Fluz vs. Ibotta [2024]: Which Cashback App Is Better for You?

Fluz and Ibotta offer different ways for you to earn cash back. Find out which app makes the most sense for you.
Updated April 22, 2024
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Cashback apps can help you earn money on everyday purchases. But the processes and benefits for earning rewards vary with each app.

In this Fluz vs. Ibotta comparison and app review, we look at two popular rewards apps that can help you earn cash back on your typical shopping trips. Which one makes the most sense for you? Let’s see how they both work and find out.

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Fluz vs. Ibotta

Figuring out how to make money in addition to your regular earnings isn’t always easy. But cashback apps — such as Rakuten (formerly Ebates), Fetch Rewards, and Dosh — can provide a simple way to start earning and saving money without much additional effort. However, each cashback app is different, so it’s important to compare them and see which might suit you best.

Certain apps provide in-store earning opportunities whereas others focus on online shopping trips. And some apps offer both. Redemption options, or how you redeem your rewards, can also vary among cashback apps.

Use the table below to quickly compare how Fluz and Ibotta match up against each other.

Fluz Ibotta

Online vs. offline Online and offline Online and offline
Type of app Mobile app (iOS and Android) and browser extension (Chrome) Mobile app (iOS and Android) and browser extension (Chrome or Firefox)
Redemption options
  • PayPal account deposit
  • Venmo account deposit
  • Transfer to bank account
  • Gift card
  • Transfer to a virtual debit card
  • PayPal account deposit
  • Transfer to bank account
  • Gift card
Minimum cash out $26 $20
Rewards expiration Rewards don’t expire Rewards don’t expire, but they’re subject to account maintenance fees after six months of inactivity
Best for... Earning cash back from networking and popular retailers In-store offers
Visit Fluz Visit Ibotta

How does Fluz work?

Fluz is a mobile app and browser extension that offers rewards for your online or in-store shopping trips. The app is currently available on both iOS and Android devices, and the browser extension is available on Chrome.

To earn rewards with Fluz, you start by shopping as normal. If shopping online, this means adding the items you want to your cart and then seeing the total price, including taxes, fees, and shipping. Then, go to the Fluz app or browser extension and buy a gift card for the appropriate retailer for the total amount of your purchase. Once you have your gift card, simply post the code in the appropriate area and complete your purchase.

If you’re shopping in-store, you would also need to know your total purchase amount and then buy a gift card in the app for that amount. You can earn cash back from hundreds of merchants, including popular retailers like Spotify, GameStop, Hulu, and Amazon. This cash back can be stacked with credit card rewards if you use a credit card to buy gift cards through Fluz.

In addition, Fluz also offers the potential for earning rewards through bonuses and networking. Sharing Fluz with friends adds them to your network and helps you complete bonuses. Whenever anyone in your network uses Fluz, you’ll earn rewards — which can result in a significant amount of cash if your network is big enough.

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How does Ibotta work?

Ibotta is a cashback app and browser extension that offers earning potential through both in-store and online offers. The Ibotta app is available on iOS and Android devices, whereas the browser extension is available on Chrome and Firefox.

Ibotta offers multiple ways to earn cash back, including making qualifying purchases through the app and browser extension, adding and redeeming in-store offers through the app, and buying gift cards. One of the most popular ways to use Ibotta is for in-store purchases at common stores, such as Walmart and Target. Ibotta often has excellent cashback deals available for in-store purchases, though you typically have to link your store account or scan a receipt to redeem these offers.

For online purchases, use the Ibotta app or browser extension to find and activate cashback offers at hundreds of stores. Similar to Fluz, you can also buy gift cards (and earn cash back) in the Ibotta app to use at select retailers. Ibotta also typically offers referral bonuses when you refer friends to use the app.

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What both cashback apps excel at

Both Fluz and Ibotta have similar, overlapping benefits that users might find helpful. Here are a few areas where both apps excel:

  • Free apps: You don’t have to buy either app or pay a subscription fee each month to use Fluz or Ibotta. It’s free to create and use a Fluz or Ibotta account. Additionally, it’s not difficult to figure out how to use them, which can be helpful if you’re just getting started.
  • Popular retailers: Cashback apps like Fluz and Ibotta are helpful only if you can use them at your favorite stores. Fortunately, both apps offer earning opportunities at loads of popular merchants, such as Adidas, Walmart, and Uber Eats.
  • Redemption options: The most useful redemption options for cashback apps are typically any option that is similar to receiving actual cash. In the case of Fluz and Ibotta, you get options like PayPal deposits and bank transfers for your rewards. You also have the option to redeem your cash back for gift cards.
  • Everyday earning potential: Can Fluz and Ibotta actually help you earn money? In most cases, yes. It won’t likely be a huge amount of money, but saving anything on purchases you’re already making on a daily basis can add up over time.

4 important differences between Fluz and Ibotta

To better understand which app might offer you more value, compare their differences. Here are four differences to keep in mind between Fluz and Ibotta.

Networking vs. referrals

Both Fluz and Ibotta offer referral programs, but they’re quite different. Ibotta’s program is what you would typically expect from a cashback app — you refer a friend and you both get rewarded when your friend uses the app.

But Fluz uses a voucher and networking system for referrals. As you tell friends how to make money with Fluz, each friend you refer receives three vouchers that offer up to 35% cash back on the first $10 they spend at select stores. And you receive one voucher when you refer a friend. Additionally, each referral ends up in your network and you can earn money whenever they use Fluz.

If you like receiving straight cash back for referrals, Ibotta is likely the better option. But if you’re confident in your ability to refer a lot of friends and take advantage of Fluz’s networking features, Fluz would make more sense as you can earn a significant amount from its referral bonuses.

Gift cards

Both apps offer ways to earn cash back by buying gift cards from popular retailers. You can then use these gift cards for online or in-store purchases. Effectively, this strategy is helping you earn cash back at stores that might not typically offer cashback opportunities.

There’s not much difference between using Fluz or Ibotta for buying gift cards. In some cases, it might simply come down to preference when choosing between the apps. However, it could be helpful to use both apps and see which stores are available and how much cash back is being offered. If you want to earn the most cash back, use the app that offers the better deal.

Overall, Fluz might slightly edge Ibotta in this category because you can earn vouchers with Fluz. These vouchers offer up to 35% off select gift cards on the first $10 spent, which is like getting a $3.50 discount on a $10 gift card.

Earning process

To earn cash back with Fluz, it’s all about buying gift cards and networking. The networking aspect may be difficult for some people, so buying gift cards is likely the primary method for most people if they want to earn rewards. If you’re used to shopping online, it could be annoying to add an extra step to your process when using Fluz because you have to buy a gift card before finishing your purchase.

Ibotta has a similar process for buying gift cards. However, you also have additional options with using the browser extension or redeeming in-store offers. Many of the in-store offers at popular stores involve adding the offers and having to scan receipts (often a barcode on the receipt) to receive your rewards.

Neither process is necessarily better than the other, so the better app in this category depends on your preferences. However, Ibotta might make more sense for some people who want to spend less on groceries by using its in-store shopping offers.

Minimum cash out

Fluz has a $26 minimum cashout threshold for cashing out your rewards, whereas Ibotta has a $20 minimum threshold. However, the $26 threshold for Fluz is a one-time requirement — meaning you have to reach $26 in your rewards balance only once before being able to use your earnings. For Ibotta, you have to reach at least $20 in earnings every time you want to withdraw your cash back.

Overall, Fluz has a higher minimum threshold, but it’s also only a one-time requirement. Ibotta has a standing $20 threshold for any withdrawal. This should mean Fluz has the more lenient withdrawal policy, but it also depends on how much you’re able to earn from each app. If you find yourself earning $20 in cash back from Ibotta often enough, the requirement might not be a big deal for you.

Which cashback app should you choose?

The best cashback app for you between Fluz and Ibotta is the one that most aligns with your financial goals. Both apps can help you earn rewards, which can be redeemed for actual cash back. But the processes for earning rewards are different, and your earning potential depends on your situation.

If you prefer online shopping, Fluz might be the better option. It doesn’t take long to buy a gift card from Fluz and earn cash back on it, and then use that gift card to make an online purchase — all from the comfort of your home.

But for in-store purchases, showing gift card codes to cashiers might be more of a hassle. With Ibotta, you typically don’t have to change much about your in-store shopping habits — just add offers to your Ibotta app or link your store account to Ibotta and then redeem your offers or rebates. This is a simple way to use Ibotta for freebies and discounted purchases.

For overall earning potential, Fluz likely makes more sense. Its networking features can help you earn money from all your referrals without doing anything other than inviting friends to join and use the app. Of course, it’s not always easy to get that many friends to use an app. But for those who can, there is a significant amount of potential earnings waiting for you. Average Ibotta earnings are around $20 per month, though this number can widely vary.


Is the Fluz app legit?

Yes, Fluz is a legit app used by tens of thousands of users nationwide. The company was originally created in 2016 and a website was piloted in Colombia. After its success, the Fluz app was launched in the U.S. market. If you want to earn cash back on purchases from popular retailers, Fluz can help.

Which is better, Fluz or Ibotta?

It depends on the person. Both Fluz and Ibotta can help you earn cash back on everyday purchases, but they go about it in different ways. Fluz offers excellent ways to earn cash back through networking, whereas Ibotta is likely easier to use for earning cash back on groceries. At the end of the day, it depends on your spending habits and lifestyle preferences.

Is using Ibotta worth it?

If you can fit Ibotta into your everyday spending habits, it’s worth it to use the app and save money on common expenses. It doesn’t typically take much time to add Ibotta offers in your app while shopping and then redeem them once you’ve made an in-store purchase. If you’re shopping online, it’s likely quicker. Taking the time to use Ibotta won’t make you rich, but the money you save can add up as you continue using the app.

Bottom line

Both Fluz and Ibotta can offer helpful ways to earn cash back and save on your everyday expenses. Depending on your spending habits and lifestyle, you might prefer one of the apps over the other. It’s also possible to use both apps at the same time to further your cashback earning goals.

You might also find a different cashback app or money-saving strategy could suit you more. For more ideas, check out these ways to make money.

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