge-Newton, MA-NH area rose 7.0% over the year. Energy costs impacted consumers greatly, with an increase of 29.5%.

The rise in energy prices has slowed, but area residents still faced a 12.9% energy index increase for the two months ending in November 2022. Electricity costs were a significant reason for the increase.

12. San Francisco, California

SeanPavonePhoto/Adobe San Francisco California USA Skyline

In the two months ending in October 2002, the San Francisco area noticed a 1.0% price increase compared to a 6.0% rise over the year. However, the energy index is still impacting residents with an increase of 7.1% in the same two-month period.

The increasing costs of gasoline contributed greatly to the increase. Consumers in the area saw some slight relief in September and October, with a 1.3% decrease in electricity costs.

11. Riverside, California

jonbilous/Adobe twilight view of the city of Riverside

The Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, CA area saw price increases of 7.5% over the past year and 0.6% in the two months ending in November 2022. Much of November’s increase was due to shelter costs.

Consumers saw no change in food prices in October and November 2022 but are still facing high food expenses, with a total 9.8% increase for the category during the year.

10. Dallas, Texas

SeanPavonePhoto/Adobe Dallas Texas USA

The region experienced an overall price increase of 8.4% over 12 months.

Shelter expenses attributed to price increases in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington region for October and November 2022. Consumers faced an overall 0.3% price increase during that time.

Residents still experienced increased food expenses for the two months ending in November 2022. October and November’s fruit and vegetable prices influenced rising costs in this category, with an increase of 1.5%.

9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

andreykr/Adobe Philadelphia skyline at night

A decrease in the energy index helped alleviate rising prices in the Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington area during the two months ending in October 2022.

However, the region still experienced a 7.8% price increase overall for the year.

Food prices over the year also increased by 13.1%. This is the most significant yearly increase the region has seen in 48 years.

Food prices rose 2.5% in September and October of 2022. The increase was mainly impacted by prices for food away from home.

8. Baltimore, Maryland

Stefan/Adobe Baltimore downtown skyline panorama

The Baltimore-Columbia-Towson region experienced its largest yearly food index increase (12.9%) since 1999.

Food prices still rose 2.2% during September and October. Residents saw a slight price decrease in bakery products and cereals for the first time since the end of 2020.

Energy price increases peaked in June 2022 at 40.7%. Gasoline prices were a driving factor, with a price increase of over 64%. Electricity price increases for the year were at an eleven-year high.

Consumers in the region still face rising electricity costs, up 8.8% for the two months ending in October 2022.

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7. Anchorage, Alaska

Christopher Boswell/Adobe downtown Anchorage Alaska

Gasoline prices contributed largely to the Anchorage area’s 22.4% energy price increase for the year.

Gasoline costs remained high in September and October of 2022, influencing a 4.0% energy index increase during those two months.

Shelter and medical care costs also contributed to the region’s price increases. Anchorage saw a 1.1% overall price increase in September and October and a 7.6% increase for the year.

6. Detroit, Michigan

icholakov/Adobe Detroit Michigan

The Detroit-Warren-Dearborn area experienced a yearly price increase of 8.5%. This increase is largely due to rising food and energy prices.

Prices for food at home rose 16.1%, with dairy and dairy-related products rising the most at 25.0%.

Energy prices rose 19.6% for the year and 2.9% for the two months ending in October 2022. Increasing gas utility and gasoline costs were contributing factors to the increase.

5. Seattle, Washington

kanonsky/Adobe Seattle downtown skyline and Mt. Rainier Washington

Seattle area prices increased 8.9% over the year and 1.0% in the two months ending in October 2022. Gasoline and shelter costs were driving forces for October’s price increase.

Prices for food at home declined slightly in September and October, but the region experienced a 5.0% increase in energy costs during that time.

4. Atlanta, Georgia

rodphotography/Adobe downtown Atlanta

The Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell region saw double-digit yearly price increases at 10.7%.

The gasoline index rose 3.4% during the year, contributing to a 9.4% increase in the area’s energy index. Shelter prices burdened the area further at an increase of 13.2%.

3. Tampa, Florida

bonniefink/Adobe Tampa Florida

The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased 9.6% over 12 months in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater region.

Electricity prices rose 12.5%, influencing the 8.9% energy index increase.

The food index rose 9.5% for the year. Area consumers experienced a slight food index decrease of 0.2% from September to November 2022.

However, the food away from home index increased by 1.0% during that time.

2. Miami, Florida

be free/Adobe yachts sail on sea water to city

The CPI for the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach region increased 10.1% in the 12 months ending in October 2022. The electricity index increased by 34.3% in that time.

While the region experienced a 5.5% decrease in the overall energy index from August to October 2022, the electricity index increased slightly, and the natural gas service index rose 3.0%.

1. Phoenix, Arizona

Andy/Adobe Phoenix Arizona

Inflation in the Phoenix region tops this list with prices elevated by 12.1% in 12 months.

Like many other cities, rising costs for shelter and gasoline were significant factors for the increase. Gasoline prices rose 40.8% during the year.

Gasoline prices remained high in the two months ending in October 2022, contributing to a 7.4% increase in the energy index in that short period.

Bottom line

Who is Danny/Adobe businessman working opposite flow of dollars from the faucet

Although the inflation rate has settled in some areas, prices for many categories have continued increasing.

Overall, shelter, gasoline, electricity, and food prices have greatly impacted consumers. Some areas experienced higher price increases than they had in decades.

Finding ways to make more money and tightening budgets have become a necessity for many Americans.

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